dying to be thin
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Dying to be thin … .

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Dying to be thin … . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dying to be thin …. the second period. language focus. 1.I haven ’ t heard from you for weeks. hear of hear sb do sth hear sb doing sth hear from. Did you ever a writer named Shaw. How often do you your brother?. How often do you your brother?. 2. I don ’ t work out any more.

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dying to be thin
Dying to be thin….

the second period

language focus


1.I haven’t heard from you for weeks.

hear of

hear sb do sth

hear sb doing sth

hear from

Did you ever a writer named Shaw.

How often do you your brother?

How often do youyour brother?

2 i don t work out any more
2. I don’t work out any more.

We must work out a better method of saving paper.


Have you worked out this problem yet?


I can’t work out the meaning of this poet.


The famous actor keeps fit by working out for an hour every morning.


3 lose weight
3.lose weight
  • put on weight

4. I’m so ashamed of my body.

be ashamed of +n./doing.

I am ashamed to leave you in this way.

The student in the exam.

be ashamed to do .


I am ashamed that you should see me like this.

President Bush was .

be ashamed that-clause.

5. Since I am preparing to act in a new TV play…..

After ShenZhou VI was launched into space , the scientists in China .

prepare to do sth.

Our teacher was preparing the lessons when I came into the office.

You are preparing .

will you help me prepare for the party
Will you help me prepare for the party?

---Hurry up ! It’s your turn to give speech.

  • prepare for sth

--- I see. But I .

He was not prepared to help me.

---the suit costs 500$.

---oh, it’s too expensive.

--- .

be prepared to sth.


in preparation for

make preparations for

6.the pills really work!

  • It doesn’t work.

have an effect

7. She says health is priceless.

useful useless

careful careless

helpful helpless


A bird view of the grand rehearsal in preparation for the formal opening of the 4th East Asian Games slated from Octorber 29 to November 6, 2005.

8 regret doing to do
8. regret doing/to do
  • 我后悔告诉了他这个消息。
  • 他后悔那么粗鲁地对待学生。
  • 我很抱歉通知你我们的图书馆这周将要关闭。

9.I follow my doctor’s advice and exercise for at least half an hour ….

10. It isn’t worth it.

---How much is the picture worth?

---it is worth at least 500$.


New York is a city worth visiting.

The book is .

The naughty boy is .

be worth doing


What do we learn?



hear from

go to the gym

work out

lose weight

at the moment

follow one’s advice

at least

go on a diet









1. 我听见周杰伦在南师附中唱歌。

2. 直到我收到你父母的来信我才能让你离开。


4. 如果你此刻听从我的建议,你至少能迅速解决这个问题。




8. 我很惊奇她居然看这么愚蠢的电影,她却说这很值。