Placer mhsa integrated 3 year planning further conversations
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Placer MHSA Integrated 3 Year Planning—Further Conversations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Placer MHSA Integrated 3 Year Planning—Further Conversations. July 1, 2014- June 31, 2017. The Big Picture…. Review MHSA planning efforts & timeline MHSA Program Plan update Unspent funds process and funding update Innovation discussion – New State update and potential new approach.

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Placer MHSA Integrated 3 Year Planning—Further Conversations

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Placer MHSA Integrated 3 Year Planning—Further Conversations

July 1, 2014- June 31, 2017

The Big Picture…

  • Review MHSA planning efforts & timeline

  • MHSA Program Plan update

  • Unspent funds process and funding update

  • Innovation discussion – New State update and potential new approach

Review of Planning Elements & Requirements

  • 3-year plan (2014 – 2017)

  • Based on unspent funds + estimated revenues from State

  • Stakeholder process

    • Representatives from the County’s constituency groups (CCW Steering)

    • Involvement in: mental health policy, program planning & implementation, monitoring, quality improvement, evaluation & budget allocations

  • Draft plan circulated for 30 days for public comment (Fall 2013)

Review of Campaign Structure

  • Four committees/Representatives:

    • Promote Mental Health Awareness – Anno Nakai

    • Outreach and Stigma Reduction—Jennifer Price

    • MHSA Implementation – Janice Leroux

    • Workforce, Education and Training(WET)—Lisa Sloan

    • 2 Mental Health Authority Reps. – Maureen Bauman and Richard Knecht

    • Campaign Facilitators—Katrina Moser/Christi Meng

  • Leadership Team: Decisional Team, based on input and guidance from this CCW Steering committee

Review of Current MHSA Elements



One-Time (CSS)





Services & Supports

Prevention & Early



Cap Fac. & Tech

West Slope(PCF)

Full Service Prt.

Ready for Success



Systems Transf.

Bridges to Wellness

5 Large Projects

Bye Bye Blues

Crisis Triage

Lake Tahoe


Current Process and Timeline














For Priorities


For Review

Target Pop.

+ Outcomes

  • Determine which activities move forward

  • Steering Ideas

  • Asset survey

  • Brainstorm

  • Process Decisions

  • Funding strategies



Strategies &



Target Pops.



Staff maps

To Budget

  • New Recommended programs

  • Steering Rec.

  • Leadership Team decisional

Oct. 2013

New Ongoing Funding

Stigma Update

Funding Picture


Statewide Dollars Update

  • Need to support the statewide programs

    • Continue stigma reduction efforts

    • Need to consider amount we would support

    • Past amount was $274k/yr.

    • Recommend 5% - 7.5% of PEI dollars or $135 - $202 k for next plan per year

Total Dollars for New Ongoing Process

  • *Note for Innovation Dollars

  • $325k recommended to fund current large innovation programs ($200k PEI and $125k CSS)

Allocation of New Ongoing Dollars

Total Dollars for All Programs Next Three Years

Process Flow for Decision on MHSA Fund Allocation



MHSA Eval Team (county)

CCW Brainstorm

Current Activity Review

CommunityReview Panel

CCW Full Review

Final Funding Decision CCW Leadership

Current Activity Review (Complete 8/13)

Current Activity Review

  • State OAC mandated Evaluation Team designed to assure objectivity

  • Reviewed reports of all activities & obtained clarifying information, as needed

  • Reviewed activities, NOT Providers

  • Current Providers of non-renewed activities either requested termination of activity or are aware of recommendation regarding its ineffectiveness in Placer

  • 19 CSS Activities:

  • 18 Recommend Renewal

  • 1 Recommend Non-Renewal

  • 2 Recommend Move to PEI

  • 14 PEI Activities:

  • 11 Recommend Renewal

  • 3 Recommend Non Renewal

  • 5 Large INN Activities:

  • 3 Recommend Renewal to PEI

  • 2 Recommend Renewal and move to CSS

  • 4 WET Activities:

  • 4 Recommend Renewal

CCW “Brainstorming” (Complete 10/12)

CCW Brainstorm

Small CCW Steering Groups with report back

Captured in a list form

Leadership Team grouped by population of focus and to the extent possible, grouped into “activity areas”

Complete list and “Activity Areas” will be provided to Community Review Panel

CCW Community Survey (Completed 4/13)45 Agency Respondents

Topics Included:

  • Mental Health Services (20)

  • 17 provide some form of adult MH Service

  • 8 provide some form of child MH Service

  • Housing (8)

  • Transitional (6)

  • Permanent (5)

  • Supportive (5)

  • Employment Services (11)

  • Job Skills Training/Support (11)

  • On the job support (6)

CCW Community Survey- April 2013 (con’t)

  • Education and Other Treatment Services (30)

  • LifeSkills

  • Independent Living/Youth Development

  • Parenting Programs

  • Substance Abuse/Co-Occurring Services (9)

  • Residential for those with SMI (3)

  • Outpatient for those with SMI (4)

  • Child/Adolescent Treatment (3)

Network of Care Analysis

  • Topics Include:

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness (63)

  • Housing/Homeless Services (27)

  • Educational Services

  • Substance Abuse/Co-Occurring Services (6)

Additional Resources for Community Review Panel

  • Existing CSS and PEI Plans

  • Description of existing CSS and PEI activities

  • MHSA Principles

  • CSS and PEI Principles and requirements

  • Budget Projections

    =Priority list for additional and expansion dollars

MHSA Eval Team (county)

CCW Brainstorm

Current Activity Review

CommunityReview Panel

CCW Full Review

Final Funding Decision CCW Leadership

A Larger Conversation: Reflecting on Guiding PrinciplesWhere are we today/what could be improved?

Community Collaboration

Cultural competency/responsiveness

Individual and family driven

Wellness Focus including recovery and resilience

Integrated mental health system service experience and interaction

Outcome based program design

Innovation Conversation

  • Review MHSA guidelines and numbers

    • $730,000 per year next cycle

    • Similar to prior funding cycle

  • Where we are in conversation

  • Trying new approach (similar to last innovation process)

  • Move to decision

New Innovation News

  • Current mini grant recipients

    • Can re-apply to Innovation $’s if responding to new question

  • Current large innovation programs recommendation

    • ~$200k

    • These activities will be funded for new ongoing CSS/PEI funds

    • Respond to RFP

Reflections on Innovation Process to Date

  • Started with ideas / programs and then would prioritize and map back to guidelines  not working so well

  • Suggested a funding framework

    • Larger grants to support ideas

  • Heard from you

    • Mini grants are what people like

    • Didn’t agree/like the funding options presented, hard to determine when program priorities were unknown

Recommended Approach

CCW Group determines

Innovation Guidelines*

Individual organizations

Select Program focus:

Each program must choose at least one

Group Selects one

  • Increase access to underserved groups

  • Increase the quality of services, including better outcomes

  • Promote intra/interagency collaboration

    • We did this/do something else

  • Increase access to services

New mental health practice/ and approach

Change to an existing mental health practice/approach

New promising community-driven practice/approach

New promising approach that has been successful in non-mental health setting

*Approach must be approved by MHSOAC

New Funding Recommendations: 2 types 50/50 split of $730k total

Note: Dollar amount includes admin for foundation to administer grant

  • Mini-grants (50% of funds)

    • ~$365k

  • 2 Large grants (50% of funds)

    • ~$365k total

      • 3 fewer grants than last time

Next Steps

Review Priorities on CSS PEI from Community Review Panel

Discuss Any Identified New Issues or Support Leadership Recommendations based on Priorities

Write plan for public comment

Move to RFP process

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