alma pipeline progress and status
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ALMA Pipeline Progress and Status

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ALMA Pipeline Progress and Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ALMA Pipeline Progress and Status. ANASAC Face-to-Face Sept 16-17, 2013. Jeff Kern. CASA Team Lead. Pipeline Status. ALMA Interferometric Pipeline is ready to support Cycle 1 Data reduction Calibration and Diagnostic Images of Phase and Bandpass Calibrators Single Dish through imaging *

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alma pipeline progress and status

ALMA Pipeline Progress and Status

ANASAC Face-to-Face

Sept 16-17, 2013

  • Jeff Kern
  • CASA Team Lead
pipeline status
Pipeline Status

ALMA Interferometric Pipeline is ready to support Cycle 1 Data reduction

Calibration and Diagnostic Images of Phase and Bandpass Calibrators

Single Dish through imaging*

No support for combination

Some human intervention still required:

Calibrator Fluxes

Extraordinary Flagging

Rapid progress made in past year:

Tiger Team led by Todd Hunter

Built on experience from cycle-0 reduction

* Still developing global consensus on best single dish reduction. Pipeline is closely connected to this discussion.

ANASAC Face-to-Face: Sept. 16,17 2013

  • Pipeline Working Group now formed

Liz Humphries (Chair)

Eric Villard (Deputy)

Remy Indebetouw

Hiroko Shinnaga

Todd Hunter (ex officio: Tiger Team Lead)

  • International test / user team
    • NAASC Data Analysts
    • JAO Data Content Managers
cycle 1 operations
Cycle-1 Operations
  • Early Cycle-1: Parallel Reduction
    • Each ARC organized slightly differently
    • Pipeline and manual scripts will be run in parallel results compared by reducer
      • Common feedback forms to pipeline to describe meaningful differences from human reduction.
  • Late Cycle-1: Pipeline Calibration
    • Pipeline does primary calibration for most projects
      • Band 9, special cases still needs manual reduction.
      • Data reducer starts with calibrated data from the archive and does reference imaging.

Actually had hoped to already be at this state by now!

looking forward
Looking Forward
  • Support for cycle-1 operations:
    • Dealing with bugs (ours and theirs)
  • WebLog
    • Meeting existing requirements from first focus group meeting
    • Revisit WebLog requirements (Q1-2014) based on experience for Cycle 1
  • Cycle-2 Capabilities
  • More complicated SPW setups
  • Initial Polarization Calibration
  • Low SNR Cases (Band 9)
  • [More] Flagging Heuristics
  • Science Target Imaging:
    • Are we meeting targets.

Planning for user test prior to Cycle-2 Operations to gather responses from Cycle 1 Experience.


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