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St Peters church

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St Peters church. Hi, I’m Rose Durrant. I’m 16. I’m a member of St Peters church and have been since I was 2 years old. I am writing this presentation to tell you about our church, the people in it and the activities we do.

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Hi, I’m Rose Durrant. I’m 16. I’m a member of St Peters church and have been since I was 2 years old. I am writing this presentation to tell you about our church, the people in it and the activities we do.

As a church we work hard at creating opportunities where people from the surrounding community can feel welcome to join us and get to know more about the people within our church family but also learn more about the experiences that come with being part of a church and we want to welcome you to join us too.

our church and what it looks like
Our church and what it looks like

Typical of many Anglican churches in cities and villages in England, founded around a century ago to reach out to workers in local industry (including a copper mine which operated right next to the church!). Very recently the interior was redesigned to make it much more useful for church groups and for other local community groups who use it during the week


Thoughts on our church and it’s wider community

Following is three questions that I asked to a young member and a middle aged male member of our church congregation. Under the questions are some of the responses they gave.

1 what are the main events that the church do that interest you most
1. What are the main events that the church do that interest you most?

“Services especially the more meditative ones, social action outside the local community.”

“Focus, the youth group on a Sunday evening and the Sunday services especially the ones with congregation participation.”

2. Do you have any concerns fort he surrounding community? Any people that youth ink the church should work to support?

“also a place to celebrate the important times such as weddings and baptisms.”

“that the church provides a place to support them in time of emotional and spiritual need.”

“Scallies” - This is the nickname name for marginalized teenagers who can be socially challenged.

3 how do you think the church already works at supporting the surrounding area
3. How do you think the church already works at supporting the surrounding area?

“all kinds of support so the community feeling like it is one.”

“has a good out reach programme”

“providing support for carers of children, outreach events,”

the mission of st peters church
The mission of St. Peters’ Church
  • The church struggled for a number of years after a large group left to found an independent charismatic church
  • A programme of meetings from 2004-2005 re-focused the ministry of the church
  • It concentrates on worship and pastoral care for its mixed group of members (ranging from young to old, and from very committed Christians to ‘enquirers’)
  • It also has a particular concern to draw in people from the surrounding community through social events and key services. Church attendance is typically less than 9% in the UK and so there is a huge need for outreach.
activities and events from st peters church
Activities and Events from St Peters Church

Band planning meeting (a band which features in social and outreach events

The vicar at Take-A-Break (mothers and babies event)

Eats and Beats, a band performance (a social event in the church which attracted people from the local community

A service about St Peters being a creative community (the church members created this design

We have a variety of events. Some that happen on a weekly basis and other that are one off’s.

Examples of the things that happen on a weekly basis at St Peters church are:

  • Take-A-Break – a toddlers group for mum’s and their children.
  • Band – a group of musicians of varied ability meet to create music.
  • Service – we have our weekly service.
  • Sunday School – for the younger children as an alternative to the adult service.
  • Football – we have a church team, they practise every week and have matches most weeks as well.

Sunday School

A Football match


One off’s. These are events that are used for either raising money or to welcome in other people from the surrounding community. For example:

  • Eats and Beats at St Petes – a source of out reach that consisted of food and live music.
  • The Hollins and the Ivy – a Christmas carol service that was held in the local pub as to make more people feel welcome to join in.
  • Church walk – a walk through the countryside of Macclesfield, a time for people to build on friendships and relax.

Eats and Beats.

Church walk.

Hollins and the Ivy

aims goals and the future
Aims, Goals and the Future

I then I asked some questions to two of the leaders of our church about their thoughts on how the church is working towards helping the wider community.

1 are there any specific aims or objectives of the church
1. Are there any specific aims or objectives of the church?

“It’s about welcome, following Jesus, providing a place where people can connect to God and have an opportunity to give and receive support.”

“introduce people to the good news of Jesus, to help them live by the example of Jesus and to encourage them to go and share that good news further a field.”


in to account

people\'s emotional,

spiritual and physical wellbeing.”

2 how are the church planning to achieve these aims
2. How are the church planning to achieve these aims?

“the plans are to identify what needs there are in the church and in the community around the building and see what we can do to meet them.”

“it seems to come back to the 3 areas of worship (connecting with God), outreach (connecting with the world around) and pastoral concern (connecting with one another).”


3. What do you think is the future for the church with respects with helping the surrounding community?

“to see what we can do to be good neighbours and a friend to those around us.”

“…. parenting course with a view maybe to offering a course locally. I think that\'s a need in any community. ”

“I think it is quite promising. People in the church seem to be keen to engage with the neighbourhood around us.”

“I\'d like to see 3 or 4 regular events per year like the carol service/Eats and Beats.”


An example of something that our church has created to send out the message of some of the events St peters do and opportunities they offer is a recent welcome leaflet that was left out on the night of ‘Eats and beats’ when the church was open to the surrounding community. It was also a way of welcoming others to discover more information and to feel welcome as part of our family if so desired.

This leaflet is provided as a separate document.

There is a video that was made for the re-opening of the church after a renovation. It was made to show the surrounding people some of the things that happen within the church but was also used to show the area as a whole. This shows that the church is just part of the general community for those who are not involved in the church at the moment.

Therefore it will show you a variety of the things I have previously talked about.

(available as separate download on site)