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Quality in airbase
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Quality in AIRBASE. On behalf of AIRBASEment. A IR B ASE.

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Quality in AIRBASE

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Quality in airbase

Quality in AIRBASE

On behalf of AIRBASEment

A ir b ase


Offering the facilities needed to collect, validate, evaluate, store and visualise raw air quality data and statistics and (meta) information on air quality monitoring networks and stations, and making these data available on different aggregated levels, for different information users and through different distribution channels

EEA mission statement: ……….reliable information…

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Eoi decision

EoI decision

Exchange of

  • Meta data on: network


    measurement conf.

  • Raw data

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Eoi decision1

EoI Decision

Partners involved:

  • Member States

    • timely delivery of validated data

  • Commission

    • specification of technical procedures

    • database and (public) access

    • [reporting/review]


QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Eoi decision2

EoI Decision

Annual cycle

1 JulyDEM available

1 October:data submission

1 Marchupload in AirBase

so far: test on overwriting existing data

calculation of statistics if not delivered

feedback MS in case of ?????s

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Improving the quality

Improving the quality

Meta data: mandatory


from user perspective: essential

station name

coordinates + altitude

type of station, type of area

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Improving the quality1

Improving the quality

two stations at less then 4 km

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Improving the quality 2002

Improving the quality - 2002

  • Check on missing mandatory data

  • Check on essential data

  • no action on voluntary data except measuring method PM10, PM2.5

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Pm10 measuring techniques

PM10 measuring techniques


beta-absorption 399

chemiluminescence 15

chromatography 195

comptage 7

gravimetry 192

infrared absorption 2

laser scattering spectrometry 4

nephelometry 1

oscillating microbalance 195

total 1010

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Improving the quality 20021

Improving the quality - 2002

Raw data

  • Check on outliers

  • Overwriting of existing data

  • (re)calculation of all aggregations and statistics

  • Ad-hoc action based on feedback users

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

Improving the quality future

Improving the quality - future

  • Correction factor PM10, PM2.5

  • More sophisticated outlier checking

  • Gaps in time

  • Gaps in spatial coverage

  • Phantom stations

  • Information on cities

QA/QC plan for AIRBASE

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