Unit 27 Report: The 20th Century

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Thesis. Demographic changes including immigration, migration, and an aging population the beginning of technology such as biotechnology and computers and the politics of a multicultural society have furthered personal rights and freedoms of Americans while causing government overspending and anger

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Unit 27 Report: The 20th Century

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1. Unit 27 Report: The 20th Century

2. Thesis Demographic changes including immigration, migration, and an aging population the beginning of technology such as biotechnology and computers and the politics of a multicultural society have furthered personal rights and freedoms of Americans while causing government overspending and anger among U.S. citizens.

3. Topics and Examples Demographic Changes Immigration Sun Belt Migration Aging Population Technological Revolutions Biotechnology Computers and Software Politics Involving Multiculturalism Women’s Rights LGBT Rights

4. Demographic Changes

5. Demographic Changes Immigration Sunbelt Migration Aging Population

6. Topic Sentence for Demographic Changes: Immigration, migration, and the aging of the U.S. population led to overspending by the U.S. government through social programs and caused resentment by tax payers.

7. Immigration

8. “…where all people, even poor people, own cars.” El Norte by Gregory Nava Foreigners looked at the Unites States as a desirable place to live because of their chance to create a new life for the future generations of their families to thrive and prosper in. This quote from El Norte expresses what immigrant’s perception of life in America was like.

9. Unfortunately, most immigrants lacked education which limited them to low paying jobs. Individuals and families with low incomes do not pay income tax to the federal government. Income tax is the main source of funds for the federal government. “approximately 38 percent of tax units-single couples and families are estimated to have no tax liability.” www.factcheck.org

10. Immigrants that have these low incomes are qualified for government assistance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and food assistances such as free school lunches, WICK, and food stamps. Former President Lyndon Johnson(1963-1969) created these programs to help the poor in his vision of the Great Society. “When all taxes are paid and all the costs are considered, illegal immigrant households created a net fiscal deficit.” Center for Immigration Studies

11. The other 62 percent of American don’t want their taxes raised to cover this debt. This is an example of immigration causing anger from American tax payers. Although it is great that America is allowing people to come in and create a “better life” for their families, these immigrants may potentially cause tax increases.

12. Sunbelt Migration

13. During the 1960s corporations moved from the northeastern United States to the southern United States where there was less Union control. New jobs were created in aerospace, United States defense, and oil. As these jobs moved, so did the American citizens. People in the Frost Belt either moved to the Sun Belt to find jobs or stayed in the north and heavily relied on the government for financial assistance through the same programs as the immigrants.

14. With this heavy reliance on government assistance programs, as stated earlier, is causing tax payers to become angry because of the possibility of taxes being raised.

15. Aging Population

16. From 1944 to 1961, about 65 million babies were born. This spike in the American population was called the “baby boom”. This population is now getting older and causing a “graying of America”. Many of these baby boomers are eligible for Social Security benefits and Medicare. This is a problem because these programs are funded by current workers and that population is not as high as the baby boomers due to the decreased birth rates. Even with some immigrants contributing to income taxes, there is still not enough money to fund these programs as they are now.

17. This causes stress for the elderly because they know their future generations will be paying for the debts they have made even after their death. The tax paying citizens worry that the benefits will be taken away before the receive them and taxes will have to be raised in order to keep them.

18. Technological Revolution

19. Technological Revolution Computers and Software Biotechnology

20. Topic sentence for technological revolutions: An amazing time in U.S. history was a period of many technological revolutions including advances in biotechnology and computers and software which made American life easier, but also created its own set of problems such as having identities stolen through the internet and testing moral beliefs by cloning living beings.

21. Computers and Software

22. During the 1950s the United Stated Department of Defense was concerned about a nuclear attack and wanted to develop a communication network. ARPANET was the first network and eventually became the global internet. Next came the World Wide Web which allowed information to be shared by scientists. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, lead the consumer computer market with one of the first personal computers.

23. Bill Gates, a computer programmer, head of a software company called Microsoft invented a computer operating system for the personal computer. Cisco Systems was one of the first companies to sell successful routers for computer networks. With all of the elements combined, computers, the software, and the networks that pull them together allowed for people’s identities to be stolen.

24. This is also a concern to financial institutions and the military that their programs will be hacked as seen in the movie War Games.

25. Biotechnology

26. A biotechnological advances have prolonged the average human lifespan. One reason this has happened was the discovery of stem cells. These cells can be used to generate any type of specialized cell in a human body, this is also called cloning. Some study of these cells can be used in biology labs to treat diseases by studying specific genes that cause genetic conditions.

27. Stem cells can also be used to generate clones of an entire organism and not just parts of it. An example is the sheep Dolly. Benefits would be to genetically alter animals to do extraordinary things that they wouldn’t normally be able to otherwise such as a cow that produces extra milk. Therapeutic cloning uses human embryos to be used in research in human development and treat disease.

28. While this helps prolong human life, there are moral issues that concern a portion of the population. The reason for this is that some stem cells that come from human embryos that are a few days old and some come from embryos that are eight weeks or older. Some stem cells are coming from terminated pregnancies. Another issue is no one knows how cloning will affect the mental development of human, and this could be dangerous.

29. The movie Godsend addresses these issues when a doctor mixes the DNA of two children and the clone child has mental problems.

30. Politics Involving Multiculturalism

31. Politics Involving Multiculturalism Women’s Rights LGBT Rights

32. Politics involving multiculturalism topic sentence: Multiculturalism is causing hatred between the original foundation and the new diversity that are trying to keep their culture because the government policies do not allow one culture to out do another.

33. Women’s Rights

34. The equal rights amendment said that equal right would not be denied due to sex. This was a change because the Constitution was designed around the founding fathers of this nation which were white males. Women wanted to be able to have the right to vote on property and make the same amount of money as men in the same job. This supports the conclusion that one culture is not being denied the opportunity to achieve the same as the other.

35. LGBT Rights

36. This class of people became noticed because of the Stone Wall Riots of 1969. The Wall Riots started in 1969 when police officers raided a gay bar and the gays fought back. This started the movement for gay rights. This offends religious groups because of their beliefs. A lot of money is being spent on law suits on defending the rights of deferent cultures and some feel Americans have lost their freedom of speech because they cannot make a statement with out offending one of these groups. Therefore, multiculturalism as far as gay rights are concerned is turning a nation of citizens against each other, because one set of government laws cannot satisfy every unique group of individuals that are arising here in the United States.

37. Conclusions All of the topics discussed either cost tax payers money, or offend certain groups of Americans because of their own personal set of beliefs, morals, and values. People cannot immigrate to the U.S. with out throwing the nation in to a downward spiraling disaster, you cannot correctly extract stem cells from an aborted baby, or express your beliefs with out offending at least half of the population of Americans. Therefore the conclusion can be made that these three topics leads to government overspending or anger among U.S. citizens.

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