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French and english canada
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French and English Canada. Instructions. - Form a group of 3-4 students. - Use Gateway to Canada to answer the 12 questions about Quebec on your worksheet. How is Quebec different from other provinces in Canada? (p. 85). - separate legal system - separate laws

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French and English Canada

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French and english canada

Frenchand English Canada



  • - Form a group of 3-4 students.

  • - Use Gateway to Canada to answer the 12 questions about Quebec on your worksheet.

How is quebec different from other provinces in canada p 85

How is Quebec different from other provinces in Canada? (p. 85)

  • - separate legal system

  • - separate laws

  • - separate education system

  • - French language

2 what happened in quebec in 1970 how did the government respond p 85

2. What happened in Quebec in 1970? How did the government respond? (p. 85)

  • The Quebecois terrorist group FLQ (Front de Liberation du Quebec) committed crimes (bombing, kidnapping)

  • PM Pierre Trudeau declared an emergency, sent people to jail without charge

  • Many Quebecois were angry with the government

3 what are some problems with canada s bilingual status p 85

3. What are some problems with Canada’s bilingual status? (p. 85)

  • Other Canadians feel French isn’t part of their lives

  • Government spends a lot of money keeping the two languages

  • All government documents need to be published in English and French

4 what law was passed in quebec in 1977 how did canadians react p 86 p 172

4. What law was passed in Quebec in 1977? How did Canadians react? (p. 86), (p. 172)

  • Quebec’s government declared that all shop signs must be in French only

  • Signs can’t be posted in English or other languages

  • Many English-Canadians were angry, felt unsupported by Quebec

5 what is the main religion in quebec p 160

5. What is the main religion in Quebec? (p. 160)

  • Roman Catholic

6 what is the slogan on quebec license plates p 161

6. What is the slogan on Quebec license plates? (p. 161)

  • Je me souviens

  • I remember

7 what is a major problem between first nations people and quebec p 162

7. What is a major problem between First Nations people and Quebec? (p. 162)

  • Most First Nations in Quebec speak English, not French

  • They worry that, if Quebec becomes an independent country, the Quebec government will not protect First Nations rights the way Canada’s government tries to do

8 name five industries in quebec s economy p 162

8. Name five industries in Quebec’s economy. (p. 162)

  • Mining

  • Electrical power

  • Iron

  • Metal refining (copper, bauxite, zinc…)

  • Hydro-electricity

  • Forestry

  • Pulp and paper

  • Aerospace technology

9 what is saint jean baptiste day p 170

9. What is Saint Jean Baptiste Day? (p. 170)

  • - June 24th

  • - Celebrates St. John the Baptist (Saint Jean Baptiste), the patron saint of Quebec

10 what are government exchange programs what do students get to do p 171 2

10. What are government exchange programs? What do students get to do? (p. 171-2)

  • government-sponsored student programs

  • Quebecois high school students are partnered with a student from an English-speaking province

  • The students visit each other for two weeks to learn about French/English Canadian culture

  • Bursaries help students take some university classes in Quebec

11 what happened in october 1995 in quebec p 172 p 244

11. What happened in October 1995 in Quebec? (p. 172) (p. 244)

  • The government of Quebec held a referendum

  • They asked the people in the province to vote on whether they wanted to separate from Canada and be independent

  • The vote was very close, but it was a NO

12 why are some canadians unhappy about language laws p 242

12. Why are some Canadians unhappy about language laws? (p. 242)

  • French/English language laws cost a lot of money, which people fund through taxes

  • Immigrants who already speak another language don’t want to be forced to learn English and French

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French and english canada

  • A dead body is found on the border between Ontario and Quebec. Police from both provinces need to work together to solve the crime.

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