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What Changes Are Possible in World Agriculture in the 21 st Century?. Agriculture’s New Era. A new era in agriculture created by drivers . These drivers are revolutionizing the industry and permanently altering traditional relationships.

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What Changes Are Possible in World Agriculture in the 21 st Century?

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What changes are possible in world agriculture in the 21 st century l.jpg

What Changes Are Possible in World Agriculture in the 21st Century?

Agriculture s new era l.jpg

Agriculture’s New Era

A new era in agriculture

created by drivers.

These drivers are revolutionizingthe industry

and permanently altering traditional relationships.

Farm businesses that recognize, understand and

pro-actively adapt to the WORLD’S needs will

growand prosper.

Drivers of change l.jpg

Drivers of Change

  • Globalization of Markets and Resources

  • Consumers’ Evolving Preferences

  • A More Demanding Food Industry

  • Government Interaction/Regulation

  • The Pivotal Role of Technology

World population growth l.jpg

World Population Growth

Populations continue to rise …

End of the Cold War has allowed countries to reallocate resources and increase standards of living.

Growing incomes allow people to buy more and better quality food (changing preferences).

Drivers the farm business l.jpg

Drivers & The Farm Business

Globalization Consumers Food Industry

Technology Government

The Farm Business

Environment ??

The new agriculture farm business environment l.jpg

The New Agriculture …Farm Business Environment

  • International Markets

  • Commercialization/Biological Manufacturing

  • Ecological Agriculture

  • Differentiated Products

  • Food Supply Chains

  • Information/Precision

  • Risk

  • Diversity

International markets l.jpg

International Markets

  • New Markets in Old Places

  • More Liberal Trade Environment

    Competitive Pressure !

  • Global Access to Technology

  • Increased World Wide Production Capacity

  • Global Sourcing and Selling

Percent of world grains and oilseeds produced in u s l.jpg

Percent of World Grains and Oilseeds Produced in U.S.

Commercialization l.jpg


Commercial (Industrialized) Mentality

  • Full Utilization of Resources

  • Managing Inventories

  • Specification Buying

  • Outsourcing

  • Process Control Technology

Process control technology l.jpg

Process Control Technology

  • Monitoring/Measuring and Information Technology

    • attribute traceability throughout the chain

  • Biotechnology/Nutritional Technology

    • manipulation of attribute development and deterioration

  • Intervention Technology

    • anytime intervention if attribute development deviates from potential (gap resolution)

Ecological agriculture l.jpg

Ecological Agriculture

  • Total Biological Systems

  • Recycling Nutrients

  • Capturing Value from Byproducts

  • New Revenue Streams

    • Carbon sequestering

    • Environmental amenities

    • Wildlife/wildlands

Differentiated products l.jpg

Differentiated Products

  • More Differentiated, Less Commodity

  • More Attribute Driven/Value

  • More Traceability/Identity Preserved

  • Types of Products

    • Generic commodities

    • Enhanced component commodities

    • Specific attribute raw materials

The food supply chain l.jpg

The Food Supply Chain

  • More End-User Responsive

  • Better Flow Scheduling

  • Improved Quality Control

  • Food Safety-Traceback

  • Competitive Advantage? Sustainability?

  • Who Will Control?

Information precision l.jpg


  • Monitoring/Measuring Technology

  • Smarter Machines

  • Process Control/Quality

  • Span of Control

Slide15 l.jpg


  • Operating/Tactical Risk

    • More volatility

    • Short peaks, long troughs

  • Strategic Risk

    • Relationships

    • Environmental

    • Policy changes

Diversity l.jpg


  • More Differences Between Farms (no typical farm!)

  • More Market Segments

  • Customized Solutions

  • More Conflict/Confrontation

Business models l.jpg

Business Models

  • Independent Producers

  • Multiple Plant Entrepreneurs

    • General managers

    • Plant managers

    • Workers

  • Franchise Growers

  • Network Qualified Suppliers

  • Piece Work Contractors

Management skills areas l.jpg

Management Skills Areas

  • Strategy

  • Production

  • Finance

  • Procurement/Merchandising

  • Personnel

  • Leadership

Successful strategies l.jpg

Successful Strategies?

  • Develop a Strategic Direction

  • Adopt New Technology Appropriately

  • Control Cost

  • Evaluate Networks/Alliances/Linkages

  • Manage Risk

  • Expand Carefully

  • Think like a CEO/general manager

Key challenges in agriculture s future l.jpg

Key Challenges in Agriculture’s Future

  • Adapting to change

  • Evaluating technology

  • Achieving profitability

    • Cost cutting

    • Growth

  • Defining organizational capabilities

  • Achieving organizational transformation

Strategic business planning for commercial producers l.jpg

Strategic Business Planning for Commercial Producers

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