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PARTNER REPORTING ON SUPPORT TO STATISTICS (PRESS). November 2008. PRESS Quiz. What were estimated disbursements on statistical support during the 3- year period 2006-8? a. USD 500 million b. USD 700 million c. USD one billion. PRESS Quiz.

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November 2008


What were estimated disbursements on statistical support during the 3- year period 2006-8?

a. USD 500 million

b. USD 700 million

c. USD one billion


How many countries received more than USD 5 million in disbursements during 2006-08?

a. 12 countries

b. 15 countries

c. 18 countries



Which statistical area received over ¼ of total commitments?

a. Economic statistics

b. Institutional development support

c. Population censuses


Reporting 

Information exchange 



Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics 2004

Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness 2005

Third International Roundtable on Managing for Development Results 2007

Statistics for Results Facility 2008


  • Improve partner harmonisation and collaboration through information exchange

  • Promote “scaling-up” of statistical support within overall development assistance

  • Identify countries/areas requiring support

  • Define funding strategies in context of NSDS


Initiative on partner reporting mechanism approved by PARIS21 Steering Committee and endorsed by CCSA, 2005

Light Reporting Exercise for Sub-Saharan Africa successfully carried out as pilot in 2005-06

Decision to create Task Team on design and development of PRESS, by CCSA and PARIS21 SC, 2006 – ToRs approved

Task Team on PRESSMembers





World Bank




PARIS21 Secretariat -- coordinator

Task Team on PRESSOutputs

  • Review of existing partner reporting systems

    • OECD – Creditor Reporting System (CRS)

    • World Bank -- Country Statistical Information Database (CSID)

    • IMF – Technical Assistance Information Management System (TAIMS)

    • DFID – Project Reporting System

    • FAO – Field Programme Management Information System

    • Eurostat/UNECE – Database for Balkan and Central Asian Countries

Task Team on PRESSMore Outputs

In-depth CRS study to assess its use for PRESS

Classification of statistical areas

Classification of financial/non-financial support

Questionnaire (Excel-based)

Identification of key features of PRESS

PRESS 2008 Round

20 bilateral donors

20 multilateral institutions

17 regional organizations


18 sub-regional organizations

6 statistical training institutes

2 foundations


PRESS 2008Data Collection

  • OECD bilateral partners

    • Extract data from CRS as of June 2008 through SCB code and search words

    • Request data for 2007 and planned activities through PRESS questionnaire

PRESS 2008Data Collection

  • Other partners

    • Request completion of PRESS questionnaire on past, current and planned activities

PRESS 2008Database

  • Developed in ACCESS

  • Data input:

  • For OECD members :

  • From CRS until 2006 (data discussed with CRS staff at DCD-Stat)

  • From Questionnaire for current / plannedyears

  • For Others partners :

  • Responses from PRESS questionnaire for past / current / planned

PRESS 2008Database

  • Outputs of database:

    • Tables for PRESS report

    • Answers to partners’ queries

    • Inputs for next round of PRESS

PRESS 2008Database

  • Housed and maintained by PARIS21 Secretariat

  • Accessibility: not public at this time, but respond to specific requests

PRESS 2008Report

Volume I – Main text

Volume II - detailed results

Volume III – Directory of Partners



PRESS 2008Partners Contacted

PRESS 2008Coverage

119 recipient countries

  • IDA countries

  • Lower middle income (up to USD 3705 per capita)

  • Other African countries

    775 projects/programmes

PRESS 2008Data Limitations

  • Financing levels may be overestimated

    • Difficult to identify stat components in operations with budget support or sector-wide

    • Possible double-counting for activities financed and implemented by different organizations

PRESS 2008Data Limitations

  • Financing levels may be underestimated

    • Responses rely on respondent’s knowledge of partner’s projects

    • Some partners did not report financing (info often at country level)

    • Financing for known stat activities (DHS/MICS) not reported

    • 38 partners did not respond, mainly regional and sub-regional organizations

PRESS 2008Key Results

  • Key financing results

  • Key results by statistical category

Key financing results2006-08

Active commitments on statistical support: USD one billion

Caveat: aggregates activities committed in different years, that vary in duration, and whose amount may have changed over life of the activity

Key financing results2006-08

  • Estimated disbursements during 2006-08: roughly USD 550 million

  • Over half of this amount to Sub-Saharan Africa

Key financing results2006-08

Disbursements to these countries amounted to less than 0.1% of their GDP

Key financing results2006-08

EC, World Bank, UK provided ¾ of total disbursements

  • Caveat: number of partners did not report financial amounts nor support given at country level (e.g., UN agencies)

PRESS 2008 byStatistical Categories

USD million

Key Results by Statistical Category

Category 4 – Methodology of data collection

  • Support to population censuses represented over ¼ of total 2006-08 commitments

  • 2010 Round of Population Censuses:

    • 25 countries done

    • 73 countries planning

    • 5 no date yet

Key Results by Statistical Category

Category 4

  • Household budget surveys supported on ad hoc basis or as part of larger poverty operations

  • Variety of surveys supported

    • Living standards (US, MECOVI)

    • CWIQ (UK, World Bank): 13 done; 8 planned

    • DHS (US): 12 completed; 12 ongoing

    • MICS (UNICEF): 37 conducted

Key Results by Statistical Category

Category 5 – strategic/managerial issues

Institutional development supported by many partners

  • NSDS design supported by TFSCB grants

  • 60 IDA countries: designing, awaiting adoption or implementing NSDS

  • Technical training provided in most interventions

Key Results by Statistical Category

Category 2 – Economic Statistics

  • Macroeconomic statistics mainly through IMF TA (GDDS) and ICP program (World Bank/UK/AfDB/ADB)

  • Sector statistics limited to sector-wide programs and specialized programs of technical partners (UN agencies)

Statistical Areas Receiving Little Support

Formal statistical training

  • African statistical training institutes supported by France

  • EC finances African regional statistical training project

    Sector statistics, particularly environment

Introducing the 2008 Global Directory of Partners in Statistical Capacity BuildingVolume III

Presents a birds eye view of 83 development partners supporting Statistics

DirectoryOrganisation of the Document

The Directory is divided into 7 main categories

DirectoryColour Coding




Arab region

Asia and the Pacific

Latin America and the Caribbean

Other Partners

DirectoryMultilateral Example

DirectoryBilateral Example

Developing Agency

Followed by

Statistical Office

DirectoryInformation collection

  • Through partner websites

  • From partners’ responses to P21 request

  • 64 partners have validated their information sheet –> 77%

PRESS 2008

Key messages

PRESS 2008Key Messages

  • Financial support to statistics is relatively small – < 5 cents for every $100 of bilateral grants in 2006

  • Statistical support is concentrated in few countries – 15 countries receive ½ of estimated disbursements

  • Main focus of support is on institutional development and large activities – population censuses and household surveys

PRESS 2008Key Messages

  • Partner collaboration in statistical development needs to be strengthened – collaboration at country level could serve as examples

  • More in-depth studies of PRESS results are necessary – e.g., closer review of support (or lack of support) to population censuses in relation to countries’ funding needs; or comparison of support to NSDS in relation to countries’ financing needs

PRESS – FUTUREImproved collaboration

At HQ Level

  • Partners improve own reporting mechanisms on statistical development

  • Each partner prepares own report on statistical support, based on PRESS findings

  • Feedback to CRS on PRESS findings

PRESS – FUTUREImproved collaboration

At country level

  • PARIS21 Secretariat assists national statistical offices in monitoring partner support, in framework of financing strategy for NSDS implementation

  • Reports by partners’ country offices

PRESS – FUTUREImproved collaboration

Last, but not least:


From partner HQ to its country offices (to appropriate staff, not only heads)

PRESS leaflet under preparation

PRESS – Future

  • Management: streamline PRESS into work program of PARIS21 Secretariat (Guide for reporting rounds being prepared)

  • Periodicity: annual

  • Output: annual report, with thematic focus

  • PRESS Quality Advisory Group: provide guidance on future rounds

PRESS 2008Partners’ final review

Distribution of Advance Copy of three volumes of PRESS 2008

Request partners’ comments by November 14, 2008

Distribution to partners and recipient countries – November 2008

PRESSQuiz Answers

What were estimated disbursements on statistical support during the 3-year period 2006-8?

a. USD 500 million

PRESSQuiz Answers

How many countries received more than USD 5 million in disbursements during 2006-08?

b. 15 countries

PRESSQuiz Answers

Which statistical area received over ¼ of total commitments?

c. Population censuses

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