Delivery Manager B2C Overview
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Delivery Manager B2C Overview MetaPack DM. Questions…. Home delivery can be one of the most challenging areas for online and catalogue trading. It’s strategically important but difficult to control. Parcel and pallet delivery is critical to your business.

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Delivery Manager B2C Overview

MetaPack DM


Home delivery can be one of the most challenging areas for online and catalogue trading. It’s strategically important but difficult to control.

Parcel and pallet delivery is critical to your business.

  • Are you in full control?

  • Can you offer delivery options to your customers?

  • Do you get the best service?

  • Are you getting the best price?

  • Are you and your customers fully informed?

  • Do you have the required contingencies?

Identifying requirements for B2C : IMRG

The IMRG charter lays out some sensible suggestions for internet home delivery and this is increasing the pressure to improve home delivery standards

1. Clear delivery information before you place your order;2. Convenient delivery options;3. Notification of any delivery limitations / conditions;4. Charges that are complete and simple to understand;5. Access to information on your order progress;6. Delivery within the agreed time frame;7. Helpful support with failed / late / attempted deliveries;8. Your goods arriving in good condition;9. A clear returns process.

Identifying requirements: Consumer research

Consumer research also points to the consumer need for more delivery options

% split

Why an independent delivery system
Why an independent delivery system?

The delivery environment is a tough one. The end customer is demanding: they want more delivery options, price reductions, better service and better information. Your competition is always increasing.

The range of services offered by carriers changes, while pricing tariffs become more complex. Carrier ownership changes. Some carriers stop trading.

Are you in control?

MetaPack offers an independent means to manage multiple carries. Historically this has not been available via the carriers’ own despatch systems.

Now your management of carriers can be fully informed with you in complete control. You will reduce cost, increase choice and service quality and meet your customers’ requirements so that delivery becomes a competitive advantage.

Metapack customers
MetaPack customers

Leading retailers have increased their control over delivery by using MetaPack’s independent Delivery Manager system. MetaPack DM provides more delivery options, better service and reduced cost. Now this powerful but simple system is more widely available.

Key benefits for b2c
Key benefits for B2C

Nowhere is control and management of delivery as important as B2C. Internet customers are particularly demanding. MetaPack DM provides the solution.

  • Automatic system that takes away all the hassle of delivery

  • A simple way of managing multi carriers

  • Guarantees lowest cost:

    • Chooses best carrier rate

    • Reduces manual re-keying of information

    • Speeds up contact centre response

  • Enables retailer to offer multiple delivery options at point of order that are convenient for the shopper:

    • Increases first time delivery success

    • Reduces contact centre cost

    • Increases customer loyalty

  • Keeps all parties informed:

    • Timely tracking information through one webased screen

    • Ability for consumer to track through the website or online

    • Carrier performance data and pro-active delivery data


  • Take control

  • Improve service and delivery options

  • Save money

  • Be informed

  • Use contingency

Metapack s dm all carrier systems in one
MetaPack’s DM…..all carrier systems, in one

MetaPack DM ships 80,000 deliveries a day. The key modules are CarrierLink and InfoLink.

MetaPack DM (delivery manager) is a powerful platform integrated to all major UK carriers. Use it to manage your existing carriers, replace them or add new ones.



Execute: Carrier Link

Reporting: InfoLink


Label print





Delivery Management Platform

Own Fleet

Carrierlink choice convenience and control





Standard label print and manifest

Intelligent streaming

Constraints & preferences

Parcel Number Generator

CarrierLink…..choice, convenience and control

CarrierLink manages multi carriers by intelligently streaming parcels to your contracted carriers and by efficiently managing the despatch process. One system manages all carriers and provides maximum choice and convenience.


  • Lower carrier outbound costs

  • Lower fulfillment centre pack and despatch costs

  • Greater business continuity/lower business risk

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction












Standard Carrier label print & manifesting

CarrierLink allows use of a common label printer and standard stationery set to meet the requirements of ALL carriers. Paper and electronic manifests are also approved by carriers and sent automatically where required.

Any carrier…

CarrierLink Savings…. without reducing carrier rates

DM can usually cut carrier costs by 10 to 20%, without reducing carrier rates, by: selecting the best carrier for each consignment; automatically navigating complex tariffs by destination, weight and dimensions; avoiding costly surcharges; eliminating over-servicing and managing best insurance costs.

…and reduce process costs:

Streamline pick, pack & despatch process

Reduce manual keying in

Reduce cost of customer care ( cost per call )

Reduce damages and returns

Make better use of pallet deliveries

Cut carrier spend without reducing carrier rates!

Carrier cost savings

vs. current carrier cost

-10 %

-20 %

Infolink visibility for you and your customer

Retailer &

Call Centre



Carrier Manager

InfoLink….visibility for you and your customer

InfoLink generates parcel statuses, proactive reports and performance reporting for multiple carriers on single internet based screens, for contact centre, finance and warehouse.



  • Lower call centre costs – fewer and shorter calls relating to deliveries

  • Greater customer satisfaction and retention

  • SLA monitoring

  • Greater (carrier) management productivity and focus

  • Refinement of carrier selection by depot, postcode etc.




  • Performance reporting

  • Parcel level

  • Carrier level






Parcel status

Web-based analysis tools

Parcel risk analysis



Single, standard view

Proactive alerts




MetaPack DM meets the IMRG charter needs

MetaPack DM meets all of the IMRG delivery charter needs.

1. Clear delivery information before you place your order: yes2. Convenient delivery options: yes3. Notification of any delivery limitations / conditions: yes4. Charges that are complete and simple to understand: yes5. Access to information on your order progress: yes6. Delivery within the agreed time frame: yes7. Helpful support with failed / late / attempted deliveries: yes8. Your goods arriving in good condition: yes9. A clear returns process: as required