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PROJECT DATABASE(PDB). & PROCESS CAPABILITY BASELINE(PCB). Presented By Basker George. Process Database & Process Capability Baseline. Past experience play a key role in any organization for improvement & management. This experience should be captured & organized to enable learning

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Project database pdb



Presented By Basker George

Process database process capability baseline
Process Database & Process Capability Baseline

  • Past experience play a key role in any organization for improvement & management.

  • This experience should be captured & organized to enable learning

  • This experience should be made available to others

  • For software projects PDB & PCB are two mechanism for encapsulating past experience for use in Project Planning & Management.

Process database process capability baseline1
Process Database & Process Capability Baseline

  • The PDB & PCB encapsulate (装入胶囊) the experience with previous projects.

  • The metrics from PDB & PCB of the previous projects is made available to fresh Project Planning & Management.

  • These two PROCESS are not part of the Project Planning

  • But provide key inputs for planning the infrastructure (基础下部组织) of the project

Process database process capability baseline2
Process Database & Process Capability Baseline

  • This chapter explains how these two planning support system are implemented at Infosys.

  • The process database is the requirement of Organization Process Focus & Organization Process Definition KPA’s of CMM Level 3.

  • The PCB is a requirement of Quantitative Process Management KPA & Software Quality Management KPA of Level 4.

Process database process capability baseline3
Process Database & Process Capability Baseline









Role of software metrics process management
Role of Software Metrics & Process Management

  • Process metrics quantify attributes of the software process, such as

    • Productivity

    • Quality

    • Resource

    • Defects

    • Removal Efficiency of metrics

Role of software metrics process management1
Role of Software Metrics & Process Management

  • Product metrics are the measure of the software, such as

    • Size

    • Reliability

    • Quality(metrics of both Process & Product)

    • Complexity of code

    • functionality

Purpose of collecting metrics
Purpose of collecting metrics

  • The important use of software metrics are:

    • Project Planning

      • Past data from completed projects are invaluable in developing reasonable plans for new projects & setting realistic goals for it.

    • Controlling a project process

      • Metrics can provide accurate information about the state of a project, which can then be used to take corrective

Purpose of collecting metrics1
Purpose of collecting metrics

  • Analyzing and Improving the organization’s processes.

    • Only through metrics can an organization know the quality & productivity

    • Capability of its processes & the change in quality & productivity with time.

    • Potential area of improvement

Process database
Process Database

  • Process database is a collection of process performance data from different projects

  • The PDB is used for project planning, particularly estimation of efforts & defects.

  • To collect metrics on productivity & Quality from different projects

  • To aid in creating process capability baseline

  • To facilitate data analysis for identifying areas & scope of improvement

Process database data
Process Database DATA

  • The data collected in PDB can be classified as:

    • Project characteristic

    • Project schedule

    • Project effort

    • Size

    • Defects

Project characteristic
Project characteristic

  • The project characteristic are:

    • Name of Project, PM, PLs

    • Business unit to which it belongs

    • Process being employed

      • Development, Reengineering or Maintenance

    • Project goals, risks, duration, team size

    • Hardware platform, language, DBMS used

Project schedule
Project schedule

  • Expected start date

  • Expected end date

  • Actual start date

  • Actual end date

Project effort
Project effort

  • Information on project effort include data on:

  • Initial estimated efforts

  • Total actual estimated effort

  • Efforts include

    • Project initiation, RM, Design, Built, Testing & other phases.


  • Information on size include

    • LOC

    • No of simple, medium or complex programs.


  • Information on defects include

    • No of Defects found during review of

      • Requirement Management

      • Design

      • Code

      • Unit testing

      • & other phases

Data entry access to pdb
Data entry & Access to PDB

  • PDB is owned by SEPG

  • Only SEPG has write access to PDB

  • PM’s & PL’s can only read

  • The input to PDB comes from project closure analysis report

  • The quality advisor examines to verify if data is useful for decision making & then submit the data to PBD.