Lesson 5 how to manage your money
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Lesson 5 How to Manage Your Money - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 5 How to Manage Your Money. 1. Asking about intention : be going to ~ 2. Comparing : as ~ as 3. Persuading : Let’s ~. < 매우 ~ 하다 > as white as snow as blind as a bat as strong as an ox as still as death(grave)

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Lesson 5 How to Manage Your Money

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Lesson 5 How to Manage Your Money

1. Asking about intention : be going to ~

2. Comparing : as ~ as

3. Persuading : Let’s ~

< 매우 ~하다 >

  • as white as snow as blind as a bat

  • as strong as an ox as still as death(grave)

  • as big as a whale as deaf as a post

  • as slippery as an eel as proud as a peacock

  • He is as friendly as (friendly) can be.

    <~이기도 하려니와, ~이기도 하다>

  • She is as bright as beautiful.

    < 배수 표현 방식 >

  • This building is three times as big asthat one.

    =bigger than

  • He is as good as dead. = He is almost dead.(거의)

  • He ran as fast aspossible. (가능한 한)

    = He ran as fast as he could.

  • […하느니, 차라리 ~하는 것이 낫겠다]

  • I may(might) as well take a nap as go to the movie with her.

  • […뿐만 아니라]

  • He as well as you was preoccupied with the game.

    =Not only you but also he was preoccupied ~

Focus on Forms

  • Not everyone knows how to save money.

  • I labeled one “spend” and (I labeled) the other “save”.

  • Even though you have a good budget, you still need to spend wisely.


  • not 등 부정어 + all, every, both

  • not 등 부정어 + always, necessarily, entirely,

  • altogether, exactly

  • ex) Notall of them are cute. (부분부정)

  • None of them are cute. (전체부정)

  • I don’t love both of them. (부분부정)

  • I don’t love either of them. (전체부정)

  • You don’t know everyone of them.(부분부정)

  • You don’t know anyone of them. (전체부정)

  • all과 both의 용법: all은 셋이상, both 둘

    All of them are middle school students.

    All is silent. (사물)

    Both (of) the sisters are very pretty.

  • 부분부정과 전체부정

    They don’t know everything.

    They don’t know anything.

    I did not meet all of them. ( I met only some of them.)

    I did not meet any of them.

생략 구문 (1)

  • 종속접속사 다음에 오는 주어(대명사)와 동사(be)의생략

    When (he was) a boy, he had to earn money.

    Don’t make any noise while (you are) eating.

    2) 분사구문의 being

    Breakfast (being) over, she flew out of the room.

    (Being) An orphan at five, he was reared by his uncle.

    3) 반복을 피하기 위해서

  • The sun shines in the day time and the moon (shines) at


  • There is no accounting for tastes; to some, reading is

    pleasure, and to others, (reading is) suffering.

생략 구문 (2)

  • She went home and finished her homework.

  • He didn’t attend the meeting but sent his assistant.

  • John dislikes and Mary loves the dog.

  • Work with, and not against, the nature.

  • He is not and will not be what he used to be.

  • He felt and looked very pleased.

    4) 접속사와 관계사

    He said (that) he would go without fail.

    This is the book (that) I bought at this store.

    5) The + 비교급, the + 비교급구문에서

    The more (we have), the more (we want).

    The sooner (you learn English), the better (seat you’ll get).

양보 접속사

Though (Although, <Even> if) he is poor, he is contented.

cf. In spite of (With all, After all, For all, Notwithstanding,

Despite) his poverty, he is contented.

  • Poor as she is, she is contented.

    = Though she is poor, ~

    cf. Poor as she is, she doesn’t wear a nice dress.

    = As she is poor, ~

  • Woman as she is, she can play football.

    = Though she is a woman, ~

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