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Andy’s Role in Shawshank Redemption

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Andy s Role in Shawshank Redemption - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Andy’s Role in Shawshank Redemption. Heather Zemke and Liz Del Core. Andy Dufrasne played by Tim Robbins. Banker from the 1940s In jail for being accused of killing his wife and her lover Must serve two life sentences for his act. Andy’s Intelligence.

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Presentation Transcript

Andy’s Role in Shawshank Redemption

Heather Zemke


Liz Del Core


Andy Dufrasne

played by Tim Robbins

  • Banker from the 1940s
  • In jail for being accused of killing his wife and her lover
  • Must serve two life sentences for his act

Andy’s Intelligence

  • The first time the viewers see Andy’s intelligence is the rooftop scene
  • Andy steps out of line to inform his supervisor of how to save money
  • Because he stepped out of line, the supervisor threatens to throw him off the roof
  • While dangling from the roof Andy is able to help the supervisor and be given three cold beers for each of his “co-workers”

Librarian’s Assistant

  • As a result of the discovery of Andy’s knowledge, he becomes stationed in the library and Brook’s assistant.
  • Andy handles financial affairs for almost everyone on the staff - including Warden Norton
  • Andy develops a strong relationship with Brooks and Jake, the adopted crow.

Time for Mozart

  • Andy’s first formal act of rebellion against authority in the prison
  • Andy locks the officials out of the office and plays music over the loudspeaker for all the inmates to hear
  • Shots during this scene enhance the meaning
  • Montage to show other inmates reactions
  • Aerial Shot to show all inmates in the yard
  • Close-ups on Andy locking people out

Andy’s Library

  • Andy is strong-willed and went to great extents to get a more extensive library
  • receives shipments of books and records
  • this pushes him to write more letters
  • he gets money from the government to increase the size of the library
  • he has enough money to dedicate the library to Brooks

Andy’s New Project

  • Andy decides to help Tommy receive his GED
  • Andy teaches him how to read and write
  • Andy had to teach him the basics first and keep moving up to a high school education level
  • Tommy receives a letter and is unwilling to open it to determine the outcome
  • Red opens the letter and finds out Andy succeeded in helping him pass
  • in the hole, the guard tells Andy that Tommy passed

Andy’s Tunnel

  • Unknown to the prisoners, Andy had been digging a tunnel since Red gave him an ax
  • Andy covers the hole by using different posters from Red
  • the Warden discovers the tunnel and Andy’s secret by throwing a rock at the guards and Red which deflected and made a hole through the poster

Andy’s Box for Red

  • While in the prison, Andy told Red about a place where he was engaged and told about a tree and a specific rock
  • once Red is released, he looks for this place
  • here Red finds enough money to search for Andy in Mexico, on the Pacific Ocean
  • Red violates his parole by leaving the country in his search for Andy

Andy’s Dream

  • Red finds Andy on the beach of the Pacific Ocean
  • Andy was working on his dream boat
  • this is an aerial shot as Red and Andy run up to each other and hug
  • even though it’s the end of the movie, it is the beginning of their new friendship in a better environment