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Ear canz wireless earbuds
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Did you know that in 808 Audio, you can check out a wide variety of cool earbuds? Not just an ordinary pair of ear buds because they are the best wireless earbuds!

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Ear Canz Wireless Earbuds

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Ear canz wireless earbuds

Ear Canz Wireless Earbuds

Ear canz wireless earbuds

Did you know that in 808 Audio, you can check out a wide variety of cool earbuds? Not just an ordinary pair of ear buds because they are the best wireless earbuds! With the best wireless earbuds that they are offering to their worldwide customers, you don’t have to worry about its wires. Obviously, as its names suggest, there are no strings attached with their wireless earbuds.

Ear canz wireless earbuds

However, some earbuds do not necessary mean that they are completely lack of cords. As a matter of fact, some wireless earbuds have wires that connect the best wireless earbuds from each other. Both ends of the earbuds meet at the collar to keep it in place. Meanwhile, some pair of earbuds only looks like a pair of earrings.

If the best wireless earbuds are not connected to any device through a chord, how does its connection happen? Since we are now enjoying a much-advanced technology, these devices are powered with Bluetooth.

Ear canz wireless earbuds

Here are some of the best wireless earbuds that you can check out online:

Ear Canz Wireless Earbuds is one of the best wireless earbuds from 808 Audio. It offers a high-quality sound immersion which is a trademark of 808 Audio. It also offers great convenience for an active or on the go lifestyle. Its volume, calls, and music tracks can be managed with ease as well as its microphone.

Despite its size, smooth sounds or deep bass sounds will not be a problem on this device. It can be carried on the plane, in your office, in your house, or even in the gym. The best thing about this device is that, it can be shipped for free!

Ear canz wireless earbuds

Earin Earbuds from Earin. Although these wireless earbuds are made from an advanced technology, it maintains a traditional design. In fact, it looks like an ordinary pair of earbuds minus its pair of long cords. A lot of customers are enjoying its clean and simple design.

Instead of using a rubber material to fit the earbuds inside the ears, it uses foam like material. Hence, it has an extra capacity to block out unnecessary noise while it fits in your ears.

Kanoa Earbuds. Kanoa’s best wireless earbuds are slightly bigger than the Earin with a pentagon shape. It is known for being water resistant with its silicone jackets. Just like Earin, Kanoa earbuds also use foam earbuds.

Best wireless earbuds http www 808audio com earbuds ear canz

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