Two Types of Remote CDF Shifts (Remote Control Room) for CDF Experiment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Two types of remote cdf shifts remote control room for cdf experiment
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Two Types of Remote CDF Shifts (Remote Control Room) for CDF Experiment. KPS 08 Spring Convention Daejeon APRIL 17-18 2008. 김현우 , 조기현 , 정민호 , 김동희 , 양유철 , 서준석 , 공대정 , 김지은 , 장성현 , 아메드 사비르미안 , 칸 아딜 , 아즈말 모하메드 , 김수봉 , 이재승 , 김현수 , 전은주 , 이영장 , 문창성 , 유인태 , 임규빈 , 주경광 , 오영도. US. 10G. Seoul. 5G.

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Two Types of Remote CDF Shifts (Remote Control Room) for CDF Experiment

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Two types of remote cdf shifts remote control room for cdf experiment

Two Types of Remote CDF Shifts(Remote Control Room)for CDF Experiment

KPS 08 Spring Convention Daejeon APRIL 17-18 2008


김지은,장성현,아메드 사비르미안,칸 아딜,

아즈말 모하메드,김수봉,이재승,김현수,전은주,이영장,


The goal of kisti e science hep































The Goal of KISTI e-Science-HEP

To construct a virtual particle laboratory !!

Virtual Laboratory enables us to research as if we were on-site.

Virtual Laboratory is built on top of e-Science infrastructure.

super computer

KISTI has network domestic and global

Two types of remote cdf shifts remote control room for cdf experiment

Activities in a “Real” Particle Lab

Where e-HEP should focus?

Data Production

Data Processing

Data Publication

The e-HEP tries to enable us to conduct the same 3 real data phases in a virtual particle physics laboratory.

Data production cdf@kisti remote operation center

Data Production: CDF@KISTI Remote Operation Center

Fermilab CDF Control Room consists of several components, one of which is CO

Monitoring Section

CDF’s Main Control Room

CDF data taking in a more convenient way

Data production cdf@kisti remote operation center1

Data Production : CDF@KISTI Remote Operation Center

Only 2 out of 63 CDF institutes operate remote CDF monitoring control room.

KISTI will be the third!

KISTI CDF ROC will be used by Korean CDF researchers when they are short on travel fund and have more shifts to take!

Current status of kisti rcr

Current Status of KISTI RCR

  • Concon Stability Test between KISTI and CDF Control Room conducted during my visit to FNAL last week.

  • Test Shift scheduled during one of Korean CO shift at CDF

  • Then we will be real ready to perform the remote CO shift.

  • The first person to take a remote CDF CO shift will be…

What a remote co shifter has to do

What a Remote CO shifterhas to do

  • Be qualified to be a CO shifter

  • Come to KISTI at Daejeon

  • Other requirements are fulfilled by KISTI-CDF group already..

    • Prerequisite agreement with CDF shift coordinators

Cdf sam data handling shifts

CDF SAM Data Handling Shifts

  • Remote Collaborators can join!

    • Hyunwoo KIM with KISTI since last Nov.

  • CDF SAM/DH Group

    • Led by Angela Bellavance

    • Shift Crew consist of ~10 persons

  • Relevant Group

    • The dCache/enstore group of FNAL CD

    • CAF (CDF Analysis Farm) Group

Sam dh shift details

SAM/DH Shift Details

  • From Tuesday 9 AM Local Time

  • To Next Monday 6 PM Local Time

  • Each Shift 8 Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM

  • Short discussion with the leader (A. Bellavance) over EVO (CDF DH Ops)

  • Report in FNAL CD Tuesday SAM Meeting

Sam dh shift coverage i

SAM/DH Shift Coverage I

  • SAM Job sources e/f SAM Web Browser

    • SAM stations for CAF

    • SAM Stations for FARM

  • Two types of SAM jobs

    • File Upload: Upload Servers

    • File Retrieve (Read from tapes)

  • Various Relevant Servers

    • Database Servers

    • Name Servers

    • Web Servers

Sam dh shift coverage ii

SAM/DH Shift Coverage II

  • SAM requests are passed eventually to enstore via dCache

    • Doors: User Interface

    • Diskpools: Buffer Zones

      • Read: Read from a pool

      • Restore: Read from a tape and write to a pool

      • Raw, Read, Stage, ReadOnly, B, Test

Sam dh shift coverage iii

SAM/DH Shift Coverage III

  • Enstore

  • Two Libraries, Movers and Tapes

  • CDF-9940B with 18 movers

  • CDF-LTO3 with 15 movers

  • 7 Types of Data Categories

  • Raw, Farm, SAM Upload, General Read, Stage Read and B Physics Read

Two types of remote cdf shifts remote control room for cdf experiment

Korean EVO Servers at KISTI

Besides general HEP uses,

KISTI uses EVO for bot RCR and SAM shifts!!



  • KISTI HEP Group Activities

    ⇒Build a virtual laboratory

    • CDF@KISTI RCR (2008. 4 예정)

    • EVO servers as collaboration tools

  • Two Types of Remote CDF Shifts

    • CO shifts in KISTI Remote Control Room

    • CDF SAM Data Handling shifts

  • High energy physics is leading Korean e-Science program!

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