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Equine ID. Week 1. Equine Name Origin: ___________________ Lifespan: ___________________ Color: ___________________ Major Uses: ___________________ Height: ___________________ Fact(s): ___________________. Crystal Retschle. American Quarter Horse. 11 foundation breeds

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Equine ID

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Equine id
Equine ID

Week 1

Equine id

Equine Name

  • Origin: ___________________

  • Lifespan: ___________________

  • Color: ___________________

  • Major Uses: ___________________

  • Height: ___________________

  • Fact(s): ___________________

Equine id

Crystal Retschle

American Quarter Horse

11 foundation breeds

Mix of Arabian, Spanish and English Breeds

5 million registered quarter horses

Known for their round hindquarters

AQHA is the largest registry

14.3-15.2 HH

(Sometimes taller)

Dr Sunny Pep

Equine id





(my horse)

Red Roan

Blue Roan




Crystal Retschle

Equine id

Life span can reach 35 years old

Berry Sweet Whizard

Drill team





Crystal Retschle


By: Cerrington Lee-Mantilla

General information
General Information

  • Name: English Thoroughbred (Thoroughbred)

  • Life-span: approximately 30 years

  • Origin: England

  • Height & Weight: about 17 hands ; about 1,100

  • Color: Bay, Black Brown, Buckskin, Chesnut, Cremello, Gray, Palomino, Perlino, White

  • Major uses: Race horse

General information1
General Information

  • Famous or notable examples: Secretariat

  • 2 Fun Facts:

    • They are courageous, alert, and spirited animals.

    • 1 way of identifying one is their long sloping shoulders.

American paint
American Paint

Jessica Martinez

General information2
General Information

  • Name of breed: American Paint

  • Average Life Span: 20-30

  • Where was it developed: The paint horse were brought from Europe

  • Average Height: 15-16 Hands

  • Average Weight: 1100-1200 pounds

General information cont
General Information Cont.

  • Typical Colors/ Markings: White spots combined with a different color such as bay, chestnut, black, brown, sorrel, etc.

  • Major Uses: Riding (Western and English), racing, show jumping, trail riding, especially used as a ranch horse.

  • Famous/ notable Examples: The foundation American Paint Horse was created because of the Indians

Interesting facts pictures
Interesting Facts & Pictures

  • Some Paint horses are carriers of a lethal white gene, and foals afflicted with this condition are born normal, but sicken and die.

  •  American Paint Horse Association was founded in 1962

Appaloosa horses cassidy warner
Appaloosa HorsesCassidy Warner

Appaloosa horse facts
Appaloosa Horse Facts

  • Lifespan: 20-25 years

  • Bred in the Inland northwest of America by the Nez Perce Indians

  • Average height: 16 hands

  • Average weight: 1,250 pounds

  • Dalmatian-like spots dominated

    over the hips but sometimes

    covers the whole body

Appaloosa horse facts1
Appaloosa Horse Facts

  • Used for pleasure, racing,

    and working

  • Several competitions

    just for Appaloosas (World

    Championship Appaloosa Youth Show,

    Appaloosa Horse Club)

  • Once almost extinct, the American Appaloosa is now one of the most numerous horses in the world!

  • The coat can be leopard, snowflake, blanket, marble or frost.

Ar a bian horses
Arabian Horses

By: Angel Christian

Arabian horse facts
Arabian horse facts

  • Light horse

  • Can live up to 30 years

  • Crossbred; almost Identical to Central Asian horses

  • Origin is Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, and Turkey

  • Max height is 15.1 hands

  • Max weight is 1000 lb.

Arabian horse facts1
Arabian horse Facts

  • Can be bay, black, chestnut, grey, and roan.

  • Commonly used for endurance riding, general, jumping, racing, and work

Arabian horse facts2
Arabian horse Facts

  • The horse in the movie "The Black Stallion" was an Arabian stallion named Cass Ole

  • They can see, hear and smell better than humans

  • It is one of the oldest horse breeds, dating back approximately 5,000 years

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