adults need dairy too
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Delight In Dairy Daily

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Adults Need Dairy, Too!. Delight In Dairy Daily. Breakfast. Discussion. Breakfast. Eating breakfast every day is an important nutrition habit for good health Can you tell me some benefits of eating breakfast? How often do you have breakfast? Always, most days, sometimes, never?

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  • Eating breakfast every day is an important nutrition habit for good health
  • Can you tell me some benefits of eating breakfast?
  • How often do you have breakfast?
    • Always, most days, sometimes, never?
  • What foods/beverages make up your usual breakfast?
today we will talk about
Today we will talk about…
  • Benefits of eating breakfast
  • Can dairy help you lose weight?
  • Breaking breakfast barriers
  • The importance of adding dairy to our breakfast
breakfast advantages
Breakfast advantages
  • Those who eat breakfast:
    • Are calmer and less anxious
    • Have more energy
    • Have fewer morning headaches
    • May have faster memory recall
    • Are less likely to be overweight


can eating breakfast help with weight loss
Can eating breakfast help with weight loss?
  • Eating in the morning helps kick start your metabolism
  • Your metabolism partly determines how fast you burn calories throughout the day


can dairy help with weight loss
Can dairy help with weight loss?
  • Study showed no difference in weight gain for teen girls on a high-calcium diet versus a normal diet
  • 24-week study of obese adults found those who ate a reduced-calorie diet with 3-4 servings of dairy foods lost a greater percent of body weight than those taking calcium supplements & those on low-dairy or low-calcium diets

Source: Bhatia, J. (2007) Debunking Dairy Food Myths, Nutrition Fact Sheet,

American Dietetic Assoc.,



Do you have breakfast barriers?

  • Afraid you’ll gain weight if you eat breakfast?
  • Not hungry in the morning?
  • The foods you like are not available, take too long to fix or are high in fat?
  • Too short on time to make something to eat?
  • Lactose intolerant?
  • Others?
nutritious breakfast
Nutritious breakfast
  • Just as important as eating breakfast
  • Dairy foods (blue band) are one of the easiest and best to add nutrition to your breakfast
adding dairy to breakfast
Adding dairy to breakfast
  • Add low-fat milk to everything:

– Coffee, cereal, oatmeal, breakfast smoothie with your choice of fruit, in a glass on the side

  • Sprinkle low-fat cheese on eggs or omelets
  • Top pancakes with yogurt and fruit
  • Melt low-fat Swiss cheese over lean ham on a bagel, toasted English muffin or toast
  • Yogurt, a bagel/toast and an apple are good on-the-go breakfast items


Making a quick breakfast

  • Timed-quick easy breakfast meals:
    • – Creamy banana oatmeal
      • – Breakfast yogurt
      • Both recipes included on handout


Today we talked about…

  • Why breakfast is important
  • How eating breakfast helps with weight loss
  • How to overcome breakfast barriers
  • Why we should have dairy for breakfast and how to do it
goals for the week
Goals for the week

Choose one or think of a goal on your own!

  • If you don’t always have breakfast, have it at least one time more than an average week
  • Overcome one breakfast barrier

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“Adults Need Dairy, Too!” Is a joint project of the Cooperative Extension Services in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas and is partially funded by Southwest Dairy Farmers.