Geo architecture and data committee architecture workshop
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GEO Architecture and Data Committee Architecture Workshop PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DRAFT. GEO Architecture and Data Committee Architecture Workshop. Hosted by the European Commission At the Joint Research Centre February 2008. Architecture Workshop Opening Plenary. Recap of 2007 - Initial Operating Capability for the GEOSS Core Architecture. George Percivall, et. al.

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GEO Architecture and Data Committee Architecture Workshop

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GEO Architecture and Data CommitteeArchitecture Workshop

Hosted by the European Commission

At the Joint Research Centre

February 2008

Architecture Workshop Opening Plenary

Recap of 2007 - Initial Operating Capability for the GEOSS Core Architecture

George Percivall, et. al.

GEOSS Core ArchitectureInitial Operating Capability (IOC)

  • Core Architecture

    • GEO Web Portal, Clearinghouse, and Registry

    • Process to register, discover and use services

    • GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements

  • During 2007, GEO ADC guided development of IOC through its core tasks:

    • AR-07-01 - Enabling Deployment of Architecture

    • AR-07-02 - Architecture Implementation Pilot

  • Results demonstrated at EO Summit and GEO-IV



Core Architecture


GEO Web Portal and other Clients







list of




Service registry




to register







AI Pilot Milestones - 2007

  • Call for Participation (CFP)

    • CFP Preparation based on RFIsFebruary & March

    • CFP ReleaseApril 13

    • CFP Responses DueMay 11

  • Pilot Kickoff meetingJune 5&6

    • Hosted at ESA-ESRIN

  • Deploy, Integrate, Test 4 mo.June to September

  • Demo Capture WorkshopSeptember 10&11

  • Core Architecture Implementation Report November

GEO Task AR-07-02GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot - 2007

  • Demonstrated effective development process:

    • CFP, Kickoff, Execution, etc.

    • Approximately 120 organizations

  • Established effective communication methods

    • For international coordination


  • Produced Screencasts of Initial Operating Capability


  • Prepared “Core Architecture Implementation Report”

GEOSS Architecture Status

  • Architecture validated through ADC core tasks

  • Deployed, tested and demonstrated in 2007

  • Component types and interactions confirmed

  • Recommendations for Interoperability Arrangements

  • Consistent with GEOSS Strategic Guidance Document and Tactical Guidance Document

GEOSS Engineering Architecture

GEOSS Architecture

  • Initial Operating Capability (IOC) established

  • 64 Components & 75 Services registered (21 Nov 07)

  • GEO Web Portals (3), Community Portals (27) and Decision Support Clients (13) for User access to services

  • Several organizations capable of providing

    • GEO Web Portal solutions

    • GEOSS Clearinghouse solutions

GEO Web Portal

  • Demonstrated that organizations are capable of providing workable GEO Web Portal solutions

    • Compusult:

    • ESA-FAO:

    • ESRI:

  • Though visibly similar & meeting basic requirements, the three offer different feature sets.

  • Cape Town Declaration: “We commit to explore ways and means for the sustained operations of the shared architectural GEOSS components and related information infrastructure.”

GEOSS Architecture - Further Development

  • Increase collaboration with GEO Committees, Communities of Practice and relevant GEO Tasks.

  • Increase commitment to Operational requirements to support persistence

    • Portal, Clearinghouse and other services

  • Add Sensor Component Types

    • Task, acquire and process observations

    • Inter-calibration scenario, e.g., CEOS

  • Workflow for observation processing and decision support, e.g., Fed Earth Observation (FedEO) pilot

AR-07-02 Task Definition

  • Task Sheet slightly revised at ADC-5, September 2007

  • Architecture Implementation Pilot emphasis retained: Portals, Clearinghouse, Catalogues, and Services

    • Including sensors interoperability services

  • Two items added

    • Persistent Infrastructure for Service Integration

    • GEOSS User and Architecture Workshops

GEO Architecture Workshop

  • February 4&5, 2008

    • Co-located at JRC Ispra with ADC-6

  • Purpose: Consensus building in support of CFP

  • Topics

    • Scenario candidates: interactions with UIC & CoP re scenarios

    • Begin refinement of the CFP-2007 architecture

    • Sustained operations for information architecture

    • Other Implementation Report topics

UIC/ADC Collaboration

Ellsworth LeDrew

GEO UIC Co-Chair

GEOSS User & Architecture Workshop Series - Summary of Proceedings

Francoise Pearlman


GEOSS User & Architecture Workshop Series

For Proceedings go to and select conferences




SoS interop. &



Water &





Climate &



Energy &






San Diego-07

Comm &



SoS Engineering

& Architecture



San Jose

Costa Rica-07





Water & health


Disasters & water

GEOSS Architecture and Societal Benefit Areas Addressed in 15 Workshops

Workshops supporting organizations

  • IEEE GEOSS Workshop

  • The User and the GEOSS Architecture XIV

Organized by:

Dr. Changyong Cao - NOAA/NESDIS, Washington DC

Prof. Al Gasiewski – University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Dr. Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa – University of Colorado NSIDC, Boulder, CO

Dr. Jay Pearlman – The Boeing Corporation

Mr. Ivan Petiteville – ESA

A typical Proceedings includes

  • Workshop Flyer

  • Description

  • Agenda

  • Briefings

  • Breakout Session


  • Conclusions

Selected briefings

Are recorded and

Available on the ICEO

Site under Resources

(Audio & slide lectures)

Demonstrations material

And video clips are uploaded

To the OGC Web site

Breakout Sessions – User/Developer’s Perspective

Sample Questions

  • What is a user?

  • What are the needs and concerns for GEOSS from a user perspective?

  • What are the most important information from GEOSS for user applications?

  • If the architecture is developed over a number of years, what features should be developed early?

  • What features are missing that you would like to see included

Breakout Sessions – Summary Findings I

  • A spectrum of Users

    • End Users (Top level Decision/policy makers, managers) in need of user friendly information

    • Researchers more focused on source and quality of data

    • Accommodate different needs & level of expertise

  • Users versus Providers

    • Encourage connectivity between the two and between models and data providers

    • Iterative, interactive feedback from users & ability to correct errors

  • Models

    • Need for interoperable cross-domain models

    • Improved connection between modeling and observation communities

Breakout Sessions – Summary findings IIEmphasis on Data

  • Key data characteristics

    • Discovery, accessibility, distribution, visualization/layering, sharing

  • Data packaging

    • Clear documentation – especially when cutting across benefit areas

    • Standards

    • Meta-data

  • Frequently mentioned concerns

    • Timeliness (from real time to paleo-data)

    • Security/authentication (access to proprietary data...)

    • Quality (Trusted source; Quality Assurance and Control; Data lineage)

    • Continuity of data source

    • Compatibility

    • Sharing policies

  • Data distribution mechanism

    • Internet vs mobile access (including ad-hoc networking)

    • Feedback mechanism

Breakout Sessions – Summary Findings III

  • SoS Architecture key desired characteristics

    • Offer simple, seamless services

    • Supports high availability, reliability, security, authentication

    • Facilitate interoperability

    • Allows for technology evolution & new technology insertion

  • Thoughts on interoperability

    • Focus on connecting systems within a community

    • Interfaces are abstracted in “wrappers” developed cooperatively by Providers & Users

    • Include ontology in Interoperability registry

  • Build a little, test a little: demonstrations, prototypes and pilots are essential

  • Demos and Pilots

    • Demonstration of the core architecture

      • Service registration and discovery process

      • Application of the architecture to eight societal benefit scenarios

      • use of the portal candidates

    • Screencast videos of the demonstrations are available on-line:

    Demo team in Yellowknife, Canada

    A look forward- Workshops for 2008

    Quebec, Canada-08

    Science Modeling &

    Data Policy



    Of GEOSS

    Kobe, Japan-08

    Oceans & Water

    Toronto, Canada-08

    UIC workshop

    Beijing, China-08

    Air Quality & Health

    Boston, USA-08

    Air Quality & coastal


    Honolulu, Hawaii-08


    For disaster management

    Accra, Ghana - 08

    Water Security & Ecosystems

    Plan for the Architecture Workshop

    Architecture Workshop

    • Interactive meeting to develop requirements for GEOSS Architecture developments.

    • Results will become part of a Call for Participation in 2008.

    • Scenarios identified through collaboration of the GEO UIC and ADC

    • Domain-specific GEO Tasks can utilize AIP (AR-07-02) to utilize the GEOSS Core Architecture

    Workshop - Monday’s Agenda

    Workshop - Tuesday Morning Agenda

    Workshop - Tuesday Afternoon Agenda

    Position Papers

    • Data Policy white paper for GEOSS - overall

    • Energy data centre STFC - Energy Session

    • GEO ADC IP3 Proposed Activities 2008 - Biodiversity Session

    • Satellites for risk management - Natural Disaster Session

    • ESA-FAO GeoPortal position paper - User Interface Session

    • GEOSS: A Global SDI Framework - Clearinghouse Session

    • Standards in a Distributed Digital Library of Geospatial Services - Workflow

    • WGCV's Data Quality Framework - Inter-calibration

    • Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) - Inter-calibration session

    • OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards - Sensors

    Things to consider in all sessions

    • User needs

    • User and Architecture Workshop outcomes

    • Architecture Modeling

    • Data Policy Paper

    Coordinating Tasks

    Backup slides

    GEO Task AR-07-02Architecture Implementation Pilot

    • Lead incorporation of contributed components consistent with the GEOSS Architecture…

    • …using a GEO Web Portal and a GEOSS Clearinghouse search facility

    • …to access services through GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements

    • …in support of GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas

    GEOSS Core ArchitectureImplementation Report

    • GEOSS Architecture

      • Initial Operating Capability

      • Engineering viewpoint: Component Types

      • GEOSS Interoperability Process

    • Registry System and Clearinghouse

      • Use Case and Requirements

      • Clearinghouse Candidates assessment

      • Distributed search vs. harvest trade study

    • GEO Web Portal

      • GEO Web Portal Definition and Requirements

      • GEO Web Portal candidates assessment

    GEOSS Registries

    Phase A



    Phase C



    AI Pilot Development Approach

    Phase B

    Call for


    Phase D



    Phase E



    SBA Scenario Demonstrations

    • Registry & Clearinghouse workflow

    • GEO Web Portal - Compusult

    • GEO Web Portal - ESA/FAO

    • GEO Web Portal - ESRI

    • Wildland Fires in Africa

    • Ecosystems & Biodiversity in Africa

    • Ecosystems & Biodiversity in Polar Regions

    • Response to Oil Spill

    • Response to Volcano

    • Response to Hurricane

    GEOSS AI Pilot Screencasts




    EADS Astrium








    Generalitat Valenciana

    AI Pilot Screencast Participants

    • PCI Geomatics

    • Sapienza Consulting

    • SDSC

    • Spacebel

    • UK BADC

    • University of Maryland

    • USGS

    • Vightel

    • WCMC

    • GeoConnections

    • GIM

    • GMU

    • JAXA

    • JRC

    • Meraka/52north

    • NASA

    • NOAA

    • NRCAN

    • NSIDC

    • OGC

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