Geo architecture and data committee architecture workshop
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GEO Architecture and Data Committee Architecture Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DRAFT. GEO Architecture and Data Committee Architecture Workshop. Hosted by the European Commission At the Joint Research Centre February 2008. Architecture Workshop Opening Plenary. Recap of 2007 - Initial Operating Capability for the GEOSS Core Architecture . George Percivall, et. al.

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Geo architecture and data committee architecture workshop


GEO Architecture and Data CommitteeArchitecture Workshop

Hosted by the European Commission

At the Joint Research Centre

February 2008

Recap of 2007 initial operating capability for the geoss core architecture

Recap of 2007 - Initial Operating Capability for the GEOSS Core Architecture

George Percivall, et. al.

Geoss core architecture initial operating capability ioc
GEOSS Core Architecture Initial Operating Capability (IOC)

  • Core Architecture

    • GEO Web Portal, Clearinghouse, and Registry

    • Process to register, discover and use services

    • GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements

  • During 2007, GEO ADC guided development of IOC through its core tasks:

    • AR-07-01 - Enabling Deployment of Architecture

    • AR-07-02 - Architecture Implementation Pilot

  • Results demonstrated at EO Summit and GEO-IV

Core architecture



Core Architecture


GEO Web Portal and other Clients







list of




Service registry




to register







Ai pilot milestones 2007
AI Pilot Milestones - 2007

  • Call for Participation (CFP)

    • CFP Preparation based on RFIs February & March

    • CFP Release April 13

    • CFP Responses Due May 11

  • Pilot Kickoff meeting June 5&6

    • Hosted at ESA-ESRIN

  • Deploy, Integrate, Test 4 mo. June to September

  • Demo Capture Workshop September 10&11

  • Core Architecture Implementation Report November

Geo task ar 07 02 geo architecture implementation pilot 2007
GEO Task AR-07-02GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot - 2007

  • Demonstrated effective development process:

    • CFP, Kickoff, Execution, etc.

    • Approximately 120 organizations

  • Established effective communication methods

    • For international coordination


  • Produced Screencasts of Initial Operating Capability


  • Prepared “Core Architecture Implementation Report”

Geoss architecture status
GEOSS Architecture Status

  • Architecture validated through ADC core tasks

  • Deployed, tested and demonstrated in 2007

  • Component types and interactions confirmed

  • Recommendations for Interoperability Arrangements

  • Consistent with GEOSS Strategic Guidance Document and Tactical Guidance Document

Geoss architecture
GEOSS Architecture

  • Initial Operating Capability (IOC) established

  • 64 Components & 75 Services registered (21 Nov 07)

  • GEO Web Portals (3), Community Portals (27) and Decision Support Clients (13) for User access to services

  • Several organizations capable of providing

    • GEO Web Portal solutions

    • GEOSS Clearinghouse solutions

Geo web portal
GEO Web Portal

  • Demonstrated that organizations are capable of providing workable GEO Web Portal solutions

    • Compusult:

    • ESA-FAO:

    • ESRI:

  • Though visibly similar & meeting basic requirements, the three offer different feature sets.

  • Cape Town Declaration: “We commit to explore ways and means for the sustained operations of the shared architectural GEOSS components and related information infrastructure.”

Geoss architecture further development
GEOSS Architecture - Further Development

  • Increase collaboration with GEO Committees, Communities of Practice and relevant GEO Tasks.

  • Increase commitment to Operational requirements to support persistence

    • Portal, Clearinghouse and other services

  • Add Sensor Component Types

    • Task, acquire and process observations

    • Inter-calibration scenario, e.g., CEOS

  • Workflow for observation processing and decision support, e.g., Fed Earth Observation (FedEO) pilot

Ar 07 02 task definition
AR-07-02 Task Definition

  • Task Sheet slightly revised at ADC-5, September 2007

  • Architecture Implementation Pilot emphasis retained: Portals, Clearinghouse, Catalogues, and Services

    • Including sensors interoperability services

  • Two items added

    • Persistent Infrastructure for Service Integration

    • GEOSS User and Architecture Workshops

Geo architecture workshop
GEO Architecture Workshop

  • February 4&5, 2008

    • Co-located at JRC Ispra with ADC-6

  • Purpose: Consensus building in support of CFP

  • Topics

    • Scenario candidates: interactions with UIC & CoP re scenarios

    • Begin refinement of the CFP-2007 architecture

    • Sustained operations for information architecture

    • Other Implementation Report topics

Uic adc collaboration

UIC/ADC Collaboration

Ellsworth LeDrew

GEO UIC Co-Chair

Francoise pearlman ieee

GEOSS User & Architecture Workshop Series - Summary of Proceedings

Francoise Pearlman


Geoss user architecture workshop series
GEOSS User & Architecture Workshop Series

For Proceedings go to and select conferences

Geoss architecture and societal benefit areas addressed in 15 workshops




SoS interop. &



Water &





Climate &



Energy &






San Diego-07

Comm &



SoS Engineering

& Architecture



San Jose

Costa Rica-07





Water & health


Disasters & water

GEOSS Architecture and Societal Benefit Areas Addressed in 15 Workshops

A typical proceedings includes

Organized by:

Dr. Changyong Cao - NOAA/NESDIS, Washington DC

Prof. Al Gasiewski – University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Dr. Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa – University of Colorado NSIDC, Boulder, CO

Dr. Jay Pearlman – The Boeing Corporation

Mr. Ivan Petiteville – ESA

A typical Proceedings includes

  • Workshop Flyer

  • Description

  • Agenda

  • Briefings

  • Breakout Session


  • Conclusions

Selected briefings

Are recorded and

Available on the ICEO

Site under Resources

(Audio & slide lectures)

Demonstrations material

And video clips are uploaded

To the OGC Web site

Breakout sessions user developer s perspective
Breakout Sessions – User/Developer’s Perspective

Sample Questions

  • What is a user?

  • What are the needs and concerns for GEOSS from a user perspective?

  • What are the most important information from GEOSS for user applications?

  • If the architecture is developed over a number of years, what features should be developed early?

  • What features are missing that you would like to see included

Breakout sessions summary findings i
Breakout Sessions – Summary Findings I

  • A spectrum of Users

    • End Users (Top level Decision/policy makers, managers) in need of user friendly information

    • Researchers more focused on source and quality of data

    • Accommodate different needs & level of expertise

  • Users versus Providers

    • Encourage connectivity between the two and between models and data providers

    • Iterative, interactive feedback from users & ability to correct errors

  • Models

    • Need for interoperable cross-domain models

    • Improved connection between modeling and observation communities

Breakout sessions summary findings ii emphasis on data
Breakout Sessions – Summary findings IIEmphasis on Data

  • Key data characteristics

    • Discovery, accessibility, distribution, visualization/layering, sharing

  • Data packaging

    • Clear documentation – especially when cutting across benefit areas

    • Standards

    • Meta-data

  • Frequently mentioned concerns

    • Timeliness (from real time to paleo-data)

    • Security/authentication (access to proprietary data...)

    • Quality (Trusted source; Quality Assurance and Control; Data lineage)

    • Continuity of data source

    • Compatibility

    • Sharing policies

  • Data distribution mechanism

    • Internet vs mobile access (including ad-hoc networking)

    • Feedback mechanism

Breakout sessions summary findings iii
Breakout Sessions – Summary Findings III

  • SoS Architecture key desired characteristics

    • Offer simple, seamless services

    • Supports high availability, reliability, security, authentication

    • Facilitate interoperability

    • Allows for technology evolution & new technology insertion

  • Thoughts on interoperability

    • Focus on connecting systems within a community

    • Interfaces are abstracted in “wrappers” developed cooperatively by Providers & Users

    • Include ontology in Interoperability registry

  • Build a little, test a little: demonstrations, prototypes and pilots are essential

  • Demos and pilots
    Demos and Pilots

    • Demonstration of the core architecture

      • Service registration and discovery process

      • Application of the architecture to eight societal benefit scenarios

      • use of the portal candidates

    • Screencast videos of the demonstrations are available on-line:

    Demo team in Yellowknife, Canada

    A look forward workshops for 2008
    A look forward- Workshops for 2008

    Quebec, Canada-08

    Science Modeling &

    Data Policy



    Of GEOSS

    Kobe, Japan-08

    Oceans & Water

    Toronto, Canada-08

    UIC workshop

    Beijing, China-08

    Air Quality & Health

    Boston, USA-08

    Air Quality & coastal


    Honolulu, Hawaii-08


    For disaster management

    Accra, Ghana - 08

    Water Security & Ecosystems

    Plan for the architecture workshop

    Plan for the Architecture Workshop

    Architecture workshop
    Architecture Workshop

    • Interactive meeting to develop requirements for GEOSS Architecture developments.

    • Results will become part of a Call for Participation in 2008.

    • Scenarios identified through collaboration of the GEO UIC and ADC

    • Domain-specific GEO Tasks can utilize AIP (AR-07-02) to utilize the GEOSS Core Architecture

    Position papers
    Position Papers

    • Data Policy white paper for GEOSS - overall

    • Energy data centre STFC - Energy Session

    • GEO ADC IP3 Proposed Activities 2008 - Biodiversity Session

    • Satellites for risk management - Natural Disaster Session

    • ESA-FAO GeoPortal position paper - User Interface Session

    • GEOSS: A Global SDI Framework - Clearinghouse Session

    • Standards in a Distributed Digital Library of Geospatial Services - Workflow

    • WGCV's Data Quality Framework - Inter-calibration

    • Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) - Inter-calibration session

    • OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards - Sensors

    Things to consider in all sessions
    Things to consider in all sessions

    • User needs

    • User and Architecture Workshop outcomes

    • Architecture Modeling

    • Data Policy Paper

    Geo task ar 07 02 architecture implementation pilot
    GEO Task AR-07-02Architecture Implementation Pilot

    • Lead incorporation of contributed components consistent with the GEOSS Architecture…

    • …using a GEO Web Portal and a GEOSS Clearinghouse search facility

    • …to access services through GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements

    • …in support of GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas

    Geoss core architecture implementation report
    GEOSS Core ArchitectureImplementation Report

    • GEOSS Architecture

      • Initial Operating Capability

      • Engineering viewpoint: Component Types

      • GEOSS Interoperability Process

    • Registry System and Clearinghouse

      • Use Case and Requirements

      • Clearinghouse Candidates assessment

      • Distributed search vs. harvest trade study

    • GEO Web Portal

      • GEO Web Portal Definition and Requirements

      • GEO Web Portal candidates assessment

    Ai pilot development approach

    Phase A



    Phase C



    AI Pilot Development Approach

    Phase B

    Call for


    Phase D



    Phase E



    Sba scenario demonstrations
    SBA Scenario Demonstrations

    • Registry & Clearinghouse workflow

    • GEO Web Portal - Compusult

    • GEO Web Portal - ESA/FAO

    • GEO Web Portal - ESRI

    • Wildland Fires in Africa

    • Ecosystems & Biodiversity in Africa

    • Ecosystems & Biodiversity in Polar Regions

    • Response to Oil Spill

    • Response to Volcano

    • Response to Hurricane

    Geoss ai pilot screencasts
    GEOSS AI Pilot Screencasts

    Ai pilot screencast participants




    EADS Astrium








    Generalitat Valenciana

    AI Pilot Screencast Participants

    • PCI Geomatics

    • Sapienza Consulting

    • SDSC

    • Spacebel

    • UK BADC

    • University of Maryland

    • USGS

    • Vightel

    • WCMC

    • GeoConnections

    • GIM

    • GMU

    • JAXA

    • JRC

    • Meraka/52north

    • NASA

    • NOAA

    • NRCAN

    • NSIDC

    • OGC