I can t get into the conference and other problems encountered
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I Can’t Get Into the Conference! …and other problems encountered - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I Can’t Get Into the Conference! …and other problems encountered. Megan Troyer The Ohio State University and OARnet Internet2 Site Coordinator Training September, 2004 Austin, Texas. Follow Directions.

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I can t get into the conference and other problems encountered

I Can’t Get Into the Conference! …and other problems encountered

Megan Troyer

The Ohio State University and OARnet

Internet2 Site Coordinator Training

September, 2004

Austin, Texas

Follow directions
Follow Directions

  • Commons Dialing Directions come with a date and time (with time zone) reminder and directions like:

    • Register with a GDS Gatekeeper, if you need to borrow space go here: http://commons.internet2.edu/reggate

    • Make sure you are connecting at 384 kbps

    • Dial 001189 700 1234 (no spaces)

    • Call 614-292-xxxx for technical support

Timing is everything
Timing is Everything

  • Time zone confusion can be problematic

  • Don’t be surprised if your Tuesday conference is empty on Wednesday, or simply wont let you in!

Registering with a gatekeeper
Registering with a Gatekeeper

  • Many new users have never done this

  • Typically an administrative chore and requires administrative access to the endpoint’s settings

  • This does take a few minutes and can require some rebooting, so be prepared

  • If your campus is already GDS, make a note of that on the cheat sheet in VC room

How to register with the commons gatekeeper
How to Register with the Commons Gatekeeper

  • In your videoconferencing endpoint unit, navigate to the H.323 settings menu

  • Enter your email address as your endpoint’s H.323 Name

    • This gives administrators some idea of who is registering and from where

How to register with the commons gatekeeper1
How to Register with the Commons Gatekeeper

  • Assign yourself an E.164 number in this format

    • 001189 + your 10 digit phone number

    • If your phone number is (111) 555-0000, your GDS number would be 0011891115550000

    • Your endpoint's system may need to be rebooted.

How to register with the commons gatekeeper2
How to Register with the Commons Gatekeeper

  • Navigate back to the H.323/Gatekeeper setting

  • Enter the following IP address:

    • Again, your endpoint may need to be rebooted

  • Congratulations! You should now be registered with the Internet2 Commons Gatekeeper

Again why should i use gds
Again, Why Should I Use GDS?

  • Achieves a static address or number in dynamic world

    • If you move your system around from room to room on DHCP network, you can always be called using the same number

  • Allows for “long distance” dialing without having to change Gatekeepers

  • Facilitates use of MCUs by people in different organizations or countries

Global dialing scheme
Global Dialing Scheme

The Global Dialing Scheme (GDS) provides a structure for peering between gatekeepers, such that any endpoint associated with a ViDeNet zone may dial an endpoint in any other ViDeNet zone.

See www.vide.net

Check your speed
Check Your Speed!

  • Some MCUs will not let you in if you dial at an incorrect speed

  • Some will only give you partial connection

    • Only audio

    • Only video

    • Frozen image

  • Faster is not always the best way to go!

Check your digits
Check Your Digits!

  • One added number may put you in a completely different place

  • Some MCUs have predefined meeting “rooms” where a mistyped dial string will cause disconnection

  • You do not enter the spaces in a GDS dial string, the spaces are for readability like the parenthesis and dashes in telephone numbers

Do you have a firewall or nat
Do You have a Firewall or NAT?

  • Firewall + H.323 = Bad

  • NAT + H.323 = Bad

  • Firewall + NAT + H.323 = Bad

  • The Commons runs and manages a Ridgeway IP Freedom server

Ridgeway ip freedom
Ridgeway IP Freedom

  • Simple port translation box to allow H.323 to use native dynamic spread of TCP and UDP ports

  • Makes sure the traffic makes it back to where you are

  • Registers you with the Commons Gatekeeper

  • Limited seats on the server

  • Will allow subscribers to use our box until we run out of space and have to kick people off

Still can t get in
Still Can’t Get In?

  • Some endpoints require you to specify for them to dial by IP

  • Is your endpoint ISDN or ATM?

    • You will need a gateway to convert your signal to IP and back

  • Check to make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into the right place

Okay now i m in but it looks terrible
Okay, Now I’m In But it Looks Terrible!

  • Do you have enough bandwidth?

    • A dedicated T1 for video might not be enough

    • Say you have 4 endpoints all videoconferencing at 384 kbps

    • 4 * 384 kbps = 1536 kbps which is your WHOLE T1 and that doesn’t allow room for overhead

    • Network congestion can cause a poor videoconferencing experience

  • Did you check your duplex settings

    • Duplex mismatch is the “silent killer” of videoconferencing

A word on etiquette
A Word on Etiquette

  • Remember to mute your microphone

  • Try to stay in the frame of the video for the other end’s pleasure

    • There’s nothing more distracting that looking at the top of someone’s head or out their window

  • Cut down on visual and audio distractions in the room

    • Air conditioners, fans, and poor mic placement

    • Busy backgrounds and clothing

And never forget
And Never Forget…

  • Test

  • Test

  • TEST!!!

  • Murphy’s law: If something can go wrong, it will.


Thank you

Megan Troyer

[email protected]

(614) 292-8443