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New Century English. Unit Six Stunts in Movies. 金山区 上师大二附中 阮 旖. Paragraph A &B. Movie Show of Tom Cruise. What has impressed you most in the film?. Mission Impossible. Paragraph A &B. Twister. hurl himself through. explode. run from hurricanes. sweep up.

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New Century English

Unit Six

Stunts in Movies

金山区 上师大二附中阮 旖

Paragraph A &B

Movie Show of Tom Cruise

What has impressed you most

in the film?

Mission Impossible

Paragraph A &B


hurl himself through


run from hurricanes

sweep up

Describe more breathtaking scenes.

the big names

It seems that…

in action movies

do as much as ninety percent of their own stunts

stunt professional

make a living

risk one’s life

on behalf of

Paragraph C

Actors and actresses’ views on stunts

Paragraph D

Movie Show of Jackie Chan

First Strike

It’s said that Jackie Chan is a walking miracle.

Give us your opinion.

Paragraph D

pride himself on

do his individual brand of

martial arts

a walking miracle

physical endurance

It’s said that Jackie Chan is a walking miracle.

Give us your opinion.

Paragraph E&F

A role-play based on Para E&F


filmmaker, director, Movie queen(king),

stunt professional, etc.


The movie king insists on

doing his own stunts, but the

filmmaker does not want injuries

to fall on him.

(what will happen in the end?)

There is no need for you to do…

brag about

talk show

take the fall

Paragraph G

Audience’s views on stunts

What does the phrase” take the fall“ mean?

Which sentence is a kind of conclusion?

What does the sentence mean?

Action movies can not do without stunts professional.

Topic Discussion

Would you like to be a stunt professional

in the future? Why or why not?


Three main aspects

Actors and actresses’ views on stunts

Filmmaker’s opinions about the stunts

Audience’s concern about stars doing stunts


1.Pick out the sentences with-ing participle

in the text.

2. Write a story, based on Jackie Chan’s

film-let,about what will happen later on.

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