Apush exam review significant presidential elections
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APUSH Exam Review Significant Presidential Elections. Jake Barden. First Presidential election in U.S. History Occurs after the ratification of the Constitution Washington ran essentially unopposed John Adams gets 2 nd most electoral votes, thus becoming first V.P.

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Apush exam review significant presidential elections

APUSH Exam ReviewSignificant Presidential Elections

Jake Barden

  • Revolution of 1800” – significance?

  • Jefferson narrowly defeats Adams & Burr

    • Role of Alexander Hamilton & House of Representatives?

  • First transfer of power b/w different political parties in U.S. history

  • Sets precedent for future elections

  • The “Corrupt Bargain” details of alleged conspiracy?

    • Role of Henry Clay

  • JQA defeats Old Hickory despite not winning the popular vote or majority of electors

  • What group of people does Andrew Jackson appeal to?

  • Andrew Jackson finally claims the White House

  • Significance of “Jacksonian Democracy”?

    • Democratic - Republicans are reborn as Democrats

  • Executive Branch will be greatly strengthened over the next 8 years

    • What are the three main issues of Jackson’s presidency?

  • “Log Cabin Campaign” , “Tippecanoe & Tyler Too” enemy Henry Clay

  • War hero William Henry Harrison* defeats staunch Jacksonsian incumbent Martin Van Buren to become first Whig President

  • How did the Whigs beat the Democrats at their own game?

  • *Died of pneumonia, president for only 30 days

  • In 1844 the Democrats were split… enemy Henry Clay

  • James K. Polk narrowly defeats seasoned Whig candidate Henry Clay

    • Role of Liberty Party candidate James Birney?

  • Manifest Destiny achieved?

  • Four goals of Polk’s presidency?

  • Amid building sectional tensions James Buchanan is elected enemy Henry Clay

  • A Northern Democrat, Buchanan will be sympathetic to southern interests and will do little to stop the decent into civil war

  • 1856 marks the first Republican Candidate for President

    • Republican Party Platform?

    • What groups joined to form the Republicans?

  • Last election before the outbreak of the Civil War enemy Henry Clay

  • Democrats split along sectional lines, ensuring Lincoln’s election despite not winning a true majority of votes

  • Lincoln’s election spurs the South to follow through with threats of secession if a Republican is elected President

  • The Corrupt Bargain Part II? challenge from an old acquaintance – General George McClellan, aka “Tardy” George

  • In an election decided by the House of Rep, Hayes defeats Tilden by one Electoral vote

  • How does the Election of 1876 effect Reconstruction?

    • Main terms of Compromise of 1877?

  • Final election of the 19 challenge from an old acquaintance – General George McClellan, aka “Tardy” Georgeth Century, U.S. on the verge of modernity

    • Nation is emerging from the Gilded Age

  • Peak of Populist movement - People’s Party briefly merges with Democrats & nominates William Jennings Bryan

    • Main Issues of 1896 election?

    • Significance of William McKinley’s victory?

  • TR win’s the presidency in his own right challenge from an old acquaintance – General George McClellan, aka “Tardy” George

  • TR concentrates on more progressive reforms in his 2nd term

    • Square Deal?

    • Bully Pulpit?

    • Trust Busting?

    • Big Stick Diplomacy?

  • Three major candidates all claim to be progressives challenge from an old acquaintance – General George McClellan, aka “Tardy” George

  • Height of Progressive Era

    • New Freedom vs. New Nationalism

    • Role of TR & the Bull Moose Party/relationship with Taft?

  • Reelection for Woodrow Wilson challenge from an old acquaintance – General George McClellan, aka “Tardy” George

    • Triple wall of privilege?

  • Wilson’s official foreign policy position?

  • How do events in and around Europe force Wilson to change this position in regard WWI?

  • With WWII raging, FDR wins an unprecedented 4 brewing in Europe & East Asia, FDR is granted a 3th term in office

  • With FRD’s death in April of 1945, Harry Truman assumes the presidency

    • Truman will make the final decisions that will end WWII

  • In perhaps the most surprising election result in U.S. history, incumbent Harry Truman defeats heavily favored Thomas Dewey

  • In his 2nd term Truman, will continue to use economic aid to rebuild war torn Europe in the face of spreading communism

  • Truman will also deal with criticism over failure to contain communism in Asia

    • Dixie-crat (states rights) Senator Strom Thurmond runs on a segregationist platform and garners significant votes in the deep south

  • War hero Gen. Dwight Eisenhower is elected as the nation begins an era of unprecedented prosperity

  • Beneath the perceived aura of domestic stability of the 1950s are serious issues which will explode in the near future

    • Civil Rights

    • Women’s Rights

    • Nuclear proliferation (M.A.D.) & the continuing Cold War

  • 1980 begins the resurgence of conservatism in American Politics

    • What prompted this shift to the right in American politics?

  • CA governor Ronald Reagan leads the neoconservatives into power

    • Birth of the modern conservation movement?

    • Influence of religious right?

    • Reaganomics?

The american two party system
The American Two Party System Politics

**Dates are general in nature, it is possible for overlap to exist**

  • Pre-Party System: Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

  • 1st Party System: Late 1790s – 1828

    • Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans: Adams – JQA

  • 2nd Party System: 1828 – 1854

    • Democrats vs. Whigs: Jackson – Pierce/Buchanan

  • 3rd Party System: 1854 – mid 1890s

    • Democrats vs. Republicans: Lincoln – Cleveland

  • 4th Party System: 1896 – 1932

    • Democrats(Populists & Progressives) vs. Republicans: McKinley – Hoover

  • 5th Party System: 1933 - ??? Still ongoing?

    • New Deal Democrats vs. Conservative Republicans: FDR - ???

      **Did a 6th Party System begin in the 1980s with conservative resurgence?**