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Jwst planets to cosmology
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JWST: Planets to Cosmology. Mario Livio Space Telescope Science Institute. Hardware progressing: Mirror in final stages of testing. The James Webb Space Telescope. Hardware progressing: Sunshield full-scale membrane. The JWST sunshield - full scale membrane. Log scale: 2.0 ” x 2.0 ”.

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JWST: Planets to Cosmology

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Jwst planets to cosmology

JWST:Planets to Cosmology

Mario LivioSpace Telescope Science Institute

Hardware progressing mirror in final stages of testing

Hardware progressing:Mirror in final stages of testing

Hardware progressing sunshield full scale membrane

The James Webb Space Telescope

Hardware progressing: Sunshield full-scale membrane

The JWST sunshield - full scale membrane

Log scale: 2.0” x 2.0”

Linear scale: 2.0” x 2.0”

Jwst planets to cosmology

JWST will see the very first galaxies

Hubble UDF

Simulated JWST

Jwst planets to cosmology

Razor sharp vision of early universe

1’x1’ region in the UDF – 3.5 to 5.8 μm

Implications for: Pop III star clusters?, reionization, cosmic star formation history, structure formation, galaxy evolution

Spitzer, 90,000s per band(GOODS collaboration)

JWST, 1000s per band(simulated)

Jwst planets to cosmology

The James Webb Space Telescope

Extrasolar planets:habitable zone

JWST will see planets around other stars

Spectrum of a known life bearing planet

Spectrum of a knownlife-bearing planet

Jwst spectroscopy and photometry of transiting exoplanets

JWST: spectroscopy and photometry of transiting exoplanets

Temperature-pressure profiles, molecular species, moons

Discovery of water worlds necessary ingredients for life

Discovery of: Water Worlds, necessary ingredients for life

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