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The tools of the trade
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The tools of the trade. Financial Sustainability of Water, Waste Water, and Watershed Management. David eberle. Idaho Power Company - Rate and Cost-of-Service Analyst Adjunct Professor – Regulatory, Regional ,Urban ,and Environmental Economics

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The tools of the trade

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The tools of the trade

The tools of the trade

Financial Sustainability of Water, Waste Water, and Watershed Management

David eberle

David eberle

  • Idaho Power Company - Rate and Cost-of-Service Analyst

  • Adjunct Professor – Regulatory, Regional ,Urban ,and Environmental Economics

  • Director – Hotel ,Real Estate, Grocery, Manufacturing Businesses

  • Consultant – Economic Impact, Capital Plans, Asset Management , TIF, DIF, URDs

  • Commissioner - Boise City Urban Renewal District, Community Infrastructure District

  • Board member – Boise Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • Council Member – Boise City Council

Financial sustainability getting your board council or members to plan for the future

Financial sustainability getting Your Board Council or Members to plan for the future

The tools of the trade

The Environmental Finance Center Network

A Resource for the Nation

Boise State


USEPA Region 10

University of

Southern Maine (R1)

Cleveland State

University (R5)


University (R2)


College (R9)

University of

Maryland (R3)

University of

Louisville (R4)

Wichita State

University (R7)

University of

North Carolina (R4)

New Mexico Tech

University (R6, R8)

The University-based Environmental Finance Center Network Provides Third-Party Assistance to Communities and Groups on Financing Environmental Compliance

The tools of the trade

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The tools of the trade and money

the tools of the tradeand Money

Download these tools at

Who we work with

Who we work with

  • Plant Operators

  • Water

  • Wastewater

  • Stormwater

  • Clerk/Treasurers

  • Public Works Directors

  • Consultants – Public or Private

  • Watershed Districts

Reality for managing boards

Reality for Managing Boards

  • Am I at Risk?

    • Will the system fail?

    • Can we meet expected growth?

    • Can we meet new regulations?

    • Will your budget take money from other priorities?

    • Will customers be happy with service and rates?

    • Tell me the future will be OK.

    • A sustainable system

      • Affordable rates

      • Level of Service meets expectations

      • Acceptable risk

Principles of the budget cycle

Principles of the Budget Cycle

The suite of dashboards

The Suite of Dashboards

The tools of the trade

Will the customers by happy?

Not saving for all capital requirements

Inadequate saving for plant replacement

Covering expenses

What does water really cost ideas and tools for rate setting

What Does Water Really Cost? Ideas and Tools for Rate Setting

Pricing of utility service five basic steps

Full Cost Identification

What are the total costs of the utility?

Pricing of Utility Service: Five Basic Steps

Revenue Allocation

How much money is needed for each utility function?

Demand Allocation

How do we divide function costs based on customer use?


User Fee


Select User Fee SystemWhat are our policy goals?

Full cost pricing

Full Cost pricing

NEW Rate Level without FCF

Full cost funding level

New Capital

Facility Operating

Total utility costs

New Capital

Facility Debt

Operational Expenses

Amortized utility debt (P & I)

Year 1

Year 5...

Year 20

Financial needs should be reviewed annually to keep up with the full costs the system

Plan2fund and plan to fund optimizing

Plan2Fund and Plan to Fund Optimizing

Community quilt concept of financing

The Watershed is a mosaicof public, private, and nonprofit land ownership encompassing a myriad of land uses.

Using a extensive collection of terms can broaden the sources of funding for your source water protection plan.

Identify stakeholders and land uses within a watershed to create a patchwork of funding opportunities.

“”Community quilt” concept of financing

The tools of the trade

  • Plan2Fund OPT Consensus Process

  • Identify and enter strategic plan objectives.

  • Identify and gain consensus on decision rules.

  • Achieve consensus on how decision rules will be scored.

  • By consensus, assign weighting to decision rules.

  • Compare results.

  • Share information.

Search for implementation funding

Search for Implementation Funding

An on-line, searchable database of financial

resources for watershed restoration.

Nation wide reach local impact

Nation wide reach local impact

Epa s four pillars of sustainable infrastructure

EPA’s Four Pillars of Sustainable Infrastructure

The Public’s Investment

in Safe Drinking Water

Water Conservation

Watershed Approach

Full Cost Pricing

Better Management



  • David Eberle

  • Environmental Finance Center

  • Boise State University

  • (208) 426-4293



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