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SIGNATURE Presentation

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Signature presentation



Signature presentation


Debbie  Harkins  Patient Accounts IT Coordinator, Central Business OfficeBaycare Health System, Oldsmar, FloridaAnnette  Yanna  Senior System AnalystBaycare Health System, Clearwater, FloridaDale  Sahlberg  Senior System AnalystBaycare Health System, Clearwater, Florida

Signature presentation

What is SIGNATURE ?SIGNATURE is an integrated outpatient management & outpatient accounting application.

Front-office functions include registration, scheduling and report writing tools.

Business office functions manage accounts receivables with collection tools to maximize reimbursements.

Signature presentation


Has advanced collection tools (target files) to maximize allowable reimbursements based on payers and collectorsGenerates 1505 medical billing claim forms (combined charge for services and physician - example: chest X-ray)Produces UB04s - same as an inpatient hospital bill with surgery billing for nurse, facility and supplies ( surgeons do their own billing )Has a combined Patient Management and Patient Accounting database (integrated application) that allows charges to be entered and bills produced that same day (day-end)Utilizes SCHEMES that allow multiple insurance plans to meet the different ambulatory care needs

Signature presentation

A patient was registered at the Imaging site for a annual diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound with Medicare and Medicaid plan providing coverage.Scheme 1 - established with insurance plans Z01 Medicare with a priority of 1 and Z25 Medicaid Fl with a priority of 2

Signature presentation

The patient was in an auto accident later that day and returned to the Imaging site to have a MRI of the cervical spine. Scheme 2 - established with I16 Auto Allstate Insurance with a priority of 1

Signature presentation

The patient was scheduled for a knee arthroscopy due to a work related injury that occurred the previous week.Scheme 3 - established with 0041 Commercial Risk Work Comp with a priority of 1

Signature presentation

The original SIGNATURE application was based on a 3270 terminal design.

The Siemens enhanced SIGNATURE version employs browser technology called OAS GOLD.

3270 version

3270 version

Original model design for gold

Original model design for GOLD

Signature presentation

The Siemens GOLD model was sent to the Baycare body shopto be reprogrammed, redesigned, repainted and enhanced

Baycare signature gold


Signature presentation

GOLDhas new graphical features such as:

check boxes, radio buttons, labels, selectable lines with banners, combo boxes, a calendar, text boxes, images, scroll bars, data evaluators & controllers

Signature presentation

  • Edits on name and address fields to remove bad characters !@#$%/&*)+? that cause interface errors. Example of a bad character #GOLD will automatically remove:

Signature presentation

  • Warning notices to prevent the selection of expired insurance plan codes

Signature presentation

  • Educational messages to guide the user through a process:

Signature presentation

One shared main menu with variable options based on job role

Signature presentation

Users have an access tcl that determines what functions are available

Signature presentation

When the Accounts Receivable staff signon they see:

Signature presentation

When the Patient Management staff signon they view:

Signature presentation

  • HIPAA compliant notices

Signature presentation

  • Billing warning messages

Previous accounts had bad information. Previous accounts were bad debt. Previous accounts were charity. Previous accounts had billing problems.

Signature presentation

  • Tooltip help has full sentences & detailed information for a field

  • Inquiry screens are enhanced for faster searches, such as doctor name inquiries with “quick picks”

Signature presentation

  • "Minor as the Guarantor" reasons that are easy to select (rather than type in)

Radio button selection will appear as a comment

Signature presentation

  • VIP


Signature presentation

  • Checkmark lights up green if an HDX inquiry is possible for this plan. Eliminates wasted HDX inquiries for unsupported insurance plans.

Signature presentation

  • Immediate messages if the data entered is not correct, such as the Insurance Company name.

Signature presentation

  • Customized documents and patient face sheets with full insurance company mailing addresses

Signature presentation

Custom Features

Signature presentation

  • Mail statistics:

  • •23.6% of all mail in the U.S. is incorrectly addressed.

  • •2.7% of the total mail volume is undeliverable as addressed.

  • •1 out of every 32 pieces of first-class mail is undeliverable.

  • Causes:

  • •Incorrect spelling of street or city

  • •Misread the address from a document

  • •Transposed numbers in street or zip code

  • •Misunderstood the person verbally providing the data

Signature presentation

Address Verification Benefits

  • Address validation confirms that a given address is a deliverable address within the United States as defined by the United States Postal Service.

  • Address verification for bills and statements will also improve the ability to collect fees for services rendered.

  • The USPS standardizes the address in accordance with USPS guidelines – example: Road will be abbreviated as Rd

  • Additional Benefits of Address Verification are:

  • • Improve collections by eliminating returned bills & statements.

  • • Reduce staff time & costs formerly spent processing returned mail.

  • • Achieve data integrity through correctness & standardization.

  • Signature presentation

    Former 3270 screen was unable to verify a patient’s address with the US Post Office

    Signature presentation

    The customized GOLD screen can verify online a patient’s address with the US Post Office

    Signature presentation

    Address Verification

    • There is an online address verification for both the patient and guarantor addresses

    • The verified USPS address is automatically returned to the screen

    • Corrects the address: 13618 N FLORIDA STREET

      that should be 13618 N FLORIDA AVE

    • Corrects the zip code: 33631

      that should be33613

    • The US Post Office returns a message if more information is needed (apartment or lot number)

    Signature presentation

    If the address was not found, then the

    US Post Office returns the following message:

    Option:GOLD also can inform the user verbally of an error message.

    Signature presentation




    Three signature regions


    • St Joseph's Diagnostic Center … 4 Imaging Centers

    • Morton Plant Health Services … 3 Imaging Sites

    • 1 OP Surgery / Endo site

    • Baycare Ambulatory Care … 3 Imaging Sites

    • 2 St Anthony

    • 1 Med Specialist

    • 1 OP Surgery Site

    • 5 Mental Health Sites

    Analysis phase

    Analysis Phase

    • Examined the model SIGNATURE GOLD application at Siemens headquarters

    • Made site visits to other hospitals

    • Reviewed the Baycare Invision GOLD application which has a similar design

    • Made phone calls to other SIGNATURE users

    • Checked the SNUG users web board for information about current issues

    • Sent Emails to other SIGNATURE users

    • Held many meetings and had extensive collaboration between the Central Business Office, Registration areas and Information Services

    Signature presentation

    Then a list of the current 3270 issues was compiled.These issues became the reasons SIGNATURE was converted to the GOLD version …



    • Experienced significant HDX model issues that were unique to the GOLD combined insurance pathway

    • Standardized insurance plan codes for all outpatient sites (example: where A01 means AETNA for all sites)

    • Made revisions prior to the GOLD live to an estimated 1000 pre-registrations that were using the old insurance plans

    • The 3270 Patient Face Sheet had been customized to include full insurance company mailing addresses - which was converted to print GOLD combined insurance fields

    • Needed popup panels to notify users when insurance plans were terminated (should not be selected for a new registration)

    • GOLDnow requires address information be entered for all miscellaneous insurance plans … that used to be an optional PF9 secondary screen in 3270

    Build phase

    Build Phase

    • Examined the current 3270 SIGNATURE pathways

    • Reviewed the Siemens model SIGNATURE design

    • Created a composite GOLD version of the above two applications

    Testing phase

    Testing Phase

    • Used predefined scripts for the Patient Management and Accounts Receivable pathways

    • Verified interface transmissions to other systems (such as IDX)

    • Validated facesheets & bills were generated

    • Emulated real patient scenarios for the types of insurances used (managed care, workman's compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, etc …)

    Integrated systems tests

    Integrated Systems Tests

    • EAD (Enterprise Access Directory)

    • US Post Office address verification

    • HDX (insurance eligibility)

    • ImageCast (Radiology)

    • EDM (Electronic Data Management)

    • Lawson - General Ledger & refunds

    • Target Files

    • TSI (Managed Care)

    Training phase

    Training Phase

    • PM – Patient Management

    • AR – Accounts Receivable

    Two training sessions:

    Training manual

    Training Manual


    Training manual1

    Training Manual


    Live implementation

    LIVE Implementation

    • Morton Plant Hospital went live first

    • Other two regions are going live in the following months

    • ACBO (Ambulatory Care Business

      Office) is the final live event

    Signature presentation

    Now we can view an


    Signature presentation





    Signature presentation

    Staff can select a printer from this first menu.

    Signature presentation

    Patient Management

    Signature presentation

    EAD inquiry options

    Signature presentation

    After demographic data is filled out, the system will


    Signature presentation

    US Post Office abbreviated the

    AVE and corrected the zip 33613

    Original address data

    Further information is needed

    Signature presentation

    The USPS supplies

    a list of known

    addresses to

    select from

    More information

    is required - such

    as an OFC, LOT

    or APT number

    Signature presentation

    The US Post Office verified address is then transferred

    through this screen and parsed into the street, city, state

    and zip code fields.

    Signature presentation

    The corrected address is automatically copied to the

    demographic screen. The user then adds LOT 71 to

    complete a full mailing address.

    Signature presentation

    GUARANTOR information – will automatically copy

    all patient data and “gray out” the screen to protect data

    Signature presentation

    Bottom part of the GUARANTOR information screen is

    shown … with COMMENT and EMPLOYMENT options

    Signature presentation


    Click on PLAN to access a “quick pick” help screen

    Signature presentation

    Insurance Company help screen with “quick pick” options

    Signature presentation

    Select an insurance plan

    ZZZ identifies a terminated plan

    Signature presentation

    The managed care plan automatically had a 1 appended to

    the plan code 102 and an MC filled in for the CONTRACT.

    Signature presentation

    The HDX button lit up indicating an HDX inquiry is available.

    Signature presentation

    The INSURANCE flow returns to the

    GUARANTOR screen where the button is activated

    so the user can continue on to the CASE screen

    Signature presentation


    Signature presentation

    Once all required data is completed

    the system will show the button.

    Signature presentation




    Signature presentation

    Accounts Receivable

    Main Menu

    Signature presentation

    A R Follow-Up

    Signature presentation

    A R Inquiry

    Vital functions automatically selected (radio buttons)

    Signature presentation

    A R Summary

    Collector Name and Comment automatically valued from codes

    Signature presentation

    Detail Summary

    CALCULATOR and EMAIL options added to the Navigator

    Signature presentation

    Additional Details

    REASON codes custom feature added

    Signature presentation

    Internal email information is automatically filled in with AR detail … saving time and preventing transposition errors

    Are there any questions

    Are there any questions ?

    This concludes our presentation.

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