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Background…. 1946: Born in CT… Raised in TX 1968: Yale - History degree 1975: Harvard - MBA 1975- 88: Oil industry 1989: Invests in Texas Rangers 1994: Gov. of Texas (2 X) 2000: Elected President 2004 Re-elected. The 2000 Election “Highly controversial”. 537 vote difference in FL

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  • 1946: Born in CT… Raised in TX

  • 1968: Yale - History degree

  • 1975: Harvard - MBA

  • 1975- 88: Oil industry

  • 1989: Invests in Texas Rangers

  • 1994: Gov. of Texas (2 X)

  • 2000: Elected President

  • 2004 Re-elected

The 2000 election highly controversial
The 2000 Election“Highly controversial”

  • 537 vote difference in FL

  • The electoral vote on election night:Bush: 246 Gore255

  • Electoral votes in states to close to call… 25 FL, 5 NM & 7 OR

  • Gore lost his home state of TE

The election of 2000 why was it controversial
The Election of 2000Why was it controversial?

The 2000 election
The 2000 Election

  • Additional controversy…

    • The Palm Beach “Butterfly ballot”…

    • Hanging chads…

The 2000 election highly controversial1
The 2000 Election- “Highly controversial”

  • Both parties legally challenge results

  • Undecided for 30 days

  • The U.S. Supreme Court voted…

    7-2 vote ends the recount

    5-4 no new recount

  • Gore disagreed, but conceded

Same sex marriage becomes a national controversy
Same-sex marriage becomes a national controversy…

  • Bush opposes same-sex marriage & supports civil unions

  • Bush endorses the Federal Marriage Amendment …Defines marriage as a union between one man & one woman…. The amendment does not pass

No child left behind act
No Child Left Behind Act

  • A federal law designed to reform public education by establishing standards, accountability for performance & the threat of withholding federal funding.

  • Criticism of NCLB…

    • No federal funding to support the program

    • The value of “high stakes testing”

Economic policies
Economic policies…

To avoid a predicted recession & stimulate the economy Bush pushes for a $1.35 trillion tax cut…

The economy under GWB (negative)…

  • National debt $5.75T to over $9T

  • Poverty has increased

  • Income for most American families has not increased

The economy under GWB (positive)…

  • GDP averaging 2.5% growth

  • Dow Jones up 30% since 2001

  • Unemployment 4.5%

Protecting children
Protecting Children…

  • Amber Alert (2003) - Quickly alerts the public about child abductions

Foreign policies
Foreign Policies

  • The KP is an international treaty that sets limits on the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) by industrialized countries. The overall goal of the Kyoto Protocol is to stop human-induced climate change.

  • The agreement "recognizes that developed countries are principally responsible for the current high levels of GHG emissions in the atmosphere as a result of more than 150 years of industrial activity, and places a heavier burden on developed nations under the principle of 'common but differentiated responsibilities‘.”

  • The US signed, but did not ratify the Protocol

  • When G.W. Bush was elected President, he was asked about climate change & he said that he took the issue "very seriously.”Later Bush opposed the Kyoto treaty, because "it exempts 80% of the world, including major population centers such as China and India, from compliance, and would cause serious harm to the US economy".

  • Withdrew from the 1998 Kyoto Protocol…

The sept 11 2001 attacks
The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks…

  • The World Trade Center in NYC

  • The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia

  • A passenger airliner in Shanksville, PA

  • 3,000 PEOPLE DIED ON 9/11

A turning point in our national history

In a speech before Congress Bush declares war on terrorism and the nations supporting terrorism.

The war in afghanistan oct 2001
The War in Afghanistan and the nations supporting terrorism.Oct. 2001

  • The U.S. & NATO forces invade Afghanistan & overthrow the Taliban

  • Secret programs gather intelligence by monitoring bank accounts & telephone records

  • The Patriot Act is passed by Congress

G w bush and civil liberties
G.W. Bush and the nations supporting terrorism.and Civil Liberties

Following 9/11 GWB orders the NSA to monitor communications between “suspected terrorists and parties within the United States”

No FISA (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) Warrant .


Military commissions act of 2006
Military Commissions between “suspected terrorists and parties within the United States” Act of 2006

  • Military trials for terrorists & other unlawful enemy combatants

  • Detains "enemy combatants" indefinitely in a military prison

  • No Habeas Corpus or lawyer

  • Constitutional????

Guantanamo gitmo bay detainment camp
Guantanamo ( between “suspected terrorists and parties within the United States” Gitmo) Bay Detainment Camp

  • Military prison & interrogation

  • Holds suspected al-Qaeda & Taliban operatives

  • Criticism…

Usa patriot act october 26 2001
USA PATRIOT Act between “suspected terrorists and parties within the United States” October 26, 2001

- The Uniting & Strengthening of America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept & Obstruct Terrorism Act (2001)

Renewed March of 2006

Provisions of the patriot act
Provisions of the Patriot Act between “suspected terrorists and parties within the United States”

  • Amended immigration laws

  • Amended banking & money laundering laws

  • Defines… Domestic terrorism

    International terrorism

    Terrorist activity

    Terrorist organization

    Broadens surveillance

  • Critics warn that the Patriot Act threatens basic freedoms…Without “probable cause” the government can access… Medical, Tax, library & Internet records and conduct secret searches.

Dept of homeland security

Dramatically expands the authority of law enforcement in order to fight terrorism.

Dept. of Homeland Security

  • DHS protects the US from terrorist attack & responds to natural disasters

  • The 3rd largest cabinet… 185,000 employees

  • Reorganized/ combined 22 existing agencies

The iraq war operation iraqi freedom
The Iraq order to fight terrorism.War: "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

  • Saddam Hussein was believed to have WMDs…

  • WMDs could “potentially fall into the hands of terrorists”

  • Bush urges the UN to enforce disarmament mandates

  • UN weapons inspectors search for weapons… Iraqi is uncooperative

  • Bush wanted to defeat terrorism by promoting democracy...

  • The "coalition of the willing"…

The iraqi war death toll as of july 2006
The Iraqi War death toll order to fight of July, 2006…

  • The US: 3,753 deaths…27,186 wounded

    - Afghanistan 440

  • Coalition Forces: 4,058

  • Iraqi’s: 71,000 - 78,000 civilian deaths

The 9 11 commission
The 9/11 Commission order to fight terrorism.

  • The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the US

  • Created to…

    • Report on the circumstances surrounding 9/11 attacks

    • Evaluate our readiness for and response

    • Provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks

  • 9/11 Commission concluded that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was attempting to acquire WMD, but no stock piles existed

  • No nuclear threat existed

The 9 11 commission report homeland security emergency response report card
The 9/11 Commission Report: order to fight terrorism.Homeland Security Emergency Response Report Card

  • Communication for 1st responders- F

  • Incident Command System- C

  • Allocation of HS funds- F

  • Protection of infrastructure- D

  • Private sector preparedness C

  • Nat. Strat. for Transport. Security- C-

  • Air passenger pre-screening- F

  • Air passenger explosive screening- C

  • Bag/ cargo screening- D

  • Terrorist travel strategy I

Results of the 2004 election
Results of the 2004 Election order to fight terrorism.

Pop Vote % States EV

  • Rep: Bush

    62,040,610 50.7 31 286

  • Dem:

    59,028,111 48.3 19 251

  • Other: Ralph Nader

    463,653 .4% 0 0