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Sunday school directors
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Sunday School Directors. Bob Mayfield Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Session Overview. Leadership issues for SS Directors Commitment to Sunday School Evaluation Procedures Open Groups Forming New Units How to Enlist Leaders. Are you a director of your church’s Sunday School? Or

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Sunday School Directors

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Sunday school directors

Sunday School Directors

Bob Mayfield

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Session overview

Session Overview

  • Leadership issues for SS Directors

  • Commitment to Sunday School

  • Evaluation Procedures

  • Open Groups

  • Forming New Units

  • How to Enlist Leaders

Sunday school directors

Are you a director of your church’s Sunday School?


A leader who directs your church’s Sunday School?

Sunday school directors

Leadership is influence – John Maxwell

Leadership is the ability to get someone to do something they don’t want to do – Bear Bryant

Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant - Jesus

Key tests in servanthood

Key tests in Servanthood

1 – Do you welcome and want feedback?

2 – Are you preparing a successor for when your season of leadership is over?

3 – Are you letting God be the leader and you be the servant?

4 – When you are treated like a servant, do you respond like a servant?

Leading or managing

Leading or Managing

Managing Leading

Transformational leadership

Transformational Leadership



Matt 3:13 – 4:11

Outcome = Perspective



Matt 28:18-20

Outcome = Effectiveness

One on One


Matt 4:18-22

Outcome = Trust



Matthew 10:5-10

Outcome = Community

From Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard

Situational leadership

From Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard

Situational Leadership

Low Directive

High Supportive


High Directive

High Supportive




“Lets talk & we’ll

decide or leader


“Let’s talk,

Learner decides”





“You decide”

“Leader Decides”



High Directive

Low Supportive


Low Directive

Low Supportive


Commit to the sunday school

Commit to the Sunday School

Reasons to commit to the Sunday School as the foundational strategy for doing the Great Commission…

  • It is usually the only organized ministry that includes all church members and prospects.

  • The SS is focused on biblical application.

  • The SS meets on a regular basis.

Commit to the sunday school1

Commit to the Sunday School

Reasons to commit to the Sunday School as the foundational strategy for doing the Great Commission…

  • The leaders of the SS are identifiable and easily organized.

  • The adult SS equips and provides leaders throughout the church.

  • As a strategy, the SS is ongoing.

  • The SS is focused on the 5 primary functions of the church.

Sunday school s 10 best practices

Sunday School’s 10 Best Practices

  • Commit to the Strategy

  • Organize with Purpose

  • Build Kingdom Leaders

  • Develop Soul Winners

  • Win the Lost

  • Assimilate People

  • Partner with Families

  • Teach to Transform

  • Mobilize for Ministry

  • Multiply Leaders and Units

Arthur flake

Arthur Flake

  • Leader of the Southern Baptist SS Movement

  • Author of Building a Standard Sunday School

  • 1st Director of the BSSB Bible/Teaching Reaching Division

Flake s formula for ss growth

Flake’s Formula for SS Growth

  • Know Your Possibilities

  • Enlarge the Organization

  • Enlist & Train Workers

  • Provide Space

  • Go after the people

Needed today

Needed Today…

People who will commit to the Sunday School as a foundational strategy for disciplemaking.

  • Commit – To pledge to a position on an issue; to bind or obligate, as with a pledge.

Ss directors evaluate

SS Directors Evaluate

Reasons for evaluating

  • Assumes the existence of a standard

  • Affirms the validity of planning

  • Accents the positive

  • Acknowledges weaknesses

  • Assesses effectiveness of resources

  • Analyzes the structure

  • Activates the person accountable for action

Reflect on your church s ministry

Reflect on your church’s Ministry

Evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities

  • Evangelism

  • Discipleship

  • Fellowship

  • Ministry

  • Worship

Sunday school areas to evaluate

Sunday School Areas to Evaluate

  • Cleanliness and Appearance of Facilities

  • Are facilities being properly used?

  • Are resources provided, monitored and maintained?

  • Is an appropriate amount of money budgeted for Sunday School?

  • How much space is available for growth?

Start new units

Start New Units

Why make new units a priority?

  • Birthing new units creates excitement.

  • New units enable growth to take place naturally without sacrificing quality.

  • New Units grow more quickly than older established units.

  • New Bible study units are easier for newcomers to penetrate.

Start new units1

Start New Units

Why make new units a priority?

5. New leaders and members of new units tend to be more aggressive in evangelism and ministry.

6. New Bible study groups open up opportunities for more people to serve in leadership positions.

Starting new units

Starting New Units

Reasons to start new units…

  • Overcrowding/space

  • To reach new people groups.

  • To stretch the SS out of its comfort zone.

Starting new units1

Starting New Units

When to start new units…

  • Enrollment/Attendance




Starting new units2

Starting New Units

b) When a unit has “leveled off”.

c) When the unit is two years old and it has not started a new unit.

d) Classes have too wide of an age span. (more than 10 years)

e) The room in which the class meets is full

Starting new units3

Starting New Units

f) Prospects are available, but no class exists for the prospects.

g) Unenrolled adult church members.

h) Classes with more prospects than members

i) Classes with more absentees than members present.

Starting new units4

Starting New Units

Misperceptions of New Units

  • My class will be too small.

  • We won’t get to see each other any more.

  • We can stay the same and just add some more chairs (cheaper too)

Starting new units5

Starting New Units

d) People will leave the church if we start a new class.

e) People like a full classroom!!

f) It will disrupt the close fellowship and relationships our class enjoys.

g) But didn’t you say, “You want our class to get closer?” So why are you splitting us up?

Starting new units6

Starting New Units

Every SS grows to the size of its organization.

The Pyramid Example…

To increase the height, you must add to the bottom of the structure!!

Starting new units7

Starting New Units


  • New classes grow faster

  • Leaders emerge faster. There is no pecking order.

  • Commitment to attend is higher.

How to start a new unit

How to Start a New Unit

  • Remove the “s” word from your vocabulary (split). “New” sounds much better.

  • It takes a committed teacher.

  • Recruit “seed” couples.

  • The teacher must visit his/her prospects

Starting new units8

Starting New Units

5) Persevere.

6) Other teachers must encourage the new class. Develop a “new class” culture in the church.

7) Direct all prospects and new members to the new class

Starting new units9

Starting New Units

8) Pulpit support is necessary.

9) Allow for some failure. But don’t be pessimistic.

Enlist leaders

Enlist Leaders

  • Begin with prayer – Matthew 9:37-38

  • Search membership rolls for people

  • Ask the right question

    “Is this the right person?”


    “Will this person serve?”

Enlist leaders1

Enlist Leaders

  • Identify positions to be filled

  • Identify spiritual gifts needed

  • Identify leader relationships

  • Decide on one person

  • Make an enlistment visit

Making an enlistment visit

Making an Enlistment Visit

  • Pray for God’s leadership

  • Explain why you are there

  • Provide a written job description

  • Explain the Terms of Service

  • Provide essential materials for the person to preview

  • Allow them time to decide

Making an enlistment visit1

Making an Enlistment Visit

  • Commit to continue to pray together

  • Set a date to talk again about the position of leadership

  • Accept the person’s answer

Sunday school directors1

Sunday School Directors

Bob Mayfield

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

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