The S.O.P. of  Ship Safety Management  of Public Transportation at Sea

The S.O.P. of Ship Safety Management of Public Transportation at Sea PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2. Outline. BackgroundCurrent StatusProblem AnalysisPolicy Research and SuggestionS.O.P. Amendment Establishment of Supervision/Inspection Mechanism and Procedure Goals and Vision. 3. I. Background. Taiwan being surrounded by the sea relies on passenger shipping for inter-island transportatio

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The S.O.P. of Ship Safety Management of Public Transportation at Sea

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1. 1 The S.O.P. of Ship Safety Management of Public Transportation at Sea Reporter:Hsin-Tien Lai Organization:Central Region Office M.O.T.C. 15,Jan.2004

2. 2 Outline Background Current Status Problem Analysis Policy Research and Suggestion S.O.P. Amendment Establishment of Supervision/Inspection Mechanism and Procedure Goals and Vision

3. 3 I. Background Taiwan being surrounded by the sea relies on passenger shipping for inter-island transportation. To ensure for the safety of these passenger ship, government published the Ship Law and regulation. Furthermore, shipping companies are constantly reminded to improve ship navigation and ship safety via executive safety on-site inspection and safety checking. Government has completed maritime disaster and emergency rescue system to shorten the response time and to reduce the damage in cases of passenger ship disaster/emergency. In addition, we require the passenger shipping co. to complete its own emergency response plan and to keep practicing and improving the skill until all crew member are familiar with the S.O.P. of maritime disaster and emergency procedures.

4. 4 The Shipping Route of Taiwan Public Transportation

5. 5 II. Current Status There are on the average, 300 annual maritime incidents (including passenger ship) occur in Taiwan. The primary categories are due to engine trouble (31.3%) followed by collision (24.2%) and others (19.1%). Among these disasters involving sea fire, about 56% maritime incidents will result in either sinking or capsized (turnover).

6. 6 Review of Domestic Maritime Disasters

7. 7 Review of Internationl Maritime Disasters

8. 8 II. Current Status (2) Implement and carry out ship safety inspection Special/annual and occasional inspection, form special task force on-site inspection Establish the sea accident rescue agency Streamline sea accidents communication system Ship must follow procedure to send distressed (Mayday) signal for help the moment incident occurs. Coastal radio station or fishery communication station are required to monitor and relay the distressed call to search and rescue center with minimum delay. Taipei Maritime Coordinate Center (MCC) is responsible for SART surveillance and coordinate among relevant rescue agencies.

9. 9 III. Problem Analysis Characteristic of passenger ship High-capacity, slow movement and highly risky. Has more bulkheads. Requires higher-standard safety equipment. Characteristic of Passenger ship disaster rescue Sea accidents are far away from land in large sea area. Sea accidents occur in a sudden, passenger are prone to panic, result in heavy casualty. Rough sea and bad weather make rescue at sea even more difficult. Oil spill pollutes the sea and endanger sea environment. Sea fire due to oil burning jeopardizes rescue mission and personnel.

10. 10 IV Policy Research and Suggestion Short-term goals -Revision of safety regulation on facility and equipments -Conduct seminar, workshop and rescue exercises Mid and long-term goals -Rejuvenate sea rescue manpower and equipment -Discuss and revise the relevant law -Retire unqualified passenger ship Hardware improvement Improve ship hardware design with high standard of structure and hull and multi-watertight holds design. All front revision on the standard and location of life jackets.

11. 11 IV Policy Research and Suggestion (2) The aspect of disaster prevention Risk factor reduction built into ship design. Use fire and smoke proof material with insulating property. Install water-spraying equipment to reduce smoke hazard. The aspect of rescue response Human always first. Build effective rescue infrastructure including food, searching boat and aircraft, control and command.

12. 12 IV Policy Research and Suggestion (3) Education and Safety Promotion Passenger ship safety propaganda Media promotion—TV, Radio and newspapers. Navigation safety equipment display—Hold public exhibition of life-saving equipment with instructor and live demo and free public trials. Conduct safety training seminar for boats operators and crew Case study of sea disaster and safety workshop. Training course includes life-saving, emergency evacuation on the passenger ship.

13. 13 V Establishment of Supervision/Inspection Mechanism and Procedure We, relevant government agencies, do have a working standard operation procedure (SOP) to carry out sea rescue operation. Workload distribution and coordination -M.O.T.C.: is the central administrative authority in charge of disaster prevention and sea rescue operation. It is also responsible for the supervision, coordination of all relevant government rescue agencies. -National Search and Rescue (SAR) Command Center: is responsible for the command and coordination of provincial and civilian SAR parties. -Coast guard, Exe. Yuan: provides rescue boat and personnel and emergency medical care.

14. 14 Float chart of Ship Safety Management and Distress Signal receiving

15. 15 VI Establishment of Supervision/Inspection Mechanism and Procedure We should rely on the effective rescue process to minimize the loss when sea accident occurred. Every rescue member should familiar himself with the rescue skill & operation to ensure a job well done. By integrating the power & resource, we can meet the expected performance. All the unit should continuously discuss & rectify the rescue work, and examine the liability of emergency response & operation procedure by simulated exercise Regulate and publish the Rescue S.O.P. Exercise Plan of capsized passenger ship

16. 16 VI Establishment of Supervision/Inspection Mechanism and Procedure (2) Supervision & Inspection Each administration authority should do the ship survey well. If there is anything unsafe of the ship, they should ask the captain to rectify before sailing. Anyone violates the Ship Law & relevant regulations should be punished. Ship’s owner & Captain should be punished for cargo or passenger overloading? M.O.T.C. established ?The passenger ship Navigation Safety Supervision & Inspection Team?to check the ship’s safety equipment?Muster List?Fire-fighting & Evacuation Drill?

17. 17 VII Goals & Vision To clarify the harm level by looking into every kind of disaster per the passenger ship’s feature & rescue resource. Compile and publish the response countermeasure & principle. To strengthen the S.A.R. ability. To equip the qualified equipments for members. To protect people’s life. To reduce the casualty. To install the accident preventing automatic system on every ship. Once the accident happens, it will start preventing process to eliminate the accident, reduce the casualty and treasure loss.

18. 18 Thank You The End

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