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Getting students to talk

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1. Getting students to talk Liz Garner Anglo European School, Ingatestone July 2009

2. ??????? ??????!

3. The Nationalities Quiz Everybody practiced ????/ ?? Active Competitive Fun Quick to set up Easy to adapt to different abilities/levels

4. Why speaking? British students often reluctant to speak Ofsted 2008 speaking is the least well developed of all the skills. Students inability to be able to say what they want to say in a new language has a negative impact on their confidence and enthusiasm. Teachers dont provide enough opportunities for students to talk

5. Why is speaking so important? Language is about communication It carries 30% of GCSE marks Most students enjoy talking Speaking is the best way to learn a language

6. Speaking activities Quick-fire games Use of target Language Extended speaking activities

7. Speaking activities Quick-fire games Use of target Language Extended speaking activities

8. Find someone who.. Is the same nationality as you Goes ice-skating on Saturdays Whose favourite subject is French Thinks Mr. Brown is a great teacher

9. Variations All have same questions/different Find someone you have something in common with Find something which makes you unique Give question in characters/pinyin/orally

10. ????????

11. Cluedo Memory Game Students guess the sentence taking a phrase from each box Good for developing listening skills Good for practising word order

12. zi xexao zi gongyan zi kting zi shangdan zi fnguan zi gongsi ti zqu kn danying mai dongxi xe zhongwn gongzo kn dansh

13. Battleships Game Students guess where the battleship is by using the language Familiar to most students

15. Card Games Decide which structure you wish to practice and choose a suitable context Find a website with suitable flashcards (ESL/EFL sites provide free downloads)

16. Card Games ??????????,??,????

17. When to use speaking activities To practice and consolidate newly learned structure To review previously learned language (starter) As a 5-10 minute plenary

18. Over to you.. Card Game h wode nu pngyou h wode mimei h wode jiejie h wode gege

19. Use of target language - Why not? Cant immerse students in two hours/week Chinese has no cognates Too hard, puts children off Takes too long to get students to understand

20. Use of target language - Why? Real communication Creates a target language atmosphere Sets high expectations Increases exposure to Mandarin Helps students develop strategies for working out meaning and expressing themselves Required by National Curriculum Pupils are expected to respond to and use the target language DFEE/QCA 1999

21. How is it possible? Language is contextual Situations are predictable We can use gesture, mime, body language to help We can demonstrate what we want

22. Basic rules for using target language Keep it simple, build up slowly Keep eye contact Resist the urge to translate Use a student as interpreter Use the whiteboard Start small, increase amount of time Plan carefully what language you will use

23. Exploiting routines Greeting Date Register Opening books Setting homework Packing up

24. Requests, apologies, reprimands and praise ???,????! ?????? ????! ?????! ????! ???! Teach explicitly as early as you can (pinyin) Give students cards with most common phrases on Get students to make posters for the classroom Insist students use them (you cant sit down till youve apologised!) Reward students for use @@

25. Using TL to teach grammar? Students need to develop an awareness of differences/similarities between English and Mandarin Is this best achieved in English? Correcting mistakes *??? (1) Repetition/self correction ????? (2) On board (??????????) ?????

26. Using TL to talk about characters? Comparing and contrasting similarities and differences maybe best in English?

27. Using TL to introduce new language? ???? ???? ??????? ???? ?????

28. Using TL to introduce speaking activities ??????? ????????? ????????? ??????, ??????

29. Over to you.. Work out what target language you could use to introduce one of the other speaking activities

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