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THE WORLD POETRY DAY. William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth:. Date and place of birth: 7 th of April in 1770 in shire Cumberland ( England) Date of death: 27 th of April in 1850. Biography:.

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William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth:

Date and place of birth:

7th of April in 1770 in shire Cumberland (England)

Date of death:

27th of April in 1850


In 1779, young William Wordsworth defined in the grammar school in Houkskhede, where he made ​​a great knowledge of classical philology and mathematics and reading in English poetry.

In 1787 William Wordsworth went to St John's College, Cambridge, where he studied English literature and Italian. During the holidays, he walked around the Lake District and Yorkshire and distihom wrote a heroic poem "Evening Walk».


The representatives of Romanticism sharply condemned the culture of the city and moved away from it. "Simple" became their ideal of life, and Wordsworth took up his apology in the field of literature. He set a rule to "take a creative material of ordinary life, register it in the usual manner, on a common language." "Ordinary life - he says - elected me because only it's all natural and truly, in its simplest terms, is no embellished life does not contradict a beautiful and sustainable

forms of nature“.

In 1843, 73-year-old Wordsworth was appointed by Queen Victoria poet laureate. In his later years, especially after the death of his daughter, Wordsworth virtually stopped writing poetry.He wrotemore than 180 poems.

1799 - 1845

Thomas Hood

Nationality - English

Father - Novelist and Bookseller

Education - Public School

Career - Poet and Editor

Thomas Hood was a happy humorist whose works and life were an illustration of the great moral truth. His sense of humor was a balance between pride of knowledge and limitless imagination.

The list of Hood's separately published works is as follows:

Odes and Addresses to Great People (1825)

Whims and Oddities (two series, 1826 and 1827)

The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, hero and Leander, Lycus the Centaur and other Poems (1827), his only collection of serious verse

The Dream of Eugene Aram, the Murderer (1831)

Tylney Hall, a novel (3 vols., 1834)

The Comic Annual (1830–1842)

Hood's Own, or, Laughter from Year to Year (1838, second series, 1861)

Up the Rhine (1840)

Hood's Magazine and Comic Miscellany (1844–1848)

National Tales (2 vols., 1837), a collection of short novelettes

Whimsicalities (1844)


The theme of the poem is the bleakness of a November day in London.

A heavy fog—and perhaps a bit of smog from chimney smoke—obscures everything: the sun, the moon, the steeples, the roadways, the parks, even the faces of people on the streets.

Thomas Hood(1799-1845)


Alfred Lord Tennyson(6 August 1809 – 6 October 1892)

The Favourite Poet of

Queen Victoria

Style of Writing

  • Alfred Tennyson created short lyrics.

  • Some of his verses were based on classical mythological themes.

Literary work

  • Tennyson`s first poem was published when the poet was 17;

  • He was awarded the `Gold Medal` for the poem `Timbuctoo` while studying at Cambridge University;

  • Sudden death of his closest friend inspired Tennyson to create one of his masterpieces `In Memoriam AHH`

Literary work

  • In 1850 Alfred Lord Tennyson was appointed

    Poet Laureate.

  • A number of phrases from Tennyson`s works have become commonplaces of the English language.

  • `To strive, to seek, to find and not yield,`-was the motto of the Olympic games in London in 2012

    («Бороться, искать, найти и не сдаваться!»)



Dogs(after Ogden Nash)

The dog is man`s best friend.

He has a tail on one end.

Up in front he has teeth.

And four legs underneath.

Dogs like to bark.

They like it best after dark.

A dog that is indoors

Wants to be outdoors.

But let him out – and what then?

He wants to be in again.

Dogs cheer up people who are frowning.

And rescue people who are drowning.

Dogs in the country have fun.

They run and run and run!

But in the city this species,

Is walked around on leashes.

Dogs are friendly, loyal and honest.

Of all the pets I like them most.

Thank you for your attention 



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