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Patrick gannon oasis representative montreal 1 3 may 2012
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Patrick Gannon OASIS Representative Montreal, 1-3 May 2012. Emergency Alerting Policy Workshop. OASIS Mission. To drive the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. eGOV Member Section Goals.

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Emergency Alerting Policy Workshop

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Patrick gannon oasis representative montreal 1 3 may 2012

Patrick Gannon

OASIS Representative

Montreal, 1-3 May 2012

Emergency Alerting Policy Workshop

Oasis mission

OASIS Mission

To drive the development, convergence

and adoption

of open standards for the global information society

Egov member section goals

eGOV Member Section Goals

  • Promote interoperability and the implementation of open standards for transformational government.

  • Develop eGovernment guidelines that focus on use cases and specific requirements at different jurisdictions of public administration.

  • Create a platform for a series of activities focused on stimulating more inclusive, citizen-centred and shared solutions for Transformational Government.

  • Discuss, scope and if needed initiate additional standardization projects within OASIS.

Transformational government

Transformational Government

”A managed process of ICT-enabled change in the public sector, which puts the needs of citizens and businesses at the heart of that process and which achieves significant and transformational impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of government.”

The OASIS Transformational Government Framework TC is focused on:

  • TGF Primer [CN 2012-01-11]

  • TGF Pattern Language - Core Patterns [CS 2012-01-11]

  • TGF Policy Product Matrix [CN-PRD 2012-04-21]

  • TGF Reference Model

  • TGF Governance – good practice

  • Front-line Government Services

  • Core Functional Requirements

  • Unified Information Model

Emergency interoperability member section

Emergency Interoperability Member Section

Accelerates the development, adoption, application, and implementation of emergency interoperability and communications standards and related work

  • Emergency Management Technical Committee

  • Emergency Management Adoption Committee

  • EDXL Product Directory

    • free listing of products that support various EDXL standards


Emergency management technical committee

Emergency Management Technical Committee

  • EM CAP Profiles Subcommittee

  • EM CAP Subcommittee

  • EM GIS Subcommittee

  • EM HAVE Subcommittee

  • EM Infrastructure Framework Subcommittee

  • EM Messages & Notification Subcommittee

  • EM Reference Information Model Subcommittee

  • EM TEP Subcommittee


Emergency alerting policy workshop

EDXL Overview

  • Current EDXL Standards

    • EDXL-Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)

    • EDXL-Distribution Element (DE)

    • EDXL-Hospital Availability eXchange(HAVE)

    • EDXL-Resource Messaging (RM)

  • EDXL Standards Under Development

    • EDXL-Situation Reporting (Sit-Rep)

    • EDXL-Tracking of Emergency Patients (TEP)

Emergency management adoption committee

Emergency Management Adoption Committee

  • EMA Collateral & Documents Subcommittee

    • Writing whitepapers, primers, datasheets, & videos

  • EMA Events & Demos Subcommittee

    • Planning and conducting InterOp demos

    • Organizing speakers at conferences

  • EMA Outreach & Education Subcommittee

    • Building relationships with external organizations

    • Conducting Webinars (e.g. EDXL-101)


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