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It was a
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It was a col d, dark night.

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It was a col d, dark night

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It was a col d dark night

It was a cold,

dark night

It was a col d dark night

It was a colddarkeveninginNovember.It was sixo'clock and peopleweregoinghomefromwork. Vanessa was driving out of thetown. She was in a hurry, but shewasn'tgoinghome. Shestopped to buy a bottle of wine, and thengot back intothe car and continueddriving.

Where do youthinkshe was going?

It was a col d dark night

She was driving to herfriend's house to have dinner. Her friend'sname was Martin. He was a farmer and helivedinthe country. Vanessa was listening to the radio. Shebegan to relaxafter a harddayatwork. She was driving past sometreeswhensuddenlyshe hit somethingintheroad. Shestopped and got out of the car.

What do you think she saw?

It was a col d dark night

There was a dog lyingintheroad. It was dead. Vanessa movedthe dog to theside of theroad and thencontinuedherjourney. Suddenlyshesawinthe mirror thatthere was a black car behindher. Whensheturnedrightthe car turnedright and whensheturnedleftthe car turnedlefttoo. It was followingher!

Why was the van following her?

It was a col d dark night

Vanessa was surethatthe driver of the car was followingherbecausethedead dog was his, and he was angry. Nowhe was flashing his lights.

What do you think Vanessa did?

It was a col d dark night

Vanessa drovefaster but the car drovefastertoo. Suddenlytheseveno'clock news started on the radio. Itsaid,'Thepolicearelooking for a murdererwhoescapedfromprisonlastnight. Be careful! He isverydangerous.'

How do you think Vanessa felt now? Why?

It was a col d dark night

Vanessa feltveryafraid. Nowshe was surethatthemaninthe car was themurderer! Shedrovefaster. Martin's farm was very near now but theblack car was rightbehindher! AtlastshearrivedatMartin's farm. Shegot out of the car and ran up to thedoor. She rang thedoorbell. 'Martin! Help, help!' sheshouted.

Where do you think Martin was?

It was a col d dark night

Martin was inthekitchenmakingthe dinner whenthedoorbell rang. He heard Vanessa shouting, so he ran to get his shotgun. He openedthedoor. Atthat moment theblack car stoppednext to Vanessa's car. A tallmangot out.

Who do you think the man was?

It was a col d dark night

'Thatmanisthemurdererwhoescapedfromprisonlastnight,' Vanessa shouted. 'He'sgoing to killus.' 'No, no!' saidthetallman. 'I'm not themurderer. Themurdererisinthere, inthe back of your car!'

When did the murderer get into Vanessa's car?

It was a col d dark night

'I was drivingbehindyou,' thetallmansaid, 'and I sawyou stop whenyou hit the dog. There was a manbehind a tree. I sawhimgetinyour car. I recognizedhimfromthenewspaper. He'sthemurdererwhoescapedfromprisonlastnight. That'swhy I was followingyou.' Martin ran to the car with his shotgun. He openedthe back door. There was a man on thefloor. 'OK,' said Martin, 'come out, withyourhands up.'

It was a col d dark night

Howdidthe story finish?

In smallgroupswritetherest

of the story in 100 - 150 words.

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