The best place in the world to go to
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The Best Place In The World To Go To. The Tropical Rain Forest of Fatu-Hiva. Jessica Oertel , Tyler Johnson, and Tom Efsaphios.

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The Best Place In The World To Go To

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The Best Place In The World To Go To

The Tropical Rain Forest of Fatu-Hiva

Jessica Oertel, Tyler Johnson, and Tom Efsaphios

Fatu-Hiva is a very beautiful place to experience. Myself, Jessica, and Tom have designed a gorgeous hotel in the center of the rainforest. We all very big on helping the environment therefore we have created a Tree House hotel named !HOLA!APAGAN LOS LUCE! Which means turn off the lights. Came up with this name because we want to save energy. Also we created the retreat as a tree house because we didn’t want to cut down many trees and we wanted to make sure that all the animal in the forest would still have a good place to live.


  • The Biome, tropical rainforest can be found in many places,

  • The Marquesas Islands in the French Polynesia

  • Southeast Asia

  • South America

  • Central America

Geography of Fatu-Hiva

  • Fatu-Hiva is the most southern part of the marquese Islands,

  • Fatu-Hiva is isolated from the rest of the marquese islands

  • the island is covered with tall green grass, and big tall trees.

  • .

  • in Fatu-Hiva there are narrow valleys, and long streams

  • there are mountains that run right into the sea. Which makes it impossible to reach the island unless you fly over the mountains or go by boat

  • The Average Temperature is about 24 to 30 degrees Celsius or 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Fatu-hiva gets about 250 cm to 450 cm of rain every year.

  • Most rainfall happens between November to March. This is known as the Humid season, or the rainy season.

  • some other seasonal changes include the dry season which is from April to November.



The Hibiscus is very famous In the islands, it is used to make their floral shirts. It varies in size and color, its petals are sometimes double-raw and finely chiseled

The Heliconais and the red torched ginger flowers are used to make floral compositions, and floral arrangements.

This is a temple flower. It is a tiny little tree with bare branches. These tree flowers are bi-colored and are very pretty!

More Plants from Fatu-Hiva

Due to the dense vegetation in the rainforest, there can be three different layers in the forest. The Canopy, the understory, and the ground layer. The Canopy and the understory are created by the tall trees, and prevents the ground level from getting sunlight. The Ground level, even with less than 1 percent of sunlight is still very dense with plant growth.

Fungus is a plant that lives in the tropical rainforest. Since competition for sunlight among plants is very intense, the fungus has adapted to the dark, warm environment and now can thrive in the ground level of the rainforest due to the coverage of light from the canopy and understory.

The coconut tree is found in many of the tropical rainforests. They like frost-free areas and hot areas. Coconut trees are considered a symbol of romance, and relaxation.



The harpy eagle is just one of many animals that thrive in the rainforest of fatu hiva. It loves to eat fish and monkeys however it will eat anything it can get its hands on.


The Linne’s sloth has a white and tan face. It is 28 inches tall. And weights about 9-19 pounds. It loves omnivore. And the head of the sloth is 70 centimeters wide.

Some say that the Vampire Bat look like a gig with wings and fangs. I say its one of the most coolest animals you can find. It’s a brownish black color and it only weights a whooping 1 ounce. And has special nails that it uses to climb things.


Chimpanzees love to eat fruit and young leaves. Also they grow to be 3-5 feet tall. And they can weigh up to 176 pounds. They also like to eat buds and blossoms. And they reach puberty at 7 years old.



Rainbow Parrotfish


Since costal development, pollution and over fishing has caused a dramatic decline in the fish’s population, this species is considered endangered. The fish is considered endangered in Central America, North America, the Oceania, and South America In Order to help this cause, our resort, has reduced the amount of pollution and waste that goes into our waters, and reduce the amount of fishing done in our waters. In order to save some of the fish, we have limited the fishing that the tourist are allowed to do, in areas were the fish can be found.

The toucan has a large black and orange bill. Which it very ideal for catching food. They live in open holes in trees. It also has short rounded wings with a long tail.

The toucan has adapted to its environment by developing a long large bill or beak which allows them to reach fruit on a braches that are too small to support its weight. And the bill is also used to cut the fruit form the tree.


  • There is no Air port to get tp Fatu-Hiva, you must take a plane to a near by island such as Atuona, then take a boat or a small helicopter to the island.

  • the island is very isolated and secluded from all other islands. It is very private

  • there are various hotels and activites to do, such as boat rides , scuba diving and other water activites.

  • Great beaches and nice areas to relax and unwind.

  • Great resorts and beautiful seas.

What is the importance of the tropical rainforest?

  • A tropical rainforest is a forest of tall trees with year-round warmth.

  • It is estimated that more than half of the worlds animals and plants live in the tropical rainforest.

  • Tropical Rainforests produce more than forty percent of the worlds oxygen. But less six percent of the earth is composed of a tropical rainforest.

  • About one-fourth of all our medicine is made from rainforest plants!

  • Without the rainforest, we would not have half of our medication we have today, and not nearly enough oxygen!





Coconut Tree












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