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Personal time and territory management
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Personal, Time, and Territory Management. Learning Objectives: Discover how to develop an effective time management attitude. Recognize the need for organizing your activities and environment as a means of controlling your time. Develop a procedure for getting organized.

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Personal, Time, and Territory Management

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Personal time and territory management

Personal, Time, and Territory Management

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how to develop an effective time management attitude.

  • Recognize the need for organizing your activities and environment as a means of controlling your time.

  • Develop a procedure for getting organized.

  • Establish an effective organizing system for all activities.

  • Learn how contact management and mapping programs increase productivity.

  • Examine the need and the process for managing travel time in your sales territory.

  • Chapter 15

Attitudes toward time

Attitudes Toward Time

  • The first question to ask:

    “What is the best use of my time right now?”

    - Alan Lakein

  • Time cannot be managed - Only your activities can be managed

  • Personal Organization and Self-Management involve:

    • Self-management or self-discipline

    • Planning and organizing

    • Automation systems and techniques

Attitudes toward time1

Attitudes Toward Time

86,400 seconds per day to use!

  • How will you spend your time?

  • How will you invest your time?

  • How much to business, service, family, leisure?

  • How much for yourself?

  • We have the ability, but what about the desire?

  • Lack of organization contributes to failure

  • Organization must become a habit

  • Quotable quotes

    “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

    Quotable Quotes

    - Benjamin Franklin

    Developing a time management attitude

    Developing A Time Management Attitude

    • Mental preparation - takes lots of practice

    • Some suggestions:

      • List activities that you want to complete this week

      • Keep a detailed record of what you do with your time

      • Audit yourself at the end of each day and week

      • List five habits that are your biggest obstacles. Write out a plan to correct them

    Procedure for getting organized

    Procedure for Getting Organized

    • Remove the clutter - even neat piles must go

    • Clutter in sight is a mental burden

    • Collect the clutter from everyplace and get it in one location

    • Sort the clutter

      • Time critical

      • Someday

      • Trash

    Procedure for getting organized1

    Procedure for Getting Organized

    • Deal with priorities

      • 31-day folder system

      • Computerized reminders

    • Set up working categories for the rest (someday material)

      • Reading

      • Projects - separate folder for each project

    Personal time and territory management

    Procedure for Getting Organized

    • Handle Interruptions

    An organizing system

    An Organizing System

    • The Master Calendar

      • A pocket calendar using 1-31 files kept on your smartphone or office computer

    • Daily to-do List

      • This forces you to attach time to each task

      • Type or write down tasks

      • Rank them in order of priority

      • Attack them in order

    • The Integrated System

      • Forget about incompletions until they surface in your system

      • Start a fresh to-do list every day

    Procedure for getting organized2

    Procedure for Getting Organized

    • Identifying Priorities

      • The Pareto principle: the 80/20 rule

      • ‘A’ Priorities - pressing and related to your goals

      • ‘B’ Priorities - something that can be done anytime within a day, week, month

      • ‘C’ Priorities - Nice to do someday

    • Time Goals

      • Parkinson’s law - work expands to fill the time allowed for its completion

      • Record time next to each item

    Maintaining a positive attitude towards time

    Maintaining a Positive Attitude Towards Time

    • Place a time limit on meetings

    • Set deadlines and beat them

    • Take advantage of your peak time

    • Don’t overload on overtime

    • Do some delegating

    • It’s okay to say no (no monkeys on your back)

    • Put it in writing (use a PDA)

    Learn to say no

    Learn to Say… NO!

    Managing travel time in the sales territory

    Managing Travel Time in the Sales Territory

    • Determine how much time and energy each account receives

      • ‘A’ - High volume, repeat customers

      • ‘B’ - Moderate sales volume, but reliable customers

      • ‘C’ - Lower volume accounts

      • ‘D’ - Accounts that presently cost you more time and energy to service than you receive in sales and profits

    Computer mapping systems

    Computer Mapping Systems

    • Computer software that displays numeric data on maps

    • Download a trip-planning app to your iPad™ or iPhone™

    • Features of most mapping programs

      • Color maps fully annotated

      • Zooming capability

      • Routing information

      • Hotel, restaurant, and car rental data

      • Toll free numbers and URL’s

      • Expense Tracking

      • Custom Printouts

    Global positioning system gps

    Global Positioning System (GPS)

    • The system uses satellites to locate the position of anything with a GPS receiver, like a car.

    • You always know where you are even in a bad storm or heavy fog

    • GPS should be standard equipment in your car

    • Lock your keys in your car, no problem; use your cell phone to call a toll-free number and the satellite system will beam down a signal that will unlock your car door.

    Territory routing patterns

    Territory Routing Patterns

    • Cloverleaf

      • Starting and ending points are the same

      • Each leaf represents a cluster of customers

    • Hopscotch

      • Begin at the most distant point from home base and then make calls on clients on the way home

    • Circular and Straight Line Patterns

      • Divide your territory into several segments and schedule appointments by segment

      • Heuristics Patterns

      • The largest angle heuristic and the closest next heuristic

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