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Recruitment: Report Out PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recruitment: Report Out. Pat Hemphill- MVD-MVK Andrew Posma- POD-POA. Recruitment. Strategic Gap: Ineffective & inefficient recruitment process Strategy: Obtain direct hire auth Institutionalize HR/Mgr Recruitment plan Manager accountability/culture change Possible Obstacles:

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Recruitment: Report Out

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Recruitment: Report Out

Pat Hemphill- MVD-MVK

Andrew Posma- POD-POA


Strategic Gap:Ineffective & inefficient recruitment process


Obtain direct hire auth

Institutionalize HR/Mgr Recruitment plan

Manager accountability/culture change

Possible Obstacles:

Corps corporate selection policies (leadership interviews)

Culture: position description, selection panels, interview structure, announcement strategy


Required Resources:

  • Dedicated resources (DHA business case analysis)

  • Top leadership commitment

  • Training (overhead $)


  • % fill

  • Time to fill

  • Quality of Recruits (w/OPM)


Strategic Gap:Workforce planning is not consistently defined or prioritized


Develop a corporate planning model

Educate & train Managers

Implement and measure effectiveness of the plan

Focus supervisors


Possible Obstacles:

  • Workload projection

  • Lack of understanding and Command Emphasis

  • Time constraints/workload

  • CoPs not integrated into workload/force analysis

  • Supervisor ratio

    Required Resources:

  • Funds & People


  • Target fill vs on-board strength

  • % of managers trained/educated

  • % of workforce plans developed and reviewed annually during 3rd Q


Strategic Gap: Lack of USACE Corporate Recruitment Strategy


Hire marketing firm (industry business mgt process)

Develop/employ strategic marketing and recruitment team

Develop/implement recruitment toolbox (SMART)

Possible Obstacles:


Corporate (HQUSACE) vs regional/local (Div/Dist) focus

Branding compensation

Corporate buy-in

Fiscal law implications (marketing firm procurement)

Confusion between DoD SMART and strategic marketing/recruitment programs


Required Resources:

  • Funding

  • Corporate buy-in


  • Hiring qualified employees

  • Vacancy rate (change)

  • Number of resumes received

  • Diversity of workforce

  • Brand awareness


Strategic Gap:

Total Compensation – Perception that total compensation packages is not competitive with private industry.


Identify and Educate Managers and Supervisors

Authorize compensation packages to be determined by the hiring manager (Flexibility)

National level funding for incentives


Possible Obstacles:


Budgets are project Funded

Authorization at District levels

Required Resources:


HR for training/awareness



Incentive Use –How often and which ones

# of Hires

Retention after 1 year

Survey of new employees

Filling OCONUS Positions

Strategic Gap: Concerns/misconceptions of OCONUS assignments


Counter the “Fears” of the Unknown, Process, Existence, Failure, Injury

Create a Marketing Campaign (Professional/Comprehensive)

Explain Deployment Process

Why the Corps is there

What type of work is being completed

Explain Operating mission

Explain Benefits ($)

Filling OCONUS Positions

Possible Obstacles:

Selecting the Media Platforms to disseminate info, multiple population targets

Funds to develop commercial contract

Media/public perception, “Are we telling the truth”

Required Resources: Public Affairs contract

Funding for a Marketing Campaign

Metric: Number of positions filled

Filling OCONUS Positions

  • Strategic Gap: OCONUS Tour Planning

  • Strategy: Develop a Deployment Cycle consisting of a Departure plan, Backfill plan, Return plan

  • Develop a supervisors Toolbox of Options

    • Backfill sources consist of: Contract, over-hire, retiree recall, interns, utilization of term/temp appointment, developmental promotion/assignments, Stateside schedule A authority, Build deployable positions into the permanent workforce (GWOT)

Filling OCONUS Positions

  • Possible Obstacles:

  • Stateside Schedule A authority doesn’t exist (Solution: OPM)

  • Noncompetitive hiring authority of schedule A upon return.

  • (Solution: OPM/legislative)

  • Required Resources:

  • Help from OPM

  • HQ template development of plan

  • Metric: Plan for 100% target fill

Filling OCONUS Positions

  • Strategic Gap: Small available pool of personnel inside the Corps

  • Strategy: Expand the aparent “Small Available Pool of Personnel”

  • Position descriptions for Quality Assurance to qualify journeyman level applicants for engineering (WG4749)

  • Marketing campaign

    • Public Hire Sched A

    • Professional Organizations

    • Personal Services Contract Hires

    • FCIP Interns Utilize SMART, Recruitment Incentives

    • Other DOD/Other Gov

    • Virtual Workforce/Virtual Site Visits Reach back Hires

Filling OCONUS Positions

  • Possible Obstacles:

  • Classification process

  • USACE/Centric mentality

  • Local market supplement funds

  • Getting a WG deployed

  • Required Resources:

  • HR Task Force

  • Metric:

  • Number of applicants available

  • Number of positions filled



  • East/West 2 HROs (currently CPACs) –USACE only

  • National/USACE recruitment effort w/ selections made locally

  • “Super” employment USACE web page w/embedded links


BHAG Continued

  • Request some type of Corps-specific hiring authority in sync w/national recruitment

  • Virtual locality pay

  • LMS by occupational series

  • National USACE contrct to provide non-governmental in nature services.




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