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Keep texarkana beautiful

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1. Keep texarkana beautiful City of Texarkana, Texas

2. Keep Texarkana Beautiful Mission To educate and engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment.

3. Keep texarkana beautiful Focus Areas Litter Prevention Beautification Waste Reduction Guiding Principles Individual Responsibility Education Partnerships Volunteerism

4. Recent projects Community Education & Beautification Arbor Day Tree Give-away 650 trees Trees provided by Texarkana Water Utilities Containers provided by BWI, Inc.

5. Recent projects Student Education & Beautification Save the Earth, Plant a Tree

6. Save the earth, plant a tree Study included: Classroom study of the environmental, economic, and social value of trees Reading of The Giving Tree by guest community leaders Planting of classroom trees on campuses and in parks Each student received a seedling to plant at home or in one of the parks

7. CURRICULUM GUIDE Developed under the direction of Dr. Rosanne Stripling by Lori Ables, Curriculum Coordinator for TISD, and her team.

8. Save the earth, plant a tree

9. Save the Earth, Plant a tree Art Contest 100+ entries Contest Winner Tessa Adams C.K. Bender Elementary LEISD

10. Keep texarkana beautiful Sponsors Christus St. Michael Health System Collom & Carney Clinic Guaranty Bond Bank McDonalds (Texamac, Inc.) Sports Magic


12. Keep Texarkana beautiful An economic development and quality of life issue Remove Litter Trash promotes crime Trash promotes drugs Trash influences community self-image Trash decreases property values Landscape and maintain entrances to city Reflects PRIDE in our city Makes businesses want to be a part of our community Trees and Landscape Greenery = 48% fewer property crimes/56% fewer violent crimes Landscaped stores have increased sales by 11% Streets with trees have a higher revenue by 12%

13. Broken windows theory Physical and social disorder in a neighborhood lead to increased crime. If one broken window is allowed to remain in a neighborhood, bigger acts of disorderly behavior will follow.

14. Opportunities for positive change Education Technology Ordinances Litter Tree Preservation Illegal Dumping Enforcement

15. Proposed Future projects Beautification Be proactive in working with Texas Department of Transportation to insure that landscape budgets for I-30 are used to our Citys greatest benefit Litter Prevention Teach litter prevention to our school children Hold community clean-up days Provide more attractive public waste/recycling containers Waste Reduction = Recycling Partner with Waste Management to increase public awareness regarding recycling

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