Leadership vs. Facilitation Who leads the team

Leadership vs. Facilitation Who leads the team PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today's Session. Who leads your team? Poll resultsComparing ?managers" and ?leaders" Facilitator's roleDiscussion ? Greatest strengths via chat podWhat if cases . . .. Who is leading your team?. Vision of the futureDetermines the direction of the teamAuthority (positional, relational, influential)Who does the team LISTEN to?.

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Leadership vs. Facilitation Who leads the team

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1. Leadership vs. Facilitation Who leads the team?? Lisa Holden Associate Professor lah7@psu.edu

2. Today’s Session Who leads your team? Poll results Comparing “managers” and “leaders” Facilitator’s role Discussion – Greatest strengths via chat pod What if cases . . .

3. Who is leading your team? Vision of the future Determines the direction of the team Authority (positional, relational, influential) Who does the team LISTEN to?

4. Shared Leadership More team satisfaction Better effectiveness Beneficial to team process Source: Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, May 2008.

5. Comparing Management and Leadership

6. What are your greatest strengths as a facilitator? Please type in the chat pod.

7. Lead from where you sit!

8. Facilitator’s Role Plan Establish agenda, meetings, follow-up Implement Help (enable) team to make changes Evaluate Document impact, value, other issues

9. Facilitator Skills YOUR Strengths Areas to improve

10. What if . . . The Case of the Credible Creep One of your team members constantly undermines the agenda to take discussion in a different direction. He was asked to be the facilitator, but declined. This team member has the “ear” of the producer, is charismatic in winning points with the team, and is often unwilling to compromise. He leads the team down a path, but is it the right one? As a facilitator, how should/do you handle this?

11. What if . . . The Case of the Silent Slacker One team member (not dairy producer) often has only part of her assigned tasks completed, but enthusiastically says she’ll get the rest done quickly. She has information that is critical for team success. She has a key role to play in solving problems at the dairy, yet the team is being held back by her inability or unwillingness to follow through in her responsibilities to the team. As a facilitator, how should/do you handle this?

12. Summary Leading From where you sit and as appropriate Shared across the team Facilitate by: Planning, Implementing, Evaluating. Solve people problems, now instead of later

13. Next session Managing Information for Your Team Mr. Brad Hilty, Penn State Dairy Alliance January 15, 2010 PLEASE COMPLETE SURVEY!!

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