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Erosion. Potpourri. Chemical Weathering. Mechanical Weathering. Deposition. 1pt. 1 pt. 1 pt. 1pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 2 pt. 2pt. 2pt. 2 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 4 pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 5pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. True or false…

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True or false…

Erosion occurs when rocks are not moving…


What can be moved because of erosion?

Rocks, sediment, and Earth materials

The formation of sand dunes is the result of —


The rich topsoil of the prairie in the picture shown makes this

ecosystem suitable for the growth of a variety of grasses. All of

the following processes contribute to the formation of the topsoil

in the prairie except —

A weathering of rocks

B ocean waves

C deposition of weathered material

D decomposition of living things

ocean waves

_______is the most important erosional agent and

erodes most often in streams or rivers.

Wateris the most important erosional agent and

erodes most often in streams or rivers.

A hurricane forms over the ocean and hits the Texas coast and travels inland. What is the most likely effect of this event?

A More species of animal will inhabit the coast

B The shape and size of beaches will be changed

C The affected area will be less vulnerable to future natural disasters

D Native plants will never inhabit the area again

B The shape and size of

beaches will be changed

When the scooter hits a rock, the rider tends to fly forward because –

A objects at rest tend to stay at rest

B the scooter is subjected to a balanced force

C a force opposes the motion of the scooter but not the rider

D unbalanced forces cause objects to move at a constant speed

C. a force opposes the motion of

the scooter but not the rider

Which of the following is a force

that can oppose or change motion?


B.air resistance


D.all of the above

D.all of the above


  • The diagram above illustrates a movable pulley. This pulley gives a mechanical advantage by -

    • A reducing the force required to lift the load.

    • B changing the force direction

    • C requiring the force to be greater than the load

    • D requiring the force to move less distance than the load


  • A. reducing the force required

  • to lift the load.

The picture shows a simple fixed pulley being used to lift a heavy box.

Which of these does the pulley change?

C. The direction of force required to move the box

Chemical weathering happens quickly in

______, _______environments because

water is needed for the chemical reactions.

warm, moist

In chemical weathering, a rock is broken

down by ______ ______that change its

mineral composition and physical

and chemical properties

chemical reactions

True of False:

Water can chemically weather rocks by

dissolving rocks.


True of False:

Living organisms such as Lichens do not chemically weather rocks.


True of False:

Rust is a form of chemical weathering


Mechanical weathering:

__________ breaks rocks down into smaller pieces


True or False:

Weathering happens to rocks that are moving.


Explain how this is an example of weathering?

The tree roots are growing into the rock prying it into smaller pieces

How does freezing and thawing cause mechanical weathering?

When water freezes, it expands causing the cracks go grow

What is abrasion?

Abrasion is mechanical weathering in which rocks rub against each other wearing them down

What is it called when a glacier picks up a rock, or sediments off of the ground?


How can wind be a cause of erosion?

Wind can blow sediment (dirt) from one place to another

What happens to rocks and sediment that are plucked by glaciers whenever the glacier melts?

The rocks and sediment are deposited

in a new location.

Describe how waves in the ocean can cause erosion.

Waves can cause beaches and coastlines to be reformed time after time

What force causes rock slides and

mud flows?


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