Carroll county public schools gifted talented
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Carroll County Public Schools Gifted & Talented PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Carroll County Public Schools Gifted & Talented . On February 28 th , 2012, the Maryland State Board of Education approved regulations that set the minimum standards for Gifted and Talented education programs throughout the State . CoMAR 13A.04.07. The regulation supports:.

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Carroll County Public Schools Gifted & Talented

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Carroll County Public Schools Gifted & Talented

On February 28th, 2012, the Maryland State Board of Education approved regulations that set the minimum standards for Gifted and Talented education programs throughout the State.

CoMAR 13A.04.07

The regulation supports:

  • Identification of a diverse gifted and talented student body that includes :

    • using multiple indicators of potential and achievement

    • has equitable representation of gifted and talented students, English language learners, underrepresented populations and “individuals with disabilities”

The regulation addresses six areas:

  • .01 Purpose

  • .02 Identification of Gifted and Talented Students

  • .03 Programs and Services

  • .04 Professional Development

  • .05 State Advisory Council

  • .06 Reporting Requirements

CoMAR – Code of Maryland Regulations

Goal 1

Identification of Gifted and Talented Students

Goal 1: Identification

“Each local school system shall establish a process for identifying gifted and talented students...”

  • Encompass all students

  • Multiple indicators of potential, aptitude and achievement

  • Review the effectiveness of the identification process

  • Documents early evidence of advanced learning behaviors, PreK – 2

  • Includes a procedure for identification

  • Includes a process for appeals

Goal 2

Programs and Services

Goal 2: What Types of Programs Must Be Offered?

“Each local school system shall provide services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to develop the gifted and talented student’s potential. Appropriately differentiated programs and services shall accelerate, extend, or enrich instructional content, strategies, and products to demonstrate and apply learning”

  • Continuum of services during the regular school day for identified students

  • Support the social and emotional growth

  • Provide programs and services to inform and involve parents/guardians

  • Review the effectiveness of programs and services

Goal 3

Professional Development

Goal 3: What PD will be needed for personnel working with gifted and talented students?

“Teachers and other personnel assigned to work specifically with students identified as gifted and talented shall engage in professional development aligned with the Gifted and Talented Education Specialist certification.”

Carroll County Public Schools

Action Items:

  • Aligning our program to the new regulations

  • Developing and/or modifying the identification and appeals process to assure we are including a diverse pool of gifted and talented learners

  • Collaborating with content supervisors to design a curriculum framework that provides differentiated learning opportunities to challenge and maintain the interest of highly abled learners

    • Modifying current gifted and talented instruction and resources to align with curriculum changes

    • Provide professional development based on our system needs and aligned with the gifted and talented specialist certification

Action Items:

  • Monitoring and assisting with high school class selection

    • Transitions from 8th grade

    • While attending high school

  • Collaborating with McDaniel College to develop a Gifted and Talented Certification program

  • Working with a Parent Advisory Committee

    • monitor program alignment to CoMAR

    • gather suggestions and feedback on program highlights, needsand modifications

    • develop a process to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and services

Goal 2: Programs and Services

Instructional Experiences

Mrs. Gruber & Mrs. Smith

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