the holy spirit mobile force
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The Holy Spirit Mobile Force

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The Holy Spirit Mobile Force - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Holy Spirit Mobile Force. Brittany Stanford Jesse Harker Katrina Rodzon Marlon Mackey. What comes to mind?. This is what we thought. …but we were wrong. …Very wrong…. The Setting. Where- Uganda Acholiland (Acholi) Right here --->. The Characters in This Story.

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the holy spirit mobile force

The Holy Spirit Mobile Force

Brittany Stanford

Jesse Harker

Katrina Rodzon

Marlon Mackey

but we were wrong

…but we were wrong

…Very wrong…

the setting
The Setting
  • Where- Uganda
    • Acholiland (Acholi)
    • Right here --->
the characters in this story
The Characters in This Story
  • Alice Auma “Lakwena”
    • The Leader of the Holy Spirit Movement
  • Followers
    • desperate peasants and former soldiers in Uganda
  • Joseph Kony-
    • The brother
    • Later leader of Lords Resistance Army
the set up
The Set Up
  • Power was obtained through violence in this area
  • National Resistance Movement (NRM) gains power in 1986
    • Create unstable government
    • Emphasize oppressing the people
more set up
…more set up…
  • The people get fed up with President Yoweri Musveni
  • Two rebel forces form
    • Uganda Peoples Democratic Army(UPDA)
      • Goal: Restore Multi-party democracy
    • Holy Spirit Movement
      • Goal: Cleanse Acholi people and purge the government of evil
holy spirit movement
Holy Spirit Movement
  • Holy Spirit Movement
    • Vs
  • Holy Spirit Mobile Force

One and the same

the leader
The Leader
  • Alice Auma “Lakwena”
    • Born June 3, 1956
      • Pongdwo-North’s biggest town
      • Second of 15 children
      • 2 divorces- no children
      • May 1985 said she couldn’t see or hear- no witch doctor
    • Messenger of Lakwena
      • At age 30…according to legend…went to Murchison Falls National Park
      • Came out….a spiritual messenger
    • Attracted thousands to her cause
    • Took command over a UPDA battalion in November 1986
what they were all about
What They Were All About
  • Initially targeted witches and sorcerers
    • Tortured and killed them
  • Violent against civilians and NRA soldiers was necessary for ‘purification’
  • Recruits included peasants, former soldiers, and some educated individuals
the rules
The Rules
  • No
    • Drinking
    • Smoking
    • Stealing
    • Quarreling
    • Having sex
    • Taking cover in the heat of battle
  • Follow the rules and you will succeed
tactics and defense
Tactics and Defense
  • Defense-
    • Shea butter (moo yaa)
      • Protect against bullets
  • Weapons
    • “Holy water” dipped rocks
      • Turn to hand grenade against enemies
  • Tactic
    • Marching in the shape of a cross
success and defeat
Success and Defeat
  • Success
    • November and December 1986 against NRA
  • Defeat
    • UPDA alliance quickly severed
    • Major defeat in 1987
      • Spreading forces with little support
      • Series of defeat in effort to regain Kampala and “initiate” a paradise on earth
      • Finally November 1987 NRA used artillery and gained an overwhelming victory over HSMF
the end of alice
The End of Alice
  • 1987- Alice fled to Kenya
    • Jailed
  • Her brother used the remnants of the HSMF defeat to make the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) later
  • Alice dies in January 17th 2007
    • Long time illness
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