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Welcome. 5 th Grade Curriculum Night September 24, 2013. Mr. DeeMath/Science Mrs. McDowellELA/Social Studies Mrs. ReedMath Mrs. DunbarScience Mrs. PalislamovicELA/Social Studies. 5 th Grade Schedule. Lunch is from 12:25 to 12:55 Conference time is from 12:55-1:48.

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5th Grade Curriculum Night

September 24, 2013

Mr. DeeMath/Science

Mrs. McDowellELA/Social Studies

Mrs. ReedMath

Mrs. DunbarScience

Mrs. PalislamovicELA/Social Studies

5 th grade schedule

5th Grade Schedule

  • Lunch is from 12:25 to 12:55

  • Conference time is from 12:55-1:48



  • Planners

  • Webpages: check frequently

  • Email / Phone: Our contact information is on the webpage. Due to the district filter, if you do not receive a response to an email within 24 hours, please call the school.

  • Changes in transportation can be emailed to beckelem@nisdtx.org

Student agenda expectations planner

Student Agenda Expectations(Planner)

  • Planner filled in daily by student and signed by teacher

  • Student will record goals, assignments, and homework

  • Parent communication- Parents may note a transportation change in the planner

Student absences

Please notify the front office and/or homeroom teacher by email. Front office email: beckelem@nisdtx.org or you can email homeroom teachers directly.

Make-up work can be requested if a child has been absent for more than two days. Parents may call or email the front office before 9:00 a.m. to request their child’s homework on the second day of an absence. The make-up work will be available at the front desk at 3:20 p.m. Work will not be sent home with siblings, neighbors, or friends.

Student Absences

Organization of student materials

Organization of Student Materials

  • 3 Ring Binder goes home nightly with planner and homework


Grading & Homework Guidelines

Homework will be written in planner

District Policy for formative and summative grades:


“Grading Guidelines”


Grades: Communication & Access

  • 3 week progress reports

  • 6 week report cards

  • Access in E-School Plus through NISD website.

  • Please let Jennifer Jantz know if you need a login for HAC/Home Access Center






Love allows children to grow through their mistakes.

Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices.


Language arts

Mrs. McDowell

Mrs. P

Language Arts

Reading Workshop- During the reading workshop, students will focus on reading strategies, novel studies, independent reading, guided reading, and reading response.

Writing Workshop- Students will focus on the writing process while working on expanding and supporting their writing ideas.


We expect that all students are reading at least 20 minutes a night and recording onto their take home reading log.

5th grade students will earn a sticker on their class chart for the following amount of books completed:

  • 1 Sticker = One 5th Grade Level Chapter Book (approx. 150 pages) (two graphic novels will be allowed to count for the challenge)

  • 1 Sticker= 4 picture books

    They must record the books on their Million word challenge log.

  • Checkpoint 1: Each student will earn at least10 stickers by November 21h.

  • Checkpoint 2: Each student will earn at least15 stickers by January 5th.

  • Checkpoint 3: Each student will earn at least25 stickers by March 23th.

  • Checkpoint 4: Each student will earn at least30 stickers by May 8th.

Social studies

Social Studies

Mrs. Palislamovic Mrs. McDowell

It’s All About United States History!!!








Social studies will

be incorporated into the language arts curriculum

Where can you find the standards for each subject area

Where can you find the standards for each subject area?

  • www.tea.state.tx.us

  • You can select the “t” from the a-z menu.

  • Select the “Texas Essential of Knowledge and Skills”

  • Select specific grade level



  • Complete the PTA volunteer form available online or in the office

  • Background check / forms from office and on Beck website (background checks need to be updated yearly)

  • Watch Dog Dad Program

  • Login