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UK Network Monitoring
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UK Network Monitoring. GGF9: 5-8 th October 2003. Contents. GridMon: UK e-Science toolkit Plug ‘n’ Play: multi-domain monitoring Questions. “…design and deploy an infrastructure for network performance monitoring within the UK e-Science community.”

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UK Network Monitoring

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Uk network monitoring

UK Network Monitoring

GGF9: 5-8th October 2003



  • GridMon: UK e-Science toolkit

  • Plug ‘n’ Play: multi-domain monitoring

  • Questions

Uk network monitoring

“…design and deploy an infrastructure for network performance monitoring within the UK e-Science community.”

European Data Grid derivative, focusing on:

Publication to humans and Grid middleware

End-to-end performance (what users see)

Gridmon web service


Example consumer

  • metric value/msg

  • secs since epoch










  • secs since epoch

  • metric

  • site (hostname)

Flat files

GridMon: web service

Gridmon the take

GridMon: the TAKE

Crying out for an agreed schema to help answer our questions…

  • Need to retire the flat file structure. Something relational would allow more complex searches (e.g. NMWGs own examples) to be performed (probably quicker). Conversion from flat file to DB raises some questions.

    • We’re creating a DB from scratch, so we don't have exisiting format. Do we use this as an opportunity to define a structure to fit in with the NMWG profiles and schema? If so, is there an optimum design?

    • Do we use a relational database at all? Would we be better using an XML database?

  • Being able to publish data in an agreed format is cool, but don’t we also need a agreed way of advertising what data we have and what tests we can run? If so, how?


  • We’re heading towards a unified method of publishing data. Do we also need a unifed way of asking for it?

    • Do we need to say “I want loss.oneWay” OR can we get away with asking what’s available and making a decision based on the answer?

    • How far will OGSA/OGSI go to solving this problem for us?

Gridmon the give

GridMon: the GIVE

GridMon is an existing infrastructure with historic data.

ANSWER those questions!

Could be used as a testbed for developing schema based web/Grid services.

Test the Schema

Could test suitability & identify any missing components, e.g. try implementing NMWG example queries.

P n p multi domain monitoring


Administrative Domain Interface


e.g. piPEs


e.g. iperf

P‘n’P: multi-domain monitoring

  • “Plug ‘n’ Play” collaboration: UCL and DL….

  • BIG thanks to Internet2’s piPEs, and Dante

  • ADI = major component

  • Provide generic abstraction for users (whether human or machine): additional layer, or wrapper

P n p multi domain monitoring1

Populated XML schema

reference to data

gimme data

request running of test

authorised? capable?

anything suitable?

Web service

Client interface




Response i/f

Acceptor ADI

Request i/f

Initiator ADI

Internal i/f

Internal i/f

authorised? capable?

do test

do test


store data

monitoring system specifics

monitoring system specifics

P‘n’P: to be implemented

P‘n’P: multi-domain monitoring




  • GridMon & P‘n’P ready to test schema and answer some questions

Uk network monitoring


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