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Debra Panizzon (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Debra Panizzon (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University) Peter Corkill (Principal, John Monash Science School). What does NVSES offer?. Astrophysics Quantum physics Nanoscience Nanotechnology. 8 week modules including:. Teacher studio (Live lesson). Mobile class:

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  • Debra Panizzon (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University)

  • Peter Corkill(Principal, John Monash Science School)

What does nvses offer
What does NVSES offer?

  • Astrophysics

  • Quantum physics

  • Nanoscience

  • Nanotechnology

8 week modules including:

Teacher studio

(Live lesson)

  • Mobile class:

  • Student on phone/table

    • Webcam

    • Headset








  • Cloud:

  • WebEx

  • Google Apps

  • RealSmart

  • WordPress


  • Home class:

  • Student on laptops

    • Webcam

    • Headset


  • Preferred class:

  • Teacher

  • VidConf

  • Students on laptops

    • Webcams

    • Headsets

  • Teacherless class:

  • Student on laptops

    • Webcams

    • Headsets

Current involvement
Current involvement

  • Gungahlin College (ACT)

  • Willunga High School (SA)

  • Tasmanian eSchool

    New enrolments for T2 with Astrophysics and Nanoscience being offered.

    Quantum physics and Nanotechnology available in T3.

    All units will be available in Term 3, 2013.

Partner schools – Term 1, 2013

John monash science school
John Monash Science School

  • The School Context

  • Outreach programs currently running

  • NVSES program

Who can be involved
Who can be involved?

The program would suit:

  • Year 10 students – individuals or groups of up to 25 students

  • Students seeking extension opportunities in science, who are genuinely interested in science and are self-motivated

  • Schools that would like to provide a Professional Development opportunity for their teachers in the emerging sciences, and in remote delivery of science

How is it delivered
How is it delivered?

  • Modules run for 8 weeks

  • Two 1-hour synchronous lessons each week along with homework

  • Students participate in live lessons via web video-conferencing and collaboration tools

  • No fees for students or school for access to curriculum and resources

  • Students receive an NVSES report for each module completed

What is needed to participate
What is needed to participate?

  • High-speed internet access: NBN or high-speed broadband

  • Normal school connection should cope with small groups of students (up to 5-10). Larger student numbers may depend on whole school usage at the time (e.g. if other classes are accessing multimedia resources that also require high bandwidth).

  • Students: access to individual or shared computers/laptops (with integrated webcams and headsets, or plug and play video & audio capabilities)

  • Open access to online resources (school firewalls and content filters enabled for access)

  • A liaison teacher and access to local school technical ICT support

What s next
What’s next?

  • Take a flyer

  • Visit the website

  • Email us to start a conversation about bringing your students or teachers into the program [email protected]