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Hello. My name is Ryan Hanley. Cold Calling the Internet. How to Apply Traditional Sales Techniques to Internet Tools. Our Goals for Today. Increased comfort level with using social media and blogging to market your agency Online Better understanding of the five stages to selling Online

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My name is Ryan Hanley

Cold calling the internet

Cold Calling the Internet

How to Apply

Traditional Sales Techniques to Internet Tools

Our goals for today
Our Goals for Today

  • Increased comfort level with using social media and blogging to market your agency Online

  • Better understanding of the five stages to selling Online

  • Leave with action-items you can apply to your Online presence immediately

Myths about internet sales
Myths About Internet Sales

  • Internet Shoppers Buy on Price

    • If we don’t treat our product like a commodity they won’t buy it like a commodity

  • We Need To Be On Every Social Media Site to be Successful

    • There is much more to success Online beyond Facebook and Twitter

  • Consumers Need Our Expertise

    • The information gates to our knowledge have been unlocked

Where do i get content
Where do I get content?

  • Client questions

  • CE Classes

  • Trade magazine

  • Community events

  • Charitable events

  • Employee success

  • Testimonials

  • Case studies

  • The weather

  • Safety tips

  • Other insurance agencies

  • Your own experience

  • New technology

  • Market changes

  • Industry events

Social media

Believe the Hype


Common objections to social media
Common Objections else.”to Social Media

  • We work on referrals…

    • So does the Internet

  • Internet leads are price shoppers…

    • Statistically not true

  • It takes too much time…

    • Only if you let it

  • I don’t know anything about computers…

    • Hire someone that does

  • I don’t like the Internet

    • But your clients do

  • What social media should i use
    What Social Media Should I Use? else.”

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • Twitter

    • Google+

    • YouTube

    • Pinterest

    • Foursquare

    • Yelp

    Five stages of selling online

    How do we get people to buy? else.”

    Five Stages of Selling online

    Five stages of selling online1
    Five Stages of Selling Online else.”

    • Define

      • Audience

    • Attract

      • Interest

    • Engage

      • Personality

    • Subscribe

      • Relationship

    • Convert

      • Value

    It doesn’t matter what topic you choose to create content on…

    It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to create content…

    It doesn’t matter what medium to choose to create that content in…

    It doesn’t matter how often you create content…

    …you must define your target audience, attract them with content, engage them in the conversation, subscribe them to your material and then you convert them into REVENUE!

    Define action item
    Define - Action Item else.”

    Go to your client’s and prospects’ Website, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. Subscribe to blog posts and newsletter, Like their Facebook page and Connect on LinkedIn.

    Attract action item
    Attract – Action Item else.”

    Pick your favorite charity or community organization and write at least one piece of content a week for the next month about that organization. Share why you support them and how THEY’RE making a difference.

    Engage action item
    Engage – Action Item day”

    Comments are a blog’s best friend . The interaction between you and your web visitors strengthens your relationship. Encourage comments by asking for questions or experiences or you can hold a contest.

    Subscribe action item
    Subscribe – Action Item relationship.”

    Go to website or blog and look for your “Subscribe” area. Where is it? If it’s not right up front at the top of homepage and every other page on your website make that change today!

    You have to ask for the business

    “You Have to ASK for the Business” relationship.”


    Convert action item
    Convert – Action Item relationship.”

    Every web page must contain a Call-to-Action. In your next piece of content tell readers exactly what you want them to do… Sign-up for Newsletter, Like us on Facebook, Request a Quote.

    Success! relationship.”

    Success is possible for small business. After only four months of blogging our Insurance Agency’s website is listed on the first page of Google for the term “What is General Liability.” A key phrase for our industry.

    Creativity for creativity sake has it s place but creativity with purpose fosters success

    “Creativity for creativity sake has it’s place… But creativity with purpose fosters success.”


    “Blogging, Social Media and the Internet are just tools to build relationships the same way you always have”


    Questions build relationships the same way you always have”

    • What aspects of social media and blogging are you still uncomfortable about?

    • Are there specific social media platforms you don’t understand?

    • Can you see your organization utilizing the five stages or are their concepts that are still confusing?

      If you have questions contact me: [email protected]

    Thank you
    Thank You build relationships the same way you always have”

    • Ryan Hanley

      • Twitter: @RyanHanley_Com

      • Web: www.RyanHanley.com

        I wish you all Success in your Online Marketing!