Health promotion at the local level

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Health promotion at the local level

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1. Health promotion at the local level Joop ten Dam PhD, NIGZ Support centre for Community Health (SLAG)

2. Content Inequalities in health Support centre for Community Health

3. Inequalities in health 1

4. Inequalities in health 2 Exist in all western societies Inequalities decreased the last few centuries But increasing since the fifties of the 20th century Real figures are probably worse

5. New ways Across the world, socio-economic inequalities in health present one of the main challenges within the public health sector. But traditional health campaigns and health promotion activities often fail to reach people with a low SES in an adequate way. If health activities are to reach these people, they should be implemented closer to them, to the places where they live and work. This means that the programmes should be implemented at a local level.

6. Change of paradigm: from health promotion to community-approach

7. Change of paradigm: from health promotion to community-approach

8. Community-approach Co-operation on the local level with: Politics Agencies The public

9. In other words Health gain A local approach An open approach Co-operation between various sectors Involvement of local politics Citizens participation

10. Present situation in the Netherlands A broad spectre of initiatives in which expertise is developed with the community approach, but: Mostly stand alone, Not yet a good structure for support, As a result little exchange of good practices And little implementation of effective instruments The effect: ‘lost’ investments and ‘lost’ expertise

11. Support centre for Community Health (SLAG) SLAG supports organisations that try to reduce health inequalities in a local context and takes care of the implementation of effective interventions.

12. SLAG offers several services : Developing new methods to address health issues at a local level while sharing existing methods and adapting them to local conditions. Direct support to pilot projects and publishing the results for broader use. A network of professionals sharing information, analysing projects, and contributing to the development of new methods and policies. Access to international information on good practices to local workers.

13. “SLAG-action plan” Track down and offer health policy instruments to local authorities; Track down and offer succes factors; “Quick interventions” in 10 communities in 2003-2004.

14. “SLAG-labs” Co-operation with local partners in 6 Dutch cities; To develop new methods instead of the traditional health campaigns; Meaning in this combined effort SLAG goes local and local goes national.

15. Features These projects are long term: 5 years or more. Using principles of the community-approach: An open approach; Community participation; Intersectoral co-operation; Political commitment. A sound evaluation.


17. Health promotion at the local level Joop ten Dam PhD, NIGZ Support centre for Community Health (SLAG)

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