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Chapter 2. Nouns. Person, place, thing, or idea Pastor David Midland Pencil Joy. Noun. You have one minute to list as many nouns as possible. Your Turn. Singular- book Singular possessive- book ’s cover Plural- book s Plural possessive- book s’ cover s. Forms of nous.

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Person, place, thing, or idea

    • Pastor David
    • Midland
    • Pencil
    • Joy
forms of nous

Singular- book

Singular possessive- book’s cover

Plural- books

Plural possessive- books’ covers

Forms of nous
plural forms of nouns

Add s to the singular form of most nouns.

    • Book-books
  • Add esto singular nouns ending with s, x, z, ch, and sh.
    • Lunch-lunches
  • If the word ends in y preceded by a consonant, change the final y to iand add es.
    • cry-cries
Plural Forms of Nouns
plural forms of nouns1

If a noun ends in a y preceded by a vowel, add only s.

    • Toy-toys
  • If a noun ends in f or fe, consult your dictionary. For some nouns, add s; for others, change the f to v and add s or es.
    • Wolf-wolves
  • If a noun end sin o, consult your dictionary. For some nouns, add s; for others, add es.
    • Solo-solos
    • Tomato- tomatoes
Plural Forms of nouns
irregular nouns

Sheep, moose, deer, woman-women, goose-geese, louse-lice

  • Add ‘s to make a letter or word plural.
    • A’s
    • And’s
  • Add only an s to make a number plural.
    • 1900s
    • 20s
Irregular Nouns
possessive nouns

Add ‘s to singular nouns, even if they end in s

    • Hoof of the Horse- horse’s hoof
    • Edge of the sword- sword’s edge
    • Book of Chas- Chas’s book
  • 2 exceptions- Jesus and Moses
    • Jesus’ compassion, Moses’ temper
Possessive Nouns
possessive nouns1

Add only an ‘ to a plural noun that ends in s

    • Covers of the books- books’ covers
    • Homework of the students- students’ homework
  • Add ‘s to plural nouns that do NOT end in s
    • Prayers of men- men’s prayers
Possessive Nouns
common and proper nouns

Common nouns- general, NOT capitalized

    • girl
    • country
  • Proper nouns- specific, capitalized
    • Alyssa
    • South Korea
Common and proper Nouns
count and noncount nouns

Count nouns- can be made plural

    • Box- boxes
    • Book- books
  • Noncount nouns- cannot be made plural
    • Always singular
    • Cannot have a, an, or one before them
    • Use much and little, rather than many and few
    • Milk
    • Darkness
Count and Noncount nouns
collective nouns

Nouns that name a group

  • May be singular or plural depending on the context
  • Team
  • Jury
    • The jury argue amongst themselves. (plural, divided
    • The jury agrees on a verdict. (singular, united)
Collective Nouns
collective nouns1
Collective Nouns







compound nouns

Formed by combing two or more words

  • Can be written as 1 word, 1 hyphenated word, or two words
    • Bookcase
    • Brother-in-law
    • Nursing home
  • Miss MacQ’s
    • Leafswing
    • Picture monkey
  • Yours?
Compound nouns
noun functions

Subject (S)

    • Bo made the class laugh.
  • Predicate Noun (PN)
    • The Tridge is the meeting of three bridges.
  • Direct Object (DO)
    • Nick threw the ferret.
  • Indirect Object (IO)
    • Nickthrew Noah the ferret.
Noun Functions
noun functions1

Object of Preposition (OP)

    • Caleb’s smile lit up the room.
  • Noun of Direct Address (DA)
    • Devyn, please spell the word of the day.
    • Grace, please be careful.
  • Appositive (App)- renames a noun
    • Daniel, a Korean student, is in ninth grade.
    • My favorite room, the library, is replete with books and comfortable chairs.
Noun Functions