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Homework #5. Read – Chapter 22 Sections 1 & 2. REVIEW MID-TERM EXAM. Concept #2 – Great Depression & New Deal . Lesson Essential Question #1 – How did the Great Depression reflect the interdependence of the American Economy? Vocabulary – On margin Relief Public Work programs Bonus.

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Homework #5

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Homework 5

Homework #5

  • Read –

    • Chapter 22 Sections 1 & 2

Review mid term exam


Concept 2 great depression new deal

Concept #2 – Great Depression & New Deal

  • Lesson Essential Question #1 – How did the Great Depression reflect the interdependence of the American Economy?

  • Vocabulary –

    On margin


    Public Work programs


Causes to the great depression

Causes to the Great Depression

  • What were the causes to the Great Depression?

  • Work with a partner to come up with a list of 5 causes to the Great Depression.

  • Be prepared to share with class.

Causes to the great depression1

Causes to the Great Depression






Homework 5


  • How much money to Charles Ponzi steal from his investors?

  • On what day did the stock market experience the greatest crash in history?

    3-5. Name three reasons for why prosperity of the 1920s ended.

    6. Who emerged as leader in Germany because of the Great Depression?

Homework 5


  • What were the tin-can shanties and tar-paper shacks called?

  • Who was President when the Great Depression began?

  • What soared to an all-time high when the stock market crashed?

  • The Bonus Army was made up of veterans of what war?

Homework 5

  • Stock market reaches a peak in September, 1929

    But then…uh oh…

Stock market falls

Stock Market Falls

Oct. 24th, 1929

Selling increased = prices fell = margin calls: everyone who bought on margin loses their money

Big Bankers tried to stabilize the market but failed

Black tuesday oct 29 th 1929

Black Tuesday Oct. 29th, 1929

Stock Market Crashes!!

People rush the banks to get their money out. Banks can’t handle that and start closing

Banks fall = deposits gone

Americans lose their savings

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and all of your savings were gone

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and all of your savings were gone?

The great depression

The Great Depression


A worldwide economic downturn that causes hardships for many Americans



The great depression1

The Great Depression

  • A gradual downward spiral- the whole economy did not collapse overnight

    What caused the Depression?

Causes of great depression

Causes of Great Depression

1. Stock Market Crash of 1929

2. Bank Failures

a over 9,000

3. Reduction in Purchasing

a. uneven wealth

b. too much production

4. American Economic Policy with Europe

a. hawley smoot tariff

B. debt payments

5. Drought Conditions

a. default on farm loans/mortgages

Who was affected by the falling economy

Who was affected by the falling economy?

By the mid 1930’s the Great Depression became a problem for entire American society

Those invested in the stock market

Industrial workers and farmers

Small business owners and employees

Banks close- almost everyone is affected

Social effects of the great depression

Social Effects of the Great Depression

Unemployment: 25%

Homeless: those who couldn’t pay rent became drifters, moved in with relatives, or built make-shift homes “Hoovervilles”

Hoover flag

Hoover stew

Hoover blanket

Homework 5

Soup kitchens and bread lines struggled to help large numbers of hungry Americans

Social effects

Social Effects

  • Finding work

  • Family problems

  • Homeless

President hoover s plan

President Hoover’s Plan

Hoover believed that confidence in the economy would fix the country’s problems

Voluntary controls of business to help re-stimulate the economy

Trickle-Down Theory

Did it work???

Hawley smoot tariff

Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Highest import tax in history

Goal: to protect U.S. industries from imports. Buy MADE IN USA

Didn’t work: Brought a slowdown in international trade

Reconstruction finance corp rfc

Reconstruction Finance Corp. (RFC)

Gave government money to banks so they could extend loans

Prosperity at the top helps the economy as a whole

Banks continued to fail

Homework 5

  • Hoover’s belief that it’s best to limit relief from the federal government was very unpopular with Americans


  • Local governments and private groups could not fix the Depression on their own

Bonus army

Bonus Army

1932: 20,000 jobless WWI vets come to D.C. to demand their pension bonus that was promised to them

Army was called in to force the vets out of Washington

Class work

Class Work

  • Exploring Local History Worksheet

  • Read “I remember….” & Christmas during the Great Depression

    • Read as a class

    • With a partner, create your own short story about what you remember from your life during the Great Depression

Homework 6

Homework #6

  • Read

    • Chapter 22 Sections 3, 4 & 5

Exit ticket

Exit Ticket

  • Herbert Hoover’s plan to fix the Great Depression was to allow the economy to fix itself. Was this the correct decision? If you were President what may have you have done?

Concept 2 great depression new deal1

Concept #2 – Great Depression & New Deal

  • Lesson Essential Question #2 –

    • How did government policies during the Great Depression affect the stability of the economy?

    • How did the Great Depression affect economic growth and stability in the United States?

  • Vocabulary –

    • Fireside chat

Comparing two plans

Comparing Two Plans

  • President Hoover and President Roosevelt had two very different approaches to dealing with crisis of the Great Depression.

  • Create 2 lists comparing/contrasting their two plans.

  • Be prepared to share with class.

Comparing two plans1

Comparing Two Plans

Herbert HooverFranklin Roosevelt

Homework 5


  • What disease was FDR stricken with?

  • When did FDR become President?

  • What was the name of the FDR’s plan for the Great Depression?

    4-6. Name three of the programs that FDR passed during his first 100 days.

Homework 5


7. What was the name given to the people who advised FDR?

  • What disaster did the farmers deal with in the 1930s?

  • What group set up codes for fair practices – prices, production levels…?

  • Name one of the programs established to give citizens more jobs.

Franklin d roosevelt

Franklin D Roosevelt

  • Born to wealthy NY Family

  • Law school, Asst Sec of Navy

  • Married 5th cousin Eleanor Roosevelt

  • 1921 – Polio

  • 1928 – Governor of New York

  • 1932 – Democractic nominee for President

Election of 1932

Election of 1932

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat, wins by a huge margin over Hoover

Promised New Deal

Help jobless, farmers & elderly

Represented hope for some Americans

First hundred days

First Hundred Days

  • Between March and June 1933 FDR and Congress put into effect programs to create jobs and get the economy going

    • FDR – “take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it and try another. But above all try something.”

      • Why do you think FDR said this? Why was it so encouraging for America?

Help the banks

Help the Banks

  • 2nd day in office – “Bank Holiday”

  • FDR orders all banks to close and passes the Emergency Banking Act

  • Create insurance for bank deposits

    Finally, deposits > withdrawals!

Fireside chats

Fireside Chats

  • FDR – speak to American people over radio

    • 30 speeches while in office

3 goals for new deal

3 Goals for New Deal

  • Relief for the unemployed

  • Plans for recovery

  • Reforms to prevent another depression

1 reduce unemployment and give relief

1. Reduce Unemployment and give Relief

Use government money for public works programs

These programs gave jobs to the unemployed and built up the nation’s infrastructure at the same time



Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA): Provided federal gov. money to those in desperate need



  • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

    • Hired unemployed single men 18-25

    • Worked outdoors

  • Works Progress Administration (WPA)

    • Jobless to build hospitals, schools, parks, playgrounds and airports

    • Critics

2 helping businesses

2. Helping Businesses

National Industrial Recovery Act (1933): set codes and regulations for businesses to stop falling prices

National Recovery Administration (NRA): blue eagle stamp

Public Works Administration (PWA): hired workers

Agricultural Adjustment Act –

Paid farmers not to grow certain crops

Paid famers to plow under surplus

Rural Electrification Administration (REA) – extended electric lines to rural areas

3 prevent another depression

3. Prevent Another Depression

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC)

    • Insured savings accounts

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (1934): regulates the stock market

Class work1

Class Work

  • FDR Political Cartoon Analysis

  • Letters from Listeners

Homework 7

Homework #7

  • Read –

    • Chapter 23 Sections 1 & 2

Exit ticket1

Exit Ticket

  • Will FDR’s plan, the New Deal, work? What flaws/benefits do you see in his plan?

Concept 2 great depression and new deal

Concept #2 – Great Depression and New Deal

  • Lesson Essential Question #3 – What criticism were there of FDR and the New Deal?

  • Vocabulary –

    Collective bargaining

    Sit-down strike

    Deficit spending

What were the successes and failures of the new deal

What were the successes and failures of the New Deal?

  • Work with a partner to come up with a list of at least 5 successes and/or failures of the New Deal

  • Be prepared to share with class.

Successes failures of new deal

Successes/Failures of New Deal






Homework 5


  • What act was passed by Congress in 1935 to spur labor?

  • What new kind of strike did workers begin to use?

  • What was Huey Long’s nickname?

  • Where did Father Coughlin speak to the American people?

Homework 5


5-7 What three groups was the Social Security Act setup to help?

  • Who won the 1936 election?

  • What occurred on “Black Monday”?

  • What happened in 1937?

How successful was the new deal

How Successful was the New Deal?

Success: Many Americans benefited from the relief and employment programs

Failures: limited success in helping all Americans, did not fix the root economic issues

  • Women were discriminated against by many of the New Deal programs: they received lower wages and less access to the relief and jobs

  • African Americans faced segregation in the South and discrimination in the North that prevented them from being able to take advantage of the new programs

Criticisms of the new deal

Criticisms of the New Deal

From the RIGHT

-FDR is a communist! Stop taxing the rich!

From the LEFT

-FDR hasn’t limited poverty! We need to re-distribute income!

Criticisms of new deal

Criticisms of New Deal

  • Huey Long – Senator of LA

    • “Kingfish” – championed poor

    • “Share our wealth”

  • Francis Townsend – CA Doctor

    • “Government turned back on older citizens”

  • Father Coughlin – radio priest

  • Liberty League

Fdr and supreme court

FDR and Supreme Court

  • 1935 – Supreme Court entered debate over New Deal Laws

    • FDR defended plan

  • 1935 – NIRA unconstitutional

  • 1936 – AAA Cancelled

  • Jan 1937 – FDR tried to raise number of justices from 9 to 15

Labor reforms

Labor Reforms

  • Wagner Act

    • Collective bargaining

    • 1930s – 3 million to 9 million

      • Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO)

  • Sit-down strike

  • Minimum wage

    • Fair Labor Standars Act

      • 40 cents an hour, max 44 hours a week

      • No children under 16 yrs old

Social security

Social Security

  • 1935 – Social Security Act

    • Pension system for older people

    • Unemployment insurance

    • States given money to support dependent children and people with disabilities

  • Critics

New deal good or bad

New Deal – Good or Bad?

  • Critics

    • Power of government increased

    • Deficit spending

    • Unions to powerful

    • Recovery did not occur until 1941

      • With what?

  • Supporters

    • Government must meet needs of all citizens

    • Programs necessary

    • Government must regulate industries

Class work2

Class Work

  • Court Packing Cartoon Analysis

  • Early 100 Day Cartoon Analysis

Homework 8

Homework #8

  • Read –

    • Chapter 23 Section 3

Exit ticket2

Exit Ticket

  • Do you agree or disagree with the critics of FDR and the New Deal? Why or why not?

Concept 2 great depression and new deal1

Concept #2 – Great Depression and New Deal

  • Lesson Essential Question #4 – How did the Great Depression and New Deal impact the different groups in America and popular culture?

  • Vocabulary –

    Dust bowl

    Migrant workers

    Ethnic Group

How do these works reflect the 1930s

How do these works reflect the 1930s?

  • Migrant MotherFalling Water

    Dorothea LangeFranklin L Wright

Homework 5


1-2. What political party had African Americans shown their loyalty to until the Great Depression? Why?

  • Why did FDR back away from equal rights for all citizens, especially blacks?

  • What happened to 400,000 Mexican-Americans, some who were American Citizens?

  • How did the lives of Native Americans improve?

Homework 5


6-7. Name two pieces of literature that were popular during the 1930s.

8-9. What two superheroes were born in the 1930s?

10. What movie came out in 1939 where a poor farm girl from Kansas was taken away over the rainbow by a tornado?

The dust bowl

The Dust Bowl

During the 1930’s dust storms and drought plagued the Great Plains

Destroyed the farmland of already suffering American farmers

What led to the dust bowl

What led to the Dust Bowl?

Severe drought and poor weather + years of over-plowing = destruction of land

Homework 5

conditions in the mid-west led to a migration of farming families westward to California

“Okies” & “Arkies”

Women during great depression

Women during Great Depression

  • Employment Problems

    • Lack of jobs

    • Lower wages

  • Active First Lady – Eleanor Roosevelt

    • “eyes and ears of President”

    • Career

African americans during gd

African Americans during GD

  • Racial Prejudice

    • 1930s – first to lose jobs

    • Help from First Lady

  • FDR’s Black Cabinet

    • Robert Weaver, Mary M Bethune

  • Demand for Equal Rights

Mexican americans

Mexican Americans

  • How were they utilized during WWI?

  • Depression – 400,000 rounded up and sent back to Mexico

    • Stayed – education own children – WHY?

Asian Americans

  • Refused service at businesses

  • Resented for taking scarce jobs

  • Number of immigrants reduced

Native americans and the nd

Native Americans and the ND

  • When did Native Americans become citizens?

  • 1930s – Indian New Deal

    • Control of own affairs

    • 1934 – Indian Reorganization Act

    • Government ended policy of destroying religions

Popular culture

Popular Culture

  • Radio – “furniture that talks”

    • Radio programs: “soap operas”

    • Halloween 1938 – Orson Welles read The War of the Worlds

  • Silver Screen

    • Disney – Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

    • 1939 – Judy Garland: The Wizard of OZ

    • Gone with the Wind

  • Literature

    • John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath

    • Richard Wright – Uncle Tom’s Children

Class work3

Class work

  • Dust Bowl Activities – Must complete 2

  • Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt

  • What did Government do about the Dust Bowl?

  • What Happened Here?

  • What did they do?

Homework 9

Homework #9

  • Study for Quest on Great Depression and New Deal

Exit ticket3

Exit Ticket

  • How will the Great Depression have a lasting impact on America? What will bring us out of this terrible time?



Great Depression and New Deal

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