Regions of the united states scavenger hunt
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Regions of the United States Scavenger Hunt PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regions of the United States Scavenger Hunt. Northeast. Land area: Only 5% of the land area Population: 20% of the population Most densely populated. What type of traditional industries are found? Iron and steel, petroleum and lumber. Why is this region known as America’s “gateway”?

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Regions of the United States Scavenger Hunt

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Regions of the United StatesScavenger Hunt


Land area:

Only 5% of the land area


20% of the population

Most densely populated

What type of traditional industries are found?

Iron and steel, petroleum and lumber

Why is this region known as America’s “gateway”?

Entry for millions of immigrants along the Atlantic coast

Another Nickname…

  • Rust Belt… Why?

What type of manufacturing and service


Electronics, communications, chemicals, medical research, finance and tourism

What is a megalopolis?

Region surrounded by

large cities growing together

What is the name of

the largest megalopolis?

“Boswash” –from Boston

to Washington D.C.


Land area:

20% of land area


25% of the people

What type of climate is found in the Midwest?

Humid continental

–fertile soil and favorable climate





Known as America’s “heartland” and “bread basket”…why?

What do they produce?

Produce: corn, wheat, soybeans, meat, dairy goods

What type of industries are found in the Midwest?

steel, auto making, meat packing, food processing, farm equipment, grain milling

How is the Midwest changing?

-# of farms is declining

People are employed in providing services than in traditional industries…what economic level are they shifting to?

Primary and secondary shifting to tertiary level


People and businesses are moving to the suburbs and metropolitan areas (urban).


Land area:

25% of land area

Very large coastal plain –Gulf and Atlantic


More than 33% of U.S. population

Why is the south called the “Sunbelt”?

Climate: Humid-subtropical

South Carolina


How has the use of air conditioning affected this region?

Gave a boost to the oil, coal, natural gas, and water industry

Industries-petroleum, steel, chemicals, food-processing, textiles and electronics

“Old South”

Early settlement

11 out of 16 states joined the confederacy

Culturally diverse settlers

“New South”

First Economy: agriculture –cotton, tobacco, fruits, peanuts, rice

Livestock production



Stretches the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean, includes Alaska and Hawaii.

Land area :

Covers 50%


Only 20% of population, but most rapidly growing region.

Contains California, the country’s most populous state….why do so many people live there??? (almost 40 million is the population)

Because of excellent farmland, good harbors, and mild climate!

Contains county’s second larges city, Los Angeles.

Why is it the largest city???

Because it is the West’s cultural and commercial center.

Economic activities:

Farming, ranching, food processing, logging, fishing, mining, oil refining, tourism, filmmaking, and production of computers.

Good harbors are excellent to trade with what continent???


Muy importante!!!

What are the 2 main reasons people are migrating to the Southwest???

Air-conditioning and irrigation!!!

Main Ideas

  • What changes have taken place in the industrial base of the Northeast?

    2. What role did water play in the Midwest?

    (relate this to yesterday’s presentation!!!)

    3. What industries are found in the South today?

    4. How did California become the nation’s most populous state?

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