Serious xm aka w2xm presents
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Serious ‘XM (aka W2XM) presents. Exam-Prep Jepperdee: General-Class Edition. G8B10 What does the number 31 represent in PSK31?. The approximate transmitted symbol rate. back.  G2A04 Which mode is most commonly used for voice on the 17- and 12-meter bands?. Upper sideband. back.

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Serious xm aka w2xm presents

Serious ‘XM(aka W2XM)presents

Exam-Prep Jepperdee:

General-Class Edition


What does the number 31 represent in PSK31?

 G2A04 Which mode is most commonly used for voice on the 17- and 12-meter bands?

G2B05 Under normal conditions, what is the minimum fre-quency separation between SSB signals?


When sending CW, what does a “C” mean when added to the RST report?

G2E04 (B) What segment of the 20-meter band is most often used for data transmissions?


For what purpose might a radio amateur operate a beacon station?

G2D05 When’s it permis-sible to communicate with stations in coun-tries outside areas administered by FCC?

G1E01 do not object

What would dis-qualify a 3rd party from participating in stating a message over amateur radio?

G1A04 do not object

What amateur band permits only channelized ham operation?

60 meters do not object


G1B06 do not object

When is an ama-

teur station permit-ted to transmit secret codes?

To control a space station do not object


G5B03 do not object How many watts of electrical power are used if 400 VDC is supplied to an 800-ohm load?

200 watts do not object


G5B06 do not object

What is the PEP output from a xmtr if an o’scope measures 200 volts p-p across a 50-ohm dummy?

100 watts do not object


G5A02 do not object

What is reactance?

G6C02 capacitance or inductance

What is meant by the phrase MMIC?

Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit capacitance or inductance


G7B03 capacitance or inductance

What is the output of a 2-input AND gate when both inputs are high?

high capacitance or inductance


 G8B11 capacitance or inductance

How does FEC allow the receiver to correct errors in received data packets?

G8A12 capacitance or inductance

What signal(s) would be found at the output of a properly adjusted balanced modulator?

Both upper and lower sidebands capacitance or inductance


G4A03 capacitance or inductance

What is normally meant by operating a transceiver in "split" mode?

G7C01 frequenciesIn an SSB xmtr, in what kind of circuit is the output of the balanced modulator processed before going to the mixer?

Filter frequencies


G7B12 frequencies

Of choices A, B, AB, and C, which amplifier class is the most efficient?

Class C frequencies


G4E02 frequenciesWhat is the purpose of a "corona ball" on a HF mobile antenna?  

G9C02 frequenciesWhat is the approximate length of the driven element of a Yagi antenna?

1/2 wavelength frequencies


 G9C16 frequencies

How does the gain of a 2-element delta-loop compare to the gain of a two-el quad antenna?

About the same
About the same frequencies


G9D10 frequencies

Describe a Beverage antenna.

G4A06 frequenciesWhat device is often used to match the xmtr output to other than 50 ohms?

Antenna coupler
Antenna coupler frequencies


 G2D06 frequencies

How is a directional antenna pointed when making a “long-path” contact with another station?

G3B05 frequenciesWhat happens to sigs. with frequencies between LUF and MUF when they go into the ionosphere?

G3A10 frequencies

What causes HF propagation conditions to vary periodically in a 28-day cycle?

G3B06 frequenciesWhat usually happens to signals with frequencies below the Lowest Usable Frequency?

G3C09 frequenciesWhat allows a signal to be detected at a distance too far for ground wave but too near for normal sky-wave propagation?

Scatter frequencies


G0B02 frequenciesWhat is the min. wire size that may be safely used for a circuit that draws up to 20 A continuously?

Awg number 12
AWG number 12 frequencies


 G0B09 frequencies

Why should soldered joints not be used with the wires that connect the base of a tower to a system of ground rods?

G0A09 lightning strikeWhat type of instrument can be used to accurately measure an RF field?

G0B08 lightning strike

What should be done by any person preparing to climb a tower that supports electrical devices?

G0A01 locked out and tagged

How does RF energy affect human body  tissue?

It heats body tissue
It heats body tissue locked out and tagged


isotropic antenna locked out and tagged

Henry directions


local oscillator directions

thermistor it to be used as a temperature sensor


DAILY DOUBLE it to be used as a temperature sensor

Your wager?

Here’s the question…

DAILY DOUBLE it to be used as a temperature sensor

Your wager?

Here’s the question…

The 3 connections on a quarter-inch stereo phone plug are called “tip,” “ring,” and what?

sleeve called “tip,” “ring,” and what?

To game 2 board

capacitance coil that is self-resonant?

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We hope Exam-prep Jepperdee was helpful! coil that is self-resonant?

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