Scp performance based budgeting
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SCP- PERFORMANCE BASED BUDGETING. Country Case Presentation SRI LANKA. Sri Lanka is an Island situated in the Indian Ocean, off the base of the Indian Sub Continent Total Land Area - 65,610 435 km long and 225 km wide Commercial Capital – Colombo

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Scp performance based budgeting


Country Case Presentation


Country paper-Sri Lanka

The country

Sri Lanka is an Island situated in the Indian

Ocean, off the base of the Indian Sub Continent

Total Land Area - 65,610

435 km long and 225 km wide

Commercial Capital – Colombo

Total Population: 20 million; Multi ethnic

& multi religious

GDP Rs. 3,578 billion

The Country

Country paper-Sri Lanka

Scp performance based budgeting

Key Economic Indicators:

Country paper-Sri Lanka

Current budgetary system

Current Budgetary System

  • The current budgetary system of the country is a mixed system

    • Block Budgeting

      • Parliament approves the block budget

      • MOF fixed ceilings for sectors, line Ministries

        (Recurrent + Capital)

      • Flexibility is given to line Ministries to decide their budget within the ceiling

    • Programme Budgeting

      • Cluster based

      • Expenditure Head, Programmes, Projects, object code

Country paper-Sri Lanka

Current budgetary system ctd

Current Budgetary System- ctd

  • Performance Based Budgeting

    • Medium-term Budgetary Framework

    • Vision, Mission and KPIs for each line Ministry have identified. However, linkages between these outcome indicators and actual budget figures are still weak.

  • Line Item Budgeting

    • Expenditure figures are available for administrative and monitoring purposes

Country paper-Sri Lanka

Scp performance based budgeting

Medium-term Macro Economic Framework


Country paper-Sri Lanka

Legal framework

Legal Framework

  • Constitution- empowers parliament

  • Finance Act-

  • Appropriation Act-

  • Fiscal Responsibility Act-

    • Budget deficit shall not exceed 5% of GDP

    • Total liabilities should not exceed 85% of GDP

  • Financial Regulation

  • Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Vision for a new sri lanka

    Vision for a new Sri Lanka

    • Agriculture

    • Economic Infrastructure

    • Education

    • Health

    • Environment

    • Public Administration Reforms

    • Livelihood and Social Protection

    • Urban Development and Human Settlements

    • Tourism

    • Labour

    • Science and Technology

    • Sports and Culture

    • Development of Conflict Affected Areas

    • Macro-economic vision

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Scp performance based budgeting

    • Aimed at raising the GDP growth rate in excess of 8% and sustain this rate for 6 years. (9-10% growth thereafter)

    • Raise per capita GNP to US$ 3960/- by 2016 elevating SL’s position as a middle income country.

    • Improve growth prospects with equitable development in the country, with special emphasis on the needs of lagging regions.

    • Enhanced resource allocation for identified strategic priorities in rural development, education, skills development, health, roads, irrigation & delivery systems.

    • Raise Investment/ GDP ratio to a level of 32 to 38% during next 10 years.

    The document contains overall development policies, strategies, goals, priority areas for next ten year period.

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Medium term budgetary framework

    Medium Term Budgetary Framework

    10 Year


    MTEF 1

    • Budget estimates are now presented over 3 year horizon.

    • The present MTBF is from 2008 to 2010

    MTEF 2

    MTEF 3

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Budget calendar

    Budget Calendar

    • Preparation of the MTBF and approval of the Hon. Minister of F&P for the Budget Circular- June

    • Briefing note to Cabinet on budget outline and priorities- July

    • Issuing the budget circular calling for proposals- July

    • Review of budget requests with line Ministries- August

    • Presenting the Appropriation Bill (Cabinet + Parliament)- October

    • Budget Speech- November

    • Release of cash flow statement- December

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Achivements towrds pbb


    1. MTBF - 3 year Budgetary framework

    - Cluster Basis approach

    - More Resources for Priority Sectors

    - Performance Targets

    - Expenditure Ceilings (Flexibility )

    2. Managing for Development Result (MFDR)

    - Whole - of Government Approach

    - Led By the Ministry of Plan Implementation

    - Aim is to enhance aid effectiveness

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Scp performance based budgeting

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    What we did and how

    WHAT WE DID ? and HOW?

    1.Government Level

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    2 agency level

    2. Agency Level

    • MPI facilitate each ministry to

      - Form a committee as change agents

      - Develop aAgency Result FrameworkandResult Card with Mission, Thrust Areas , Goals, and Key performance indicators (KPI)

      - Report Progress on KPIs UsingScore Cards

      # electronic Project Monitoring System

      # 3 Color Traffic lights

    • MPI evaluate achievements Quarterly and report to the Cabinet

    • Completed 3 Phases

      # Phase I – 5 Ministries

      # Phase II – 12 New Ministries

      # Phase III – 18 more Ministries

    • ADB’s Redness Assesment toolkit is use for identify capacity gaps in the Ministries

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Scp performance based budgeting

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Scp performance based budgeting

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Gaps in public finance management and area for reforms

    Gaps in Public Finance Management and Area for Reforms

    Country paper-Sri Lanka



    • Make a linkage between existing 2 systems of Budgeting and MFDR

    • Over coming Capacity gaps

    • Changes in Attitudes and Mindsets

    • Improving availability of statistical information

    • Hard Budget Constraints

    • Tribunal environment

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

    Thank you

    Thank you

    Country paper-Sri Lanka

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