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Top 10 Biggest Logo Design Mistakes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 10 Biggest Logo Design Mistakes

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Bing Logo

Bing has used freely drawn fonts, that can even be designed by teens!

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Xe Services LLC Logo

Xe Services LLC Logo seems to be very deceptive and furtive.

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Buffalo Sabres Logo

Buffalo Sabres Logo seems to be too generic and abstract lacking the conceptual design.

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Check Point Software Technologies Logo

Checkpoint software logo is presenting an unprofessional look with no checkpoint that can be identified.

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Cover the Earth Logo

The logo appears to be sloppy and designed in a very unprofessional way making no sense.

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Kraft Foods Logo

The logo is reminiscent of a daycare company rather than a food company and also there is no sense in the color scheme the logo.

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Lending Tree Logo

The logo doesn't reflect the nature of the business and it’s too trendy.

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London 2012 Summer Olympics Logo

This logo is totally absurd as the jagged edges in the logo don’t allow “2012” to appear properly while 5 Olympic logo rings appear very dim in the intense color.

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MobileMe Logo

Banners cluttered with the cloud are too confusing and don’t make any sense!

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Wisconsin Department of Tourism Logo

The typography is at it’s best to be labeled the worst while the man doing the up stands is too corny and doesn’t attract the visitors a bit.

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